PCDA Circular No. 666 – One Rank One Pension (OROP) revision to the Defence pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.2019


PCDA Circular No. 666 – One Rank One Pension (OROP) revision to the Defence pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.2019

PCDA(P) Circular No. 666 – One Rank One Pension (OROP) revision to the Defence pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.2019. PCDA(P) Circular No. 666 vide No. Gts/Tech/OROP-II/0183/Vol-IV dated: 20th Jan 2023

Toll Free No: 1800-180-5321 (‘Timing-9:30 AM to 6:00 PM)


Circular No. 666

Dated: 20th Jan 2023


1. The Chief Accountant, RBI, Deptt. of Govt, Bank Accounts, Central Office C-7, Second Floor, Bandra – Kurla Complex, P B No. 8143, Bandra East Mumbai-400051
2. All CMDs, Public Sector Banks,
3. The Nodal Officers, ICICI/HDFC/AXIS/IDBI Banks
4. All Managers, CPPCs
5. Military and Air Attache, Indian Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
6. The PCDA (WC), Chandigarh
7. The CDA (PD), Meerut
8. The CDA, Chennai
9. The Director of Treasury, All States
10. The Pay and Accounts Officer, Delhi Administration, R K Puram and Tis Hazari, New Delhi.
11. The Pay and Accounts Office, Govt, of Maharashtra, Mumbai
12. The Post Master Kathua (J&K), Cump Bell Bay.
13. The Principal Pay and Accounts Officer Andaman and Nicobar Administration Port Blair.

Subject:- Implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) revision to the Defence pensioners w.e.f. 01.07.2019.

Reference:- GoI, MoD letters No. 1(1)/2019/D(Pen/Pol)/Vol-II dated 20.01.2023.

A copy of Government of India, Ministry of Defence’ letter No. 1(1)/2019/D(Pen/Pol)/Vol-Il dated 20.01.2023 and Gol, MoD letter No 1(1)/2019/D(Pen/Pol) dated 04.01.2023 on the above subject are forwarded herewith for information and necessary action which are self explanatory.

2. The above Government letters have been issued to implement ‘One Rank One Pension’ (OROP) revision for Defence Pensioners/Family Pensioners in continuance to earlier Govt.
order on the subject dated 03.02.2016 circulated vide this office Circular No. 555 dated 04.02.2016. All the implementing instructions mentioned therein shall equally apply on this order until not specially specified herein.

3. The revision of pension in terms of the above Government Orders shall be effective from 01.07.2019 and payment of arrears accrued on account of revision of pension, if any. shall be made in four equal half yearly instalments, however, all the family pensioners including those in receipt of Special/Liberalised Family Pension and all Gallantry award winners shall be paid arrears in one instalment as stipulated earlier.


4.1 The provisions of this circular do not apply to UK/HKSRA/KCIOs pensioners, Pakistan and Burma Army pensioners.
4.2 These orders do not apply to Reservist Pensioncrs.
4.3 These orders do not apply to Pensioners in reccipt of Ex-Gratia payments.
4.4 Pensioners retired on or after 01.07.2014 i.c. after previous OROP on pre mature retirement/own request.


These orders apply to all pensioners/family pensioners who had retired/discharged/invalided out from service/died in service or after retirement in the rank of Commissioned Officers, JCOs/ORs and Non-Combatants (Enrolled) of Army, Navy, Air Force, Defence Security Corps, Territorial Army and who were/are in receipt of the any type of pension mentioned in para 5.1 of Circular No. 555 as on 01.07.2019.

6. Revision of Pension of DSC

Pension of DSC personnel who are in receipt of pension for DSC service only (i.e. those who are getting single pension for the services rendered both in the Army and the DSC by way of counting former service of Army along with the service in the DSC) shall be revised based on the same rates as provided for Regular Army tables. DSC personnel “Clerical Duty” and “other duty” are entitled for pension of Regular Army personnel of Group “Y”.

However, for JCOs/ORs of DSC in receipt of second pension due to their service in the DSC, separate tables have been prepared and enclosed.

