Streamlining the process of Eligibility Applications submitted to DoE under Rule 4 and Rule 5 of CGGPRA Rules, 2017

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Streamlining the process of Eligibility Applications submitted to DoE under Rule 4 and Rule 5 of CGGPRA Rules, 2017

Streamlining the process of Eligibility Applications submitted to DoE under Rule 4 and Rule 5 of CGGPRA Rules, 2017

No.D-11014/47/2022-POLICY-I [e-9147718]
Government of India
Ministry of Housing &Urban Affairs

Directorate of Estates
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the 1st February, 2023

Office Memorandum

Subject: Streamlining the process of Eligibility Applications submitted to DoE under Rule 4 and Rule 5 of CGGPRA Rules, 2017-reg.

Eligibility to central government offices for GPRA at Delhi and outside Delhi is granted by this Directorate under Rule 4 and Rule 5 of CGGPRA Rules-2017, respectively. A Central Government office which fulfills the conditions of the aforesaid rules may make an online application to the Directorate of Estates (DoE) for allotment of accommodation after obtaining the approval of the Joint Secretary of the Ministry concerned and send its stamped/signed print-out to DoE.

2. As per present practice, individual offices send the proposal to DoE directly. Consequently, the applications/proposals are received in different manners having a lot of ambiguities. Often, the above quoted approval of JS of the concerned Ministry is found to be missing/incomplete. It is essential for DoE to ensure that the applicant office fulfills the condition of Rule 4/5 for getting eligibility. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the proposals are properly and independently examined at the concerned Ministry/Department and approval of the Joint Secretary or above level officer is obtained after such examination to declare that the applying office fulfills the condition of Rule 4 or 5 (as the case maybe). The examination will be uniform if done at one particular point in the concerned Ministry/Department and authenticity of the papers forwarded to DoE in such manner can be established easily.

3. In view of above, it has been decided that, henceforth, this Directorate will accept all eligibility applications only from the Secretariat of the concerned Ministry/Department. Ineligible Attached/ Subordinate Offices of the concerned Ministry/Department shall make online application in e-sampada portal and send its signed/stamped printout to the secretariat of the Ministry/ Department concerned. Ministries/Departments shall scrutinize the applications, take approval of their JS/above level officer in the charge of Administration/Establishment [or any other suitable JS/above level officer nominated for this purpose] and, thereafter, forward all eligibility applications/proposals in a standard manner (proforma annexed) to DoE. It would be responsibility of the Ministry concerned to ensure that the information filled in the application are authentic and the applying office fulfills all the conditions of Rule 4 or 5 of CGGPRA Rules, 2017.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Enclo: As above

(Pinaki Banerjee)
Deputy Director of Estates (Policy)

All Ministries/Departments (as per list)
[Through Director (Admn)/Joint Secretary (Admn)]

Annexure to DOE OM No. D-11014/47/2022-Policy-| dt. 01.02.2023

Proforma for forwarding eligibility application by Ministries/Departments

No. _______
Govt. of India
M/o ________
Department of _____



The Director of Estates,
Directorate of Estates,
M/o Housing and Urban Affairs,
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi

Sub: Application for granting Eligibility under Rule 4/5 of CGGPRA Rules, 2017


Please find enclosed herewith authenticated hard copy of online Application No. submitted through e-Samapada portal of Directorate of Estates for granting eligibility to below mentioned office:-

Name of the Ministry concerned: _______________
Name of the Department concerned: _____________
Name of the organization concerned: ____________
Name of the office concerned: _________________

2. It is certified that the above office fulfills the following conditions of Rule 4/5 of CGGPRA Rules, 2017:-

a) The location of the office in Delhi has been approved by the Cabinet or Cabinet Committee on Accommodation and an attested copy of the approval is attached hereby (applicable only for offices located in Delhi);

b) The office is a part and parcel of the Secretariat of this Ministry/Deptt. OR an attached office of this Ministry/Deptt. OR a subordinate office of this Ministry/Department (delete whichever ts not applicable);

c) The staff of the office is paid from the Consolidated Fund of India; and

d) The office is situated within the limits of the National Capital Territory of Delhi/ municipal limits of the city or town viz. ___________ (delete whichever is not applicable).

3. This issues with the approval of JS (Admin), M/o or D/o __________

Enclo: As above

Yours faithfully,
Phone No. ______
E-Mail Address ___

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