NPS/APY Functionalities released by CRAs during Quarter I (FY 2022-23)

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NPS/APY Functionalities released by CRAs during Quarter I (FY 2022-23)

NPS/APY Functionalities released by CRAs during Quarter I (FY 2022-23) – PFRDA Circular dated 12.10.2022




12 Oct 2022


All stakeholders under NPS

Subject: NPS/APY Functionalities released by CRAs during Quarter I (FY 2022-23)

The Central Record Keeping Agencies (CRAs) appointed by PFRDA develop system level functionalities as per the evolving needs of NPS/APY stakeholders.

2. CRAs have the responsibility to develop new functionalities or utilities, establish new processes, and offer multiple models of interface for the uploading offices in order to provide maximum flexibility in terms of operation for the benefit of the subscribers as an ongoing exercise to fulfil their obligations that ultimately benefit the Subscribers.

3. The list of functionalities that have been developed and made available by CRAs during Quarter I of the current FY 2022-23 is attached herewith for benefit of subscribers and other stakeholders (Annexure I, II and III).

4. The circular is placed in the intermediary section of CRA on PFRDA website for the information of all NPS/APY stake holders.

Yours sincerely,

Chief General Manager

Annexure I – Functionalities released by Protean CRA during Q1 of FY 2022-23

No. Name of Development/ Functionalities Description
 1 NPS Regular – Aadhaar Seeding
  • Subscriber will be able to do Aadhaar Seeding through login in CRA system
2 Mobile App – APY – Subscriber Registration
  • Subscriber Registration feature has been enabled in APY Mobile App
  • The potential Subscribers will be able to register themselves with the help of Mobile App
  • The following options are also made available in the App

a) APY Registration
b) APY Lead Generation
c) Migration of Swavalamban Subscribers

 3 NPS Regular – Contribution  Government and Corporate Subscribers will be able to make voluntary contribution in Tier I and Tier II account even after Date of Retirement
 4 NPS Regular – Inter Sector Shifting
  • Inter-sector shifting facility has been enabled in login of All Citizen of India Sector Subscribers
  • Subscriber can raise ISS request and also check Request Status View
  • It is a paperless journey where either dual OTP authentication or e-Sign
 5 NPS Regular – Subscriber Registration Implementation of CCS Rules:

  • Link has been enabled in the CRA system for Nodal Offices to update Form I & II details of the Subscriber
  • Applicable for Central Govt. Subscribers (excluding CAB & Min. of Railways)
  • Form I is for selection of pension option i.e. CCS Pension or NPS Pension.
  • Form II is for submission of Family Member Details of the Subscriber.
 6 eNPS – Subscriber Registration
  • At the time of Subscriber Registration through eNPS, Email ID and Mobile no. of the Subscriber will be validated through OTP authentication process.
  • Subscriber will not be able to generate PRAN unless Email ID and Mobile no. is validated.
 7 eNPS – Subscriber Registration
  • CKYC compliance processing for Subscribers registered through Aadhaar – CKYC ID to be updated for PRANs generated through Aadhaar.
  • Integration with CERSAI to search CKYC details (based on certain data points) and download of request file to upload KYC details and CKYC ID.
 8  Mobile APP – NPS – Subscriber Registration
  • Subscriber Registration feature has been enabled in NPS Mobile App.
  • Now, potential Subscribers will be able to register themselves with the help of Mobile App.
 9 NPS Regular – Scheme Preference / PFM Change
  • In case of initiation of Scheme Preference/PFM Change request by Government Sector Subscriber, authorization by Nodal Office is not required.
  • The request is processed through OTP authentication wherein an OTP will be sent on the Mobile No/Email ID available in CRA system
  • It is imperative that the Subscribers’ Mobile No./Email ID is registered with CRA.
 10 NPS Regular – Subscriber Details Modification Changes in the processing of e-Nomination requests:

