Change in Way of Addressing letters to PCDA (O), Pune – Letter to All Army Officers

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Change in Way of Addressing letters to PCDA (O), Pune – Letter to All Army Officers

Change in Way of Addressing letters to PCDA (O), Pune – Letter to Army Officers

Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts
(Officers), Golibar Maidan, Pune – 411001

No. R Sec/Receipt/Gen Corr

Date: 07/02/2023

Letter to Army Officers

All Army Officers

Subject: – Change in Way of Addressing letters to PCDA (O), Pune.

The office of PCDA (O), Golibar Maidan, Pune has the mandate for handling the Pay and Allowances in respect of all the Commissioned Officers of India Army. This office currently receives 5000 Dak on daily basis. In order to segregate such a huge quantity of daily Dak, it takes substantial effort to clear the Dak, which leads to delay in segregation and further processing of Dak and adjustment of claims of Army Officers.

It is therefore requested to forward all your Letters/claims by clearly writing on the envelope one of the following four wings mentioned below.

Sl. No. Wing Description Annexure
(List of Subjects)
1 Ledger Wing Service and pay related Annexure A
(Click for details)
2 Transport Wing TA/DA/LTC related Annexure B
(click for details)
3 Post Superannuation Cell
After Retirement related
4 Central Wing Any other subject except above three Annexure C
(click for details)

It is further requested to use separate envelopes for separate wings. All different envelop can be put into one large envelop, if more than one envelop is to be sent. It will reduce segregation time for such a huge inflow of Dak and help in faster processing claims and letters at the office of PCDA(O). Accordingly this office has already approached Postal Authorities for segregation of Posts in format described above.

PCDA has seen.

Encl: – As Above

(Lehana Singh, IDAS)
DCDA, PCDA (O), Pune

Annexure ‘A’

01 Leave Encashment on LTC
02 Children Education Allowance/Hostel Subsidy
03 Territorial Army Pay Claim
04 Uniform Allowance/Accoutrement
05 Medical Claims (OPD)
06 Qualification Grants
07 AGIF Claims
08 DSOP Contingent Bill
09 AOBF Nomination
10 Disability Pension
11 No Demand Certificate
12 SS,MS,WS,NS,DS,TA,Resigned Officer Premature Below Major
13 Information Published Prior 8 months of Retirement
14 Certificate no break in Service
15 Satisfactory Service Certificate
16 DSOP Final Settlement
17 Maintenance Allowance
18 Proof of Saving
19 SPR for HRA

Annexure ‘B’

01. Temporary Duty
02 Permanent Duty
03 LTC Claims
04 Conveyance Allowance
05 Ration Money Allowance( on move)
06 Sea Passage Claim
07 Food Allowance on TA DA
08 Movement Order
09 Selected place of Residence
10 Bill Call Memo
11 TA on Retirement/Re Employment

Annexure ‘C’

01. Form ‘A’
03 Rent/Vacation/Occupation/Electric/Water Bill
04 Nominal Roll
05 Income Tax
06 Final Withdrawal
07 Change of Address
08 Post Superannuation
09 Specimen Signature
10 MRO
11 Cheque/DD
12 Delegation of Power
13 LPC
14 RTI/Court Case
15 EDP related issues
16 IC,MR,NR,SC,SL,DR,TA Superannuation and Premature above Lt. Col
17 Pension Papers
18 Application for retiring pension
19 Declaration for life long
20 Descriptive Roll
21 Photograph
22 AAdhar card no
23 Release Medical Board
24 Email/Mobile No
25 Bank Undertaking
26 Disciplinary Aspects(certificate)
27 Bank Undertaking and Bank details
28 Pre Commissioned Certificate
29 Family Members
30 Nationality Certificate
31 Terminal Benefits
32 Home Address Certificate
33 Date of Retirement
34 Judicial Documents
35 NEFT Mandate form
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