Pension to Ex-servicemen: Details of pensions being received in past five years, rank-wise and year-wise


Pension to Ex-servicemen: Details of pensions being received in past five years, rank-wise and year-wise

Pension to Ex-servicemen: Details of pensions being received in past five years, rank-wise and year-wise and steps taken by Government for welfare of ex-servicemen

TO BE ANSWERED ON 19th December, 2022



Will the Minister of Defence be pleased to state:

(a) the total number of ex-servicemen personnel receiving pensions from Government in theState of Punjab;

(b) the details of pensions being received by ex-servicemen in past five years, rank-wise and year-wise; and

(c) the steps taken by Government for welfare of ex-servicemen in the country?




(a): The total number of ex-servicemen personnel receiving pension through different pension disbursing agencies in the State of Punjab is approx : 249031

(b): Rank wise details of pension being received by ex-servicemen in the past five years is not maintained in the Department. However, year wise details of booking of expenditure under Grant No. 22-Defence Pension for the last five years are as under:

Financial year Booking of expenditure ( Rupees in crore)
2017-18 91999.58
2018-19 101774.00
2019-20 117810.24
2020-21 128066.00
2021-22 116873.37

(c): Directorate General of Resettlement and Kendriya Sainik Board are providing welfare schemes/benefits for resettlement, welfare and rehabilitation of ex-servicemen/widows and their dependents in States/UTs across the country. The details are placed at Annexure-I and Annexure-II respectively.



Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR) run following Re-settlement schemes and Skill Development Training for Ex-Servicemen (ESM), Disabled Soldiers, Widows and their dependents based on willingness of ESM, fulfilment of eligibility criteria and availability of vacancies:-

(a) Placement Assistance through on-line registration at DGR – DGR sponsors ESM to various Govt. organizations, Public Sector Undertaking, Corporate Houses, Private Sector Undertakings, Central Para Military Forces etc. based on their requisition for re-employment of ESM.

(b) DGR Sponsored Security Agency Scheme – The DGR empanels/sponsors ESM run Private Security Agencies and State ESM Corporations for providing security guards to various Central Public Sector Undertakings, Corporate Houses, Private Sector Undertakings etc.

(c) ESM Coal Loading and Transportation Scheme – The Scheme is administered on the basis of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Coad India Ltd. and DGR. Presently the scheme is subjudice post unilateral withdrawal of Coal India Ltd. from the MoU of 2013.

(d) Coal Tipper Attachment Scheme – This Scheme is linked with the ESM Coal loading and transportation Scheme.

(e) Tipper Attachment Scheme for Widows and Disabled Soldiers – Widows up to age of 65 and disabled soldiers having 50% or more disability are also eligible to enroll for this scheme.

(f) Management of Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL)/Maha Nagar Gas Limited (MNGL) /CNG Station by ESM in National Capital Region (NCR)/Pune – Desirous ESM registered in the scheme are sponsored on receipt of requisition from IGL (New Delhi and NCR region) & MNGL (Pune/Nashik).
(g) Management of Company Owned Company Operated Retail Outlets – Willing ESM (Officer) who has not availed any other benefits is sponsored for the COCO based on Oil Company’s requisition for further selection by Oil Company.

(h) Issue of DGR Eligibility Certificate for Allotment of LPG/Retail Outlet (Petrol/Diesel) Distributorship advertised by Oil Marketing Companies against 8% Reservation Quota – ESM including War Widows/dependents of those who died in war, war disabled/disabled on duty while serving in operations area, widows/dependents of those who died in harness due to attributable or aggravated causes to Military Service and ESM disabled in peace due to attributable or aggravated causes to Military service are eligible.

(i) Allotment of Mother Dairy Milk Booths and Fruit & Vegetable (Safal) Shops in NCR – The ESM registered for Milk/SAFAL (Fruit and Vegetable) booths separately and give multiple choice of zones for the purpose of areas where booths are required.

(j) DGR Technical Service Scheme – DGR provide ESM manpower for ‘Technical Services’ to the Government Est/Complexes through empaneled State ESM Corporations. This scheme is recently introduced.

