Additional Pension to the Pensioners – 5% on attaining the age of 65 years, 10% on 70 years, 15% on 75 years and 20% on 80 years: ATR on recommendation of DRPSC


Additional Pension to the Pensioners – 5% on attaining the age of 65 years, 10% on 70 years, 15% on 75 years and 20% on 80 years: ATR on recommendation of DRPSC

Additional Pension to the Pensioners – 5% on attaining the age of 65 years, 10% on 70 years, 15% on 75 years and 20% on 80 years: ATR on recommendation of DRPSC on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice.

Rajya Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi
December, 2022 / Agrahayana, 1944 (Saka)


(Presented to the Rajya Sabha on 8th December, 2022)
(Laid on the Table of the Lok Sabha on 8th December, 2022)

Additional Pension to the Pensioners – 5% on attaining the age of 65 years, 10% on 70 years, 15% on 75 years and 20% on 80 years




2.26 The Committee is very much cognizant of the social churning taking place in our society over the years. The joint family system is breaking down giving way to nuclear families. The growth of nuclear families due to geographical and social mobility have further led to rise in individualism and individualistic thinking and the generation who want to live away from shackles of joint families and patronage of elderly parents or grandparents. According to one estimate, by 2050, the share of population over the age of 60 is likely to increase significantly in the country. In view of such changes at societal level, we need to have a robust pension system for elderly which can help them survive in this world without being a burden on anyone. The Committee is of the view that the Government should sympathetically consider the demand of Pensioners’ Associations for 5% additional quantum of Pension on attaining the age of 65 years, 10% on 70 years, 15% on 75 years and 20% on 80 years to the Pensioners. The Committee recommends DoPPW to pursue vigorously with Finance Ministry and apprise the Committee of the outcome. (3.28)

Action Taken

2.27 On the basis of the recommendation of the Committee, before the proposal was moved to Department of Expenditure, the CPAO (in respect of civil pensioners), Railway Board (in respect of Railway Pensioners), Department of Posts ( in respect of Postal pensioners) and CGDA/PCDA (in respect of Defence civilian pensioners) were requested vide letter dated 20.01.2022 to furnish the information relating to number of pensioners and monthly pension disbursement to these age groups of pensioners (from 65-70, 70-75 and 75- 80 years) to work out additional quantum of pension to be involved for these age groups.

2.28 Accordingly, after working out the financial implications in this regard, the proposal was sent to Department of Expenditure (DOE) on 21.03.2022 for seeking their concurrence to the proposal.

2.29 Department of Expenditure vide their ID Note dated 05.04.2022 advised as under:

“DOPPW has not stated as to how the additional financial implications would be met by the Government. Hence, it is advised to first seek the comments of Budget Division of Department of Economic Affairs and then refer the proposal to DOE”.

2.30 Therefore, the matter was referred to Budget Division of Department of Economic Affairs on 07.04.2022 for seeking their comments on the proposal as advised by DOE.

2.31 Department of Economic Affairs vide their OM dated 02.05.2022 observed as under:

(i) The Government’s pension liabilities on account of old pension scheme are not only huge (Rs. 2.07 lakh crore in BE 2022-2023), but also increasing year after year. Further increase in these liabilities on account of present proposal will put significant pressure on the Govt. finances, which may not be desirable, when, Govt. focus is to provide higher resources for productive investment while adhering to the path of fiscal consolidation. Further, with the improvement in health infrastructure and demographic changes, the overall life expectancy is expected to further go up.

(ii) Govt. has taken a policy decision to implement NPS for new entrants in the Govt. Service, which is based on the principle that, the Govt. won’t have to bear pension liabilities of the Govt. employees covered under NPS, after their retirement. Therefore, the present proposal needs to be evaluated with careful consideration of the above fact/policy.

(iii) Further, the current proposal, if accepted is also likely to have a cascading effect on the State Finances since similar demand will arise from the retired State Govt. employees.

(iv) Therefore, from fiscal perspective, such proposal may not be desirable.

2.32 The matter was re-examined in the Department and with reference to the justifications given in the 110th Report of the Committee itself and the grounds given in the 6th CPC recommendation for additional pension to pensioners/family pensioners of 80 years and above, the proposal was again sent to Department of Expenditure to consider the proposal for grant of 5% additional quantum of Pension on attaining the age of 65 years, 10% on 70 years,  15% on 75 years and 20% on 80 years to the pensioners/family pensioners vide note dated 19.05.2022.

2.33 However, Department of Expenditure vide their ID Note dated 01.06.2022 has stated that the proposal has been examined in that Department and in line with the views offered by Budget Division of DEA considering the fiscal perspective of the Govt., the proposal is not agreed to. This has the approval of the Finance Secretary & Secretary Expenditure.

Further observation

2.34 The Committee takes note of the reply and do not wish to pursue this matter for now in wake of the reply of the Department.



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  • Dattatray Raghunath Joshi 7 months ago

    Sympathetic considering and prompt implication of recommendation by the pension distribution authority and Banks is equally important. To get the commutation restored after 15 years of retirement in not done by banks and Sr.Citizens have to approach CAO .