7. Guidelines for revision of various Pensions/Family Pensions

The appended tables indicate revised rates of Retiring/ Service/ Special/ Disability / Invalid/ Liberalized Disability/ War Injury Pension including Disability/ War injury Element and Ordinary/ Special/ Liberalized Family Pension of Commissioned Officers, Honorary Commissioned Officers, JCOs/ORs and Non-Combatants (Enrolled) of Army, Navy, Air Force. Defence Security Corps & Territorial Army retired/ discharged/ invalided out from service/died in service or after retirement. The existing pension of all pre-01.07.2019 pensioners/ family pensioners shall be enhanced with reference to the applicable table for the rank (and group in case of JCOs/ORs) in which pensioned with the term of engagement for each rank as applicable from time to time.

Where the revised pension/family pension as on 01.07.2019 worked out in terms of these orders, happens to be less than the existing pension/family pension as on 01.07.2019, the pension shall not be revised to the disadvantage of the pensioner.

8. As provided in para – 4 of MoD order dated 20.01.2023 and para – 2.6 of MoD notification dated 04.01.2023 that the pensioners retired on or after 01.07.2014 i.e. after previous OROP on premature retirement/own request is not eligible for revision of pension under OROP w.e.f 01.07.2019. The information regarding premature retirement/own request are not available in the Pension Payment Order (PPO). Hence, table based revision by PDA in such cases is not feasible.


8.1 Therefore, it is decided that the pension of all such pensioners retired/discharged on or after 01.07.2014and before 01.07.2019 will be implemented through corrigendum PPO. Since, most of the data of pensioners/family pensioners have been migrated in SPARSH, therefore, revision of pension of migrated pensioners/family pensioners will be done through SPARSH only. The suo-moto corrigendum PPO in remaining pensioners retired/discharged on or after 01.07.2014 and before 01.07.2019 will be issued by Pension Sanctioning Authorities in affected cases (where these OROP rates are beneficial than they are drawing as on 01.07.2019).

8.2 In all other cases i.e. pensioners retired/discharged upto 30.06.2014, invalided out prior to 01.07.2019 and family pensioners, this revision will be implemented through table based as appended with this order. All Pension Disbursing Agencies (PDAs) handling disbursement of pension to Defence pensioners are hereby authorized to carry out revision of Retiring/Service/ Special/ Disability/Invalid/ Liberalized Disability/War Injury Pension including Disability/War Injury Element and Ordinary/Special/Liberalized Family Pension of all such pre — 01.07.2019 pensioners/family pensioners drawing pension as on 01.07.2019 in terms of these orders with applicable rates of dearness relief without calling for any applications from the pensioners and without any further authorization from the Pension Sanctioning Authorities concerned.

8.3. The OROP rates is average of minimum & maximum rate of pension for a rank and a qualifying service of live data of 2018 retirees. Wherever, the rates of higher qualifying service of a rank are lower than rates of lower qualifying service in same rank or data is/are blank for higher qualifying service then the same have been protected by higher rate of lower qualifying service, due to this many rates in same column appears equal. Similarly, wherever this OROP rate is lower in higher rank than rate in lower rank in same qualifying service then the same have been protected with higher rates of lower rank in same qualifying service resulting similar rate in some qualifying service in two adjacent columns.

9, PDAs are hereby authorized to revise the pension as under:

(i) Disability Pension/Liberalized Disability Pension

Both the elements of Disability Pension/ Liberalized Disability Pension, i.e. Service Element and Disability Element shall be revised by the PDAs as per pension rates provided in the specific tables. Tables showing revised rates of Service Elements/ Service Pension for various ranks are given in Table Nos. 1 to 10.

Tables showing revised rates of Disability Element (in discharge and invalided out cases) for 100% disability for various ranks are given in Table Nos. 87 to 96.

For disability less than 100%, the Disability Element shall be proportionately reduced as per the period and degree of disablement already accepted.

(ii) War injury Pension

Similarly, revision of Service Element of War Injury Pension cases will also be carried out by the PDAs for which specific tables indicating revised rate of pension have been provided. Both the elements of War Injury Pension, i.c. Service Element and War Injury Element shall be revised by the PDAs in accordance with the specific tables.

Tables showing revised rate of Service Pension/ Service Element for various ranks are given in Tables Nos. 1 to 10.

Tables showing revised rate of War Injury Element (in invalidated out cases) for 100% disability for various ranks are given in Table Nos. 107 to 116.

For disability less than 100%, the War Injury Element shall be reduced proportionately as per the period and degree of disablement already accepted.

