Realtooth Dental Clinic, Globe Medicare & Ajanta Hospital, Lucknow: Empanelment under CGHS


Realtooth Dental Clinic, Globe Medicare & Ajanta Hospital, Lucknow: Empanelment under CGHS

Realtooth Dental Clinic, Globe Medicare & Ajanta Hospital and IVF Centre Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow: Empanelment under CGHS upto 18.04.2025 at 90% of the rates approved for CGHS New Delhi & NCR.

No. 3-216/CGHS/LKO/2022/ 3197-3209
Govt. Of India
Office of the Additional Director
