Constitution of 8th Pay Commission, Scrap NPS, DA/DR Arrear etc. – 7 Points Charter of Demands

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Constitution of 8th Pay Commission, Scrap NPS, DA/DR Arrear etc. – 7 Points Charter of Demands

Constitution of 8th Pay Commission, Scrap NPS, DA/DR Arrear etc. – 7 Points Charter of Demands related to Central Confederation and State Confederation to conduct joint struggle

1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi-110001

Ref: Confdn/Joint Convention/22-23

Dated – 06.10.2022


Dear Comrades,

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers and All India State Government Employees Federation have decided to Conduct Joint Struggle and agitational programmes against anti employees and anti working class policies of Govt. of India on Common Charter of Demands related to both Central and State Govt. Employees.

Joint Meeting of Confederation and AISGEF

A Joint meeting of Confederation and AISGEF was held at AISGEF Head Quarter at Faridabad on 6th September 2022. From Confederation side, Corns. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, Tapas Bose, Working President, Giriraj Singh, Vice President, Ajay Tiwari & Aniruddh Singh Rawat (ITEF) and Parminder Pa l Singh (NFPE) took part in the meeting.

From AISGEF Corns. A. SreeKumar, Secretary General, Subhash Lamba, President, Shashikant Rai, Kamlesh Mishra and Punit Kumar Tripathi took part in the meeting.

Meeting was presided over jointly by Corns. Subhash Lamba, President AISGEF and Tapas Bose, Working President, Confederation. Com. R. N. Parashar explained the core issues and stressed the need of joint struggle to put pressure on govt. for settlement of the demands. Com. A. SreeKumar also elaborately spoken on the issues and endorsed the proposal of Joint struggle on Common Charter of Demands.

All leaders participated in the discussion and endorsed the need of joint struggle on common demands.

After detailed discussion, it was decided to put forth the following issues before the Govt. of India/Concerned authorities for immediate settlement.

  1. Scrap NPS and Roll back to OPS.

  2. Regularize all contractual/out sourced/daily waged Fill up all the vacancies in Central/State Government/PSUs urgently.

  3. Stop privatisation and corporatisation of PSUs.

  4. Constitute the 8th Central Pay Commission.

  5. Release all DA/DR including Confiscated arrears.

  6. Remove all riders and restrictions on Compassionate employment.

  7. Ensure democratic trade union rights.

It the issues are left unnoticed by the concerned authorities even beyond 30th October 2022, the concerned struggle will be organized jointly.

  1. National Convention at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi on 8th December 2022.
  2. State level meeting in November 2022.
  3. State level joint Convention in January/February
  4. Poster hand bills should be prepared and distributed in due course.
  5. Independent campaign should be initiated during March, April and May 2023.
  6. Vehicle Jathas in July-August -2023.
  7. Parliament March in September

Quota for participation in National Convention at Talkatora Statdium – New Delhi

The following quota is allotted to the constituents of Confederation.

NFPE – 1000, ITEF – 300, Audit – 200, Other Organizations – 50 each. All COCs – 100 each

All Chief executives of the concerned organisations should issue circulars and distribute quota to each circle and unit and ensure participation.

World Federation of Trade Unions – TUI & PS – Directive Committee meeting in India

 The Directive Committee meeting of WFTU- TUI & PS is scheduled to Be held at Hotel Rajhans, Surajkund, Faridabad (Haryana) on 9th & 10th November-2022.

About 20 members from Foreign Countries will participate in meeting.

From India Com. A. Sreekumar, Secretary General, AISGEF (Dy. Secretary General – WFTU – TUS & PS), R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, Confederation (Directive Committee Member) and one comrade from state employees Confederation will take part in the meeting.

Detail information will be given later.

Financial Position

Financial Position of Confederation is very poor. Two above mentioned programme will incur heavy expenditure and Confederation has to give it’s share. We have requested several times to remit due quota to confederation only very few constituent organization’s and state COCs have remitted quota in the last three years. All constituents and state COCs are requested to remit due quota as early as possible by cheque/DD or by Direct Deposit in below mentioned Bank account.