Pensioners drawing War Injury Element in addition to their Retiring/ Service Pension (in discharge case), their War Injury Element shall also be revised similarly and table showing revised rate of War Injury Element (in discharge case) for 100% disability for various ranks are given in Table Nos. 97 to 106.

(iii) Family Pension

Similarly, revision of all types of Family Pension viz Ordinary Family Pension (enhanced rate and normal rate), Special Family Pension (SFP/Special Dependent Family Pension/2nd life award of Special Family Pension), Liberalized Family Pension(LFP/Liberalized Dependent Pension/2nd life award of Liberalized Family Pension), cases will also be required to be revised by the PDAs.

(a) Ordinary Family Pension

Both enhanced rate and normal rate of Ordinary Family Pension shall be revised by the PDAs in accordance with specific tables. Tables showing revised rate of Enhanced rate of Family Pension and Normal rate of Family Pension for various ranks are given in Table Nos. 11 to 20 and 21 to 30 respectively.

(b) Special Family Pension

Similarly, tables showing revised rate of Special Family Pension and Special Dependent family Pension/2nd life award of Special Family Pension for various ranks are given in the Tables No. 31 to 40 and 41 to 50 respectively.

(c) Liberalized Family Pension

Similarly, tables showing revised rate of Liberalized Family Pension, Liberalized Family Pension to child/children, Liberalized Dependent family Pension (Both Parents) and Liberalized Dependent family Pension (Single Parents)/2nd life award of Liberalized Family Pension for various ranks are given in the Tables No. 51 to 60, 61 to 70, 71 to 76 and 77 to 86 respectively.

Note: War Injury Element /Disability element/Family Pension is now linked with Service Pension. Therefore, the War Injury Element /Disability Element/Family Pension is also linked with qualifying service of pensioners. Hence, the PDAs may revise Service Pension/Service Element & War Injury Element /Disability Element/Family Pension on the basis of the rank/group/category and qualifying service of the pensioners. Rank, group and qualifying service for which the individual has been pensioned have been indicated in original Pension Payments Orders (PPOs) or it’s Corrigendum PPOs. In case, any information regarding qualifying service, rank, group etc., is/are not available with PDAs, such cases may be referred to Pension Sanctioning Authorities concerned in the proforma enclosed as Annexure-‘A’ (both for JCOs and JCOs/ORs) to the Govt. letter No.1(1)/2019/D(Pen/Pol)/Vol-II dt.20.01.2023 a copy of which is enclosed.

The remaining implementing instructions mentioned in para 7 to 20 of Circular 555 dt 04.02.2016 shall be equally applicable in implementation of this order except the date of effect i.e. 01.07.2019 instead of 01.07.2014 and the details of Nodal Officers. The details of Nodal Officers are as under:-

10. Nodal Officers

In case of any doubt relating to revision of pension in terms of these orders, PDAs may
immediately take up the matter with Nodal Officers of the respective PSAs by name as under:-

For Commissioned Officers


Shri. S.C. Saroj, Sr. A.O(P)
O/o the PCDA (P) Prayagraj 211014
Phone — 0532-242 1877
Email — pedapg lim.dad[at]bhub.nic.in


Smt Pama Jhonson, Sr. AO
O/o the PCDA (NAVY), Mumbai- 400039
Phone — 022-22696139
Email — pedanavy[at]nic.in

Air Force: –

Shri Sangram Singh, Sr. AO
O/o the JCDA (Air Force) New Delhi- 110066
Phone — 011-25695012
Email — dedaaf_delhi.cgda[at]nic.in


Army: –

Shri Rakesh Kumar Singh, Sr. A.O(P)
O/o the PCDA (P) Prayagraj – 211014
Phone — 0532-2421877
Email — pcdapgtstech.dad[at]nic.in

Navy: –

Smt Pama Jhonson, Sr. A.O
: O/o the PCDA (NAVY), Mumbai- 400039
Phone — 022-22696139
Email — pcdanavy[at]nic.in

Air Force: –

Shri Amar Singh, Sr. A.O
O/o the Jt. CDA (Air Force) New Delhi
Phone — 011-25695012
E-mail- dcdaaf[dash]delhi[dot]cgda[at]nic[dot]in

11. A copy of this circular along with the Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No.1(1)/2019/D(Pen/Pol)/Vol-II dt. 20.01.2023 is also available on the website of this Office (www.pcdapension.nic.in).