  • As per existing process, e-Nomination request initiated by the Corporate Subscriber is required to be authorised by the identified Corporate.
  • Now, e-Nomination request initiated by the Corporate Subscriber belonging to PSU/PSB Corporates is required to be authorised by the Corporate.
  • e-Nomination request initiated by the Corporate Subscribers other than PSU/PSB Corporates is not required to be authorised by the Corporate.
  • After submission of request by the Subscriber, nomination details gets updated in CRA records.
 11 NPS Regular – Statement of Transaction
  • In NPS, service charges are borne by the Subscribers such as Annual Maintenance Charges, Transaction Charges, PF Charges etc.
  • These charges are deducted through NAV, Unit deduction or collected upfront
  • The table displaying the complete charge structure and mode of deduction of charges applicable in NPS incorporated in the Notes section for online Transaction Statement view.
  • This table is a static table which will be displayed to all sector subscribers and for all tiers
 12 NPS Regular – Subscriber Registration
  • PRAN activation only after receipt of contribution from the Subscriber in NPS.
  • After new Subscriber registration in UOS sector without contribution, Subscriber PRAN will be marked in ‘Freeze’ status.
  • Subscriber PRAN will be marked as Active after receipt of contribution.
  • If contribution not received within 30 days from the date of account opening, an alert will be sent to subscribers as well as associated Nodal Offices
 13  NPS Regular – ERM Remarks field during Non NPS ERM redemption request is currently optional. Now this field has been made mandatory.
14 eAPY – Subscriber Registration
  • At the time of Subscriber Registration through eAPY, Subscribers will have an option to authenticate the form through Dual OTP Authentication in addition to eSign.
  • This facility is available for Subscriber Registration and Migration of Swavalamban Subscriber to APY.
  • Distinct OTPs will be sent on Mobile no. and Email ID of the Subscriber
 15  NPS Regular – Withdrawal
  • Reduction in Withdrawal Timelines for processing of Final Exit (Superannuation / Premature Exit/Death/Family pension/Disability Pension/Annuity Withdrawal) requests in same day pay in.
 16 NPS Regular – Interoperability
  • Provision has been given to Subscriber to do Inter CRA migration twice in a financial year i.e. if the subscriber migrates from CRA-1 to CRA-2 in a financial year, then subscriber can again migrate to CRA-1 or CRA-3 in the same financial year. At present, the process was being handled administratively by CRA.

Annexure II – Functionalities released by KFin Technologies CRA during Q1 of FY 2022-23


Name of Development/ Functionalities Description
 1 View for Downloads- open view on the screen and if the required user can save the same in pdf  Currently in CRA, any report that is generated gets automatically downloaded for the given input parameters, Now, it displays the contents of the report in a grid format and then additional icon is provided, when clicked, the file to be downloaded in either excel or PDF as selected.
2  Subscriber Shifting
  • Post Interoperability, as the source entity and target entity are same in KCRA, because of validations, system was not allowing the ISS. wherein employment details as well as scheme preference, if any were not getting updated as the same is part of ISS facility. Accordingly, the validations have been relaxed in CRA system to facilitate the ISS in the said scenario
  • Post PRAN movement during the ISS, the employee details (employee Id and scheme preference) also gets updated as per corporate
 3 POP Downloads As per the request from POPs a Few additional columns added to the existing report i.e. POPSP Online Download

1) PRAN Generation Date
2) Corpus Tier I
3) Corpus Tier II
4) eSign / OTP Status
5) KYC Verification Status
6) KYC Rejection Reason
7) Total Contribution Received in the FY
8) POP/CHO Name
10) Resident Type

4 ISS and Inter POP Shifting from eNPS
  • Earlier, eNPS subscribers did not have an option to exercise ISS and Inter POP shifting through eNPS. Subscribers are forced to do it through Physical and offline mode from POPs. Now Subscriber can place the ISS and Inter POP shifting through eNPS platform