India overseas Bank, Gole Market, New Delhi
SB A/C No. – 084000015586
IFSC Code – IOBA0000840

Physical Meeting of National Executive and National Secretariat in Delhi

Because of Corona we could not hold physical meetings, Soon we will hold physical meetings at Delhi after discussion with senior leaders.

With revolutionary and Festival greetings,

Yours Comradely,

(R. N. Parashar)
Secretary General

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  • Prosenjit banerjee 2 years ago

    sbi পেনশন ভোগীদের বা ফ্যামিলি পেনশনারদের ব্যক্তিগত হাজিরা থেকে আব্ব্যহতি লাইফ সার্টিফিকেট জমা দেওয়ার জন্য সিপিএও র দেওয়া নিদ্দেশিকা মানছে না, প্রত্যায়িত জীবন সংসা পত্র নিয়ে গেলে mba dr এর মেডিক্যাল সার্টিফিকেট চাইছে,সিপিএও রুলস আছে পুলিশ অফিসার,বিচারপতি,এমপি,গেছেটেড অফিসার,তাহসিলদার,ট্রেজারি হেড,এরকম ব্যক্তি লাইফ সার্টিফিকেট সাক্ষর করলে ব্যক্তিগত হাজিরার প্রয়োজন নেই,sbi সেটা মানছেনা

  • B C Rao 2 years ago

    31 month DA not yet got, when we have?

    • Sukhbir Singh 2 years ago

      Several court decisions that salary is fundamental right yet govt not listening. Spending on non serious projects of religious important that should be left to community.  Explaining that covid medicine cost met out of this but photo of PM on certificate rather than a government servant whose money is used. 

  • Pensions of Govt employees are revised periodically. But bank employees pension is stuck at the date of retirement. A GM retired in 2000 gets less than a clerk retiring in 2022.Is this fair???
    Does a Secy get less than a clerk in Govt. Why this discrimination?

    Govt has no funds to pay pension but banks have. But banks are not given ok by Govt, simply bc IBA is under control of Govt.

    IBA is an unregd body and creates only hurdles to bank employees. It dances to the tune of Govt bc these officials are interested in lucrative assignments after retirement.

    Pension and pay shd be linked to paying capacity but Govt is a killer. It says it must permit then only revision. But revises thru Pay Commn for its employees.

    Only RBI pensioners got revision in 3/2019, abt Rs 10000 pm. Others are left out. Court cases are managed by Govt and their reps dont come/attend for years.

    This from a Govt that glorifies “Governance” and talks aby performance.

    Ramu 10 Oct22 Bglru

  • S s pandher ex DC cisf ministry of hone affairs 2 years ago

    Plz ask GOI to revert to OPS by removing NPS after 2004.
    Release hold DA arreers from ist july 2021

  • Balachandran Nair p k 2 years ago

    What Sreekumar is doing.see Kerala. what is their pay scale from July Kerala minimum pay is rs.23000.whetess in central it is 18000.All amount restricted due to covid paid back.what about central.18 months DADR Not going to be paid.several commission report for central pensioners.nothing heared of about its implementation.

  • Joykumar 2 years ago

    One transport allowance for all classes of City. There should be no criteria for Class ‘A’ Cities or Others as price of all fuels have no difference between A Class cities and other. There is no Logic of Higher Transport Allowance or double Transport Allowance for Class ‘A’ Cities. All transport allowance should be same irrespective of Classes of City.

    • Distance matters. In cities like Mumbai, Delhi…. one has to travel 25 to 30 kms for commuting to office, whereas in places like TVM, it may be hardly a max of 10 kms. There is logic behind such differentiation

  • Swapan Chakraborty 2 years ago


  • Syed Qamar Ahmad 2 years ago

    In CGHS 1 time option should be changed. I have opted cghs facility but around 80 km no cghs facility Avilalable from my location sahaswan up. Due to option monthly medical allowance stopped. So the expense of medical is barden on me. Take a action for reoption for the medical allowance.

  • B,B Sharma 2 years ago

    What about Medical allowance?Rs.1000isnot sufficient for person suffering from chronic disease.

    • Manbir Singh 2 years ago


    • Rama Mohan Rao 2 years ago

      Instead of giving Medical Allowance, Health Card without restrictions, should be given.