Hindi version will follow.

CDA(P) has seen.

No. Gts/Tech/OROP-II/0183/Vol-IV
Dated: 20th Jan 2023

(Rajendra Kumar Gupta)
Asstt. Controller of Defence Accounts(P)

One Rank One Pension to the Defence Forces Pensioners: OROP-2 Pension Table issued on 20.01.2023: MoD Order

PCDA Circular No. 666 Encl. – OROP -2 MOD Order – 44MB



  • Amudala RavindraBabu 8 months ago

    I have not yet been transferred to SPURSH but, no problem in receiving pension through the Banks, as per the old pension remitting system . However, I hv not received any OROP arrears so far neither the 1st nor the 2nd Installment…

  • Hony Capt P John 9 months ago

    Iam Hony Capt of Indian army retired with Disability, that time given attributable penson. Noe i filed case for war Injury at AFT and Case win 50% war injury pension now what is the rate of 50% war injury pls explain.
    2. Presently iam getting diasability Pension Basic Is Rs 13115/ war injury 50% how much i will get.

  • TAPAS SADHUKHAN 10 months ago

    Sir,My Army No -14912341K Ex Havilder(Clerk) Tapas Sadhukhan of The Mechanised Infantry Regiment. I am not getting disability pension as per revised scale. Please issue necessary instructions to the Bank for adjust my disability pension and arrears as applicable.My bank is Punjab National Bank.

  • SomSingh Bains 1 year ago

    I am Sub Major (Retd) Som Singh Bains, retired on 31st July 2010 from SLI Regiment.
    There is no change in pension not issued arrears installment.
    Please clarify why?.

  • Naresh Singh 1 year ago

    It is not OROP (One rank one penion), it is (OMOP) one man one pension. No body can say what is your pension until seeing PPO, Tables and other documents.

  • Sandhya tyagi 1 year ago

    I have yet to receive my orop arrears bank does not have any details 

  • Govinda Varier M V 1 year ago

    Not getting SMS/ email information of crediting pension into bank account.
    ALC already accepted by Sparsh and valid upto Nov 2023

  • Rama Kant singh 1 year ago

    Rama Kant Singh
    OROP is not justified.It was just to enhance pension of earlier retired personnel but not to reduce someone pension.In my case basic was Rs.20034 and after OROP amendment it reduced to Rs.19700.It must not.

  • Shankaran Janakiram 1 year ago

    I am Janakiram Shankaran, retired from the Navy as Stores
    Petty Officer (equivalent to Havildar in the Army) after 15 Yrs 6 months of service and drawing Sevice Pension since then through Canara Bank. My original PPO issued by NMavy is NAVY/S/1008/78. I think I am yet to be migrated to SPARSH and hence Fresh new PPO number is not issued.
    As of today 1 March 2023 I received my pension at the old and existing rate only. No revised pension as per OROP 2 Tables is received. No body
    or Authorities is telling me as to when this revised pension and arfrears will be paid to me.
    This entire OROP 2 is being handles haphazard

  • Jaswant Singh 1 year ago


  • Hav Ramprasad 1 year ago


    No,orop why?

  • Kulwant Singh Singh 1 year ago

    Sepoy disability pension 100% orop 2 fix by pcd

  • Subhash 1 year ago

    OROP 2 is simply bullshit for x group. It is not understood how there can be two tables for same rank, same length of service and same group before 2016 and after 2016. It is violatof HSC order. The concerned authority must take its cognizance.

  • Lt Col MS Raju (Retd) 1 year ago

    Officers of Lt Col rank are given same amount of basic pension for Qualifying Service of 26 to 38 years in Table 2 This is total injustice to longer service officers.

  • Rajesh singh 1 year ago


  • Kalwant Singh 1 year ago

    Please reply disability pension.jco.ors table87to 96

  • Ranbir Singh 1 year ago

    I feel OROP2 is not for JCOs. It is surprising that JCOs have completely been neglected and their pension even after 5 years from OROP1 has been given in (-). in fact, in 5th CPC the work was started to show this category below and the term for this category was also changed to read as PBOR. Further, in 6th CPC equal MSP (Military service Pay) @ Rs 2000/- was given for Sep to Sub Major treating this category as one, however grade pay at different rate was given and that too, in 7th CPC grade pay was removed and equal rate of MSP @ Rs 5200/- was given for Sep to Sub Major being one category i.e PBOR.