Inclusion of Missing Credit in Contribution Statement for State Government nodal office
  • Contribution Statement view facility has been implemented for State Government nodal offices wherein Nodal office can view the missing contribution month based on PRAN selection
6 Sharing of contact details of subscribers with ASPs (way forward)
  • Earlier, the contact details of all Subscribers retiring during the next quarter are shared with Annuity Service Providers (ASPs) at the beginning of the previous quarter by CRAs. 
  • As per recent guidelines applicable for the Government sector subscriber, Consent is been taken for Group A employees and is shared only 2 months prior to the superannuation
7 Four fields to be added in Contribution Rejected details file
  • Following fields have been added in rejected details in contribution file:
    1. Government Contribution
    2. Employee Contribution
    3. Total Contribution
    4. Contribution Type
8 Two Factor Authentication
  • Government subscribers are not able to change their Scheme Preferences from eNPS login, unlike for other sectors.
  • Government subscribers can now change their scheme preference based on DTA scheme preference chosen by subscriber by authenticating through OTP shared at registered Mobile and e-mail.
9 Additional enhancements in Android Mobile Application
  • Additional enhancements in Android Mobile Application -New Subscriber Journey, Tier II Activation, Exit and Withdrawal modules along with UI changes
10 Change of settlement Timelines (redemption) : PFRDA
  • Now all redemption/switch out request accepted/authorized until pay-in execution until 11 AM considered in same pay-in for the subscribers benefit to get the money/investment at earliest.
11 Regulation Changes in Retirement age and exit and withdrawal
  • Subscriber joining NPS before 60 Years of Age can now continue his/her NPS account till 75 Years of Age.
  • If corporate subscriber did not raise any request in CRA system before retirement (i.e. before 15 days). Still subscriber will be allowed to place the request in CRA system till the time of retirement. His/her NPS account shall be continued till 75 years of age. # If corporate subscriber did not raise any request in CRA system after retirement, PRAN will be Active. Subscriber required to place the request in CRA system to become active Subscriber (Retail/Corporate), can defer the Annuity, till 75 years of age
  • Subscriber can now place the request in CRA system to start the Annuity anytime
  • Premature exit can be exercised after 5 years of account opening (earlier it was allowed after 10 years of account opening)
12 Provision to enter the date apart from the selection from calendar  

  • Currently in CRA system, for date selection, user has to use calendar only. To make it more user friendly, provision to enter the date manually in addition to calendar date picker has been provided.
  • A watermark has been be provided as DD/MM/YYYY to be provided in the date field for subscriber’s assistance.
 13 Designation code to be maintained along with Employee Class for State Govt Employees
  • In the existing system, for the Government employees only Employment class is captured. An additional field has be added as Designation Code under employment details.

Annexure III – Functionalities released by CAMS CRA during Q1 of FY 2022-23

No. Name of Development / Functionalities  Description
1 eNPS – Exit & Withdrawal Module
  • Online bank account validation.
  • Online KYC through UIDAI and CERSAI databases to optimize subscriber journeys.
  • Tier 2 and partial withdrawal.
  • Superannuation and Premature exit.
2 PoP – Registration Module
  • Two Factor Authentication through mobile and email OTP for registration of subscriber.
  • Digi Locker and Aadhaar XML based online KYC flows.
  • Auto populate KYC data to minimize subscriber clicks.
  • Online bank account validation.
  • Option for on-screen signature.
3 PoP – Contribution Module
  • Provision to make Tier 1 and Tier 2 contribution with multiple payment options.
  • Pop up explaining the user about list of banks supported by payment gateway.
 4  PoP – Grievance Module
  • Provision to capture satisfactory/ non-satisfactory response of subscriber and escalation to Grievance redressal officers (Level 2 and Level 3).
  • TAT based Level 1/ Level 2/ Level 3/ NPS Trust auto escalation matrix.
  • Track your Status, for subscriber, to view the Grievance redressal officer who is handling your current query/ grievance.