Procedure for correspondence with Railway Board – Prescribed Specimen of letter


Procedure for correspondence with Railway Board – Prescribed Specimen of letter

Procedure for correspondence with Railway Board – Prescribed Specimen of letter

(रेलवे बोर्ड) (RAILWAY BOARD)


New Delhi, 31.03.2023

General Managers,
All Indian Railways/PUs etc.

Sub: Procedure for correspondence with Railway Board.

Ref. : Board’s Letter No.2021/O&M/3/2 dated 16.02.2021

Attention is invited to above referred letter wherein instructions w.r.t. procedure for making correspondence with Railways was issued for compliance. However, it has been observed that the same is not adhered to. Further, while making correspondence with Railway Board, proper letter format is also not followed. In view of this, the procedure for correspondence with Railway Board is again reiterated as below :

  1. Correspondence with Railway Board should bear the approval of General Manager/concern PHoD and an endorsement to this regard may be indicated in the letter.
  2. All Letters (Except for routine nature and reminders) addressed to Railway Board should be signed by an Officer not below the rank of SAG or Selection Grade (in case of Public Relation Deptt.)
  3. Wrong/Unauthorised designations should be avoided and every communication may invariably bear the Name, Designation, Landline No., Mobile No. and email address of the signatory.
  4. As regards proper format of letter, a specimen of the letter being used in Board’s Office is enclosed for reference.

2. The above may be brought to the notice of all the concerned for ensuring strict compliance.

(T. Srinivas)
Joint Secretary/Railway Board
Tele No. 011-47845551
Email ID: t.srinivasl[at]


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  • S.N.Sarkhel. 1 year ago

    Myself S.N.Sarkhel Clerk, PCPO’s Office, SE Railway-GRC. Instead of Orders of the Hon’ble President of India address to the hon’ble Chairman Railway Board’s and my lot of Appeals with correspondences address to the hon’ble Chairman also forwarded appeals from OSD-MR address to Directorate Concern regarding Re-instatement in Service with Legitimate Promotion w.e.f. 30.10.2005 but alas! No action has been taken nor received any respon from their end. As a result Being a hardworking honest and loyal Railway Employee & Nimber One Citizen of India along with my needy family suffered a lot due to denied to satisfy their gread of such evil officials of the personnel dept.SER-GRC Whom are over head and ear’s A IRPS officer i. e. The then Dy.CPO(HQ) Present PCPO Who are working in the same place and station since long 20 years, illegally destroyed Original Approved Order of the then hon’ble General Manager/SER along with all the original corresponding documentary proof of evidence from the office records thereafter totally based on their forge Doctored Xerox document dt.30.10.06 without any Original proof of documentary evidence I was allegedly fired me from my job intentionally issued Removal from Service. Therefore may kindly pursue the issue with Directorate concern for re-instatement with legitimate promotion and oblige.