  • Dharampal kadian 1 year ago

    I am a retired nbsub group x ☓ and in orop my pension is not revised as per group x pension in table no 8 of x group PBOR. And it seems not one rank one pension but deferent between new and old

  • P k sharma 1 year ago

    I’m not under stood why we are worried.first seening the payment then we decided on the issue 

  • Jameel 1 year ago

    Now my family pension 15365 how much

    Get increasing my pension

  • GR PILLAI 1 year ago

    Sorry, this OROP is only officers. Totally injustice with OR’s and JCo’s please consider the ORs and JCos, and hope the PM only.

  • Sardev singh 1 year ago

    No of payment installments must be reduced in cases of retirees of 70 years of age& above.

  • Michael 1 year ago

    Why u not shown the table of payment

  • SCSHARMA 1 year ago

    Why the pension of LtCOL from 26.5 to 32.5 is the same.
    But COL rank there is an increase?

  • M P Gupta 1 year ago

    OROP2 is total injustice with JCOs and ORs of armed forces. It seems as if, it was only meant for officers. Why unnecessarily the names of jawans are added to it? Should be OROP for defence officers. PMO should take care of jawans also.

  • I am ex-JWO RN Chakraborty retired on 31/08/2005 and I did not get 6 CPC as I retired before 2006. I was not satisfied with my baic pension in OROP-1 since I served for 32 years of coloured service. Also my Basic pension of OROP-2 is not understood. For 28 yrs of service and 32 yrs of service JCO should not be equal basic at any cost.
    Rectification solicited to the authority. Annomalies of OROP-2 must be changed WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

  • Prasad Kumar an 1 year ago

    This OROP2 is totally injustice for jco and jawan,i think it will made for officer’s favour only, really this is radiculas.shame on it,pls consider the soldiers . hope The PMO WILL Think it about.

  • Charanjit Singh 1 year ago

    Pensioner above 70 years should be paid full in first installment only.

  • This total unjustified to jco and others orop 2 is no means this logic to be put once group pay fixed why two table is made to creatdiffrence amoung people and increased amount of pay of jco is very less people this to be bring in notice of pmo

  • Lokappa gowda 1 year ago

    It’s totally injustice with jco and ors, according to orop 2 jco nd ors getting 500-1700 hike per month where as offices are getting around 25k, 95% jco nd ors behind 5% officers, everywhere cheated, m s pay,da,dr, govt should not implement orop 2, we will fight till last breath, again we are staging dharna at jantar mantar, Bharat mata ki jai

  • Gharu Ram 1 year ago

    Hellow I am Sub Maj Hony Capt Gharu Ram, retd on 30 Sep 2009 after completing 26 yrs, 03 months and 28 days of colour service. It is surprising to see the table 7 of orop-2 issued by MoD/pcda on 20 Jan 2023. In case of Hony Capt and Hony Lt the pension is same for length of service 26.5 yrs whereas as per table 1 for regular offr pension of capt is fixed 43300/- which is not justified. When a Sub or Sub Maj is given the hony ranks, the question of qualifying service should not be there since they have completed terms and engagement of Sub Maj like me. In Army a pers promoted to the rank of Sub Maj can serve for only 4 yrs and he has to retire with no fault on his side and he is getting less pension than a Lt then why he is treated sr in rank all in vain. The Sr in rank must get min of Rs 1/- more than his jr in rank.

  • COL BMS BAINS 1 year ago

    Pl send me latest news. Thanks

  • Nawaz Ahmed 1 year ago

    Table has not been shown.

  • Gurmel Singh 1 year ago

    Very many different tables appear on social media regarding orop 2. Which one is authenticated and affective.

  • Siya Ram 1 year ago

    It is not OROP. It is OPRO (Officers Pension Revision Only). Next revision in Jul 2024 JCOs rank will be abolished in Govt records.

  • S C Marwaha 1 year ago

    I feel the arrears of OROP-2 for personnel of the age of 70 yrs or above should be paid in one single installment so that they can benefit from these while in this mortal world. At this age and above their longevity for next 2 yrs is highly uncertain.