(k) Resettlement Training/Skill Development Courses – Training Directorate at DGR is responsible for organizing and conducting Resettlement/Skill Development Training Courses for retiring/retired personnel of Indian Armed Forces.




1. Financial assistance/benefits given from Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF) under Raksha Mantri Ex-Servicemen Welfare Fund (RMEWF): –

Ser Grants Amount(in Rs)
(a) Penury Grant (65 Yrs and above) (Non-Pensioners uptoHav Rank) Rs 4,000/-pm (Life time)
(b) Education Grant (upto two children)

(i) Boys/Girls upto Graduation

(ii) Widows for PG

(Pensioner/Non Pensioner uptoHav Rank) and upto two children

Rs 1,000/-pm
(c) Disabled Children Grant (Pensioner/Non-pen uptoJCO Rank) Rs 3,000/-pm
(d) Daughter’s Marriage Grant (upto 02 Daughters)

(Pensioner/Non-Pen uptoHav Rank)

Rs 50,000/- *
Widow Re-Marriage Grant (Pensioner/Non-Pen uptoHav Rank)

* If married solemnly on or after 21 Apr 16.

(e) Medical Treatment Grant

(Non-pensioner uptoHav Rank)

Rs 30,000/- (Max)
(f) Orphan Grant(Pensioner/Non-pen All Ranks)

  • Daughters of ex-servicemen till she is married.
  • One Son of ex-servicemen upto 21 years of age.
Rs 3,000/-PM
(g) Vocational Trg Grant For Widows (Pensioner/Non-Pen uptoHav Rank) Rs 20,000/-

(One Time)

2. Serious diseases Grant from AFFD Fund to Non Pensioners ESM of all Ranks:-

(a) Serious Diseases as listed below: – Angioplasty, Angiography, CABG, Open Heart Surgery, Valve Replacement, Pacemaker Implant, Renal Implant, Prostate Surgery, Joint Replacement and Cerebral Stoke.

Other Diseases: Where more than Rs 1.00 Lac has been spent on treatment

75%/90% of total expenditure for officers and

PBOR respectively. UptoRs 1.25 Lac (max)

(b) Dialysis and Cancer treatment 75%/90% of total expenditure Officer and PBOR respectively

Up to a max of Rs 75,000/- per FYonly.

3 Modified Scooter Grant: Rs.1,00,000 (One Lakh) provided to those ESM, who are disabled after service with a disability of 50% or more and who are not covered under the scheme of AG’s Branch of IHQ (Army, Navy & Air Force).

4 Subsidy on Home Loan: KSB Reimburses 50% of interest by way of subsidy on home loan from Bank/public sector institutions for construction of house to war bereave, war disabled and attributable peace time casualties. Rs 1,00,000/- (Max)

5 Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme: Total 5500 scholarship are provided to eligible wards based on merit for the entire duration of the courses. The rates of Scholarship are as follows: –

(a) Rs. 2,500/- per month for boys.
(b) Rs. 3,000/- per month for girls.

6. Financial support to institutions involved in rehabilitation of ESM:-

Ser Organisation Quantum of Aid/Grant
(a) Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centers

(i) Kirkee

(ii) Mohali

Establishment grant (per annum)

(i) Rs 1.20 cr wef Apr 16 30,000/- per annum per inmate
(ii) 10,00,000/-(wef Apr 2015)
(b) All India Gorkha Ex-servicemen welfare association, Dehradun Rs. 12,00,000/- per annum
(c) Cheshire Homes

(i) Lucknow, Delhi & Dehradun

Rs 15,000/- per annum per inmate
(d) War Memorial Hostels. There are 36 WMHs which provide shelter to the children of War Widows/War disabled, attributable and non attributable cases. Rs 1350/- per month

7. Reservation of seats in Medical/Dental Colleges for wards of Defence Personnel as Government of India Nominee. A total of 42 MBBS seats and 3 seats in BDS courses are allotted by Ministry of Health Family Welfare to KSB for wards of defence personnel as a Government of India nominee. Priority I is given to killed in action.

8. Rail Travel Concession Identity Cards. KSB Sectt issues rail travel concession identity cards to war widows.


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