  • K.M.Reddy 10 months ago

    AP govt is following enhancement of pension 65,70,75 and 80 but central govt even court has given judgement not following court order.

  • Ekambaram 12 months ago


  • bsudhakaran 1 year ago

    Many of the state govt implemented pension revision 5%@65 yrs10%@ 70yrs 15%@75 yrs
    Pensioners associations should take up the issue seriously through the same MPs of the Committee.

    • All are BJP members group.dont keep good expectations with them. We have already watched role played by Mr Gopal Mishra, what he did for favour of employees and in compensation of that his son granted UP assembly ticket and he was made m8nister.

  • Pradeep Kumar 1 year ago

    Highly Recmended for implement
    Under basic need of society

  • SS soni 1 year ago

    Govt is not good discussion

  • Appandairajan p Rajan 1 year ago

    My fma rs 1000/ stopped as per DPA letter because CGHS fecility may be age is 73 &I am not move-in outer places how I am enjoying the CGHS fecility, please considered to my request to get the FMA of Rs 1000/ will be continued with arrears as soon as possible

  • Pramod Chaudhari 1 year ago

    Govt should stop the multiple pensions given to MPs and MLAs to save govt money and pay to needy pensioners a raise in pension of 5%, 10%, and 15% at the age of 65, 70 and 75. This would be proper justice to pensioners who work throughout his life for the nation.

  • Raveendran T S 1 year ago

    There is a Supreme Court ruling that Pension cannot be denied for want of sufficient money in the pension fund.
    Hence, if the the enhancement is acceptable in principle owing to inflation and to meet the living conditions of the pensioners, then monetary consideration cannot be a constraint. Further, when crores of rupees in NPA is written off and absorbed by the govt. in favour of big business tycoons, will not the common man deserve a better deal in his sunset years. If there is a will, there is a way.

  • VG Kulkarni 1 year ago

    Iam a Central Govt.Pensionerof 77 year
    age.As I sincerely feel that financal
    status of all Pensioners is quite good
    after 7th CPC.While the condition of those
    not having any pension is not at all good.
    Hence, we should be happy with what we have and spend the remaining days of our life happily.

  • Parameshwar S.Iyer 1 year ago

    Can we hope that the Union Govt will take urgent steps for the upward revision of pension, enhancement in Family Pension, Installment facility in payment of Health insurance premium , abolishing GST on premium to the PSU General Insurance Pensioners ,??

  • Parameshwar S.Iyer 1 year ago

    The PSU General Insurance Employees who hasn’t had any upward revision in their pension since inception deserve a suitable increase besides allowing enhancement in Family Pension, installment facility in Health Insurance Premium with removal of GST.
    Won’t M’am Sitaraman advise the DFS to take early steps ??

  • Krrao 1 year ago

    A revised proposal to budget division should be submitted by DoPT, mentioning that increase in pension by 10 percent shd be considered at 70 years, in stead of 65 and 70 etc. This will decrease financial burden for Government and at the same time serves the old pensioners.

  • N.ravinath 1 year ago

    True. Pensioners after attaining 65,70,75 and 80 should get increase in their pension, so as to meet their enhanced requirements. It cannot be as a matter of right. Government can take a humanitarian view to help its ex employees. But, what about its repercussions from other quasi and state government employees. As it is there are a large number of cases pending in several high courts and in Supreme Court awaiting decisions since decades. What about justice to tem? Don’t they also deserve help? Cannot the courts,if they decide expedite the process of trial and decide.

  • N.Sittaraman 1 year ago

    The decision of the govt is become unbelievable.There are many ways to satisfy the elders at their old age.Again it is appealed to look into this sensitive issue very much deep sence.

  • ORITPAL SINGH 1 year ago

    Hon’bleF.M. should consider demand of PSGI retirees for updation of their pension with every wage revision.
    Pension should also be free from Income Tax.

  • Dr. M C Nahar 1 year ago

    As per above explanation, the Govt. is not inclined to accept the demand of pensioners for grant of additional pension. However, it can consider the restoration of commuted value of pension to full after 10 years from the date of commutation or on the date of completion of 75 years of age, which ever is earlier.

  • Mangala Prasad Patnaik 1 year ago

    At the initial period terminal benefits are somehow met for very odd lifes obligation such as marriage of daughters sons education besides healt condition of entire family including old age parents when a higher income is required.So an addition of 5 to 10 to 15.on a slab basis is essentially expected from govt for social justice

  • NS Minhas 1 year ago

    Pension received were never commensurate to escalation. It is likely maintain status quo as nobody is serious to favour the pensioners.

  • TC Agrawal 1 year ago

    Govt must consider sympathetically

  • Capt Madhav 1 year ago

    The Title of the report is very misleading. It should be clearly told that the Govt has not accepted the proposal. Very Bad type of reporting.

  • Shankarrao 1 year ago

    The survival rate of pensioners after 70 years of age being very low,and the number of beneficieries also being very less the govt can keep them happy by sanctioning additional pension to those surviving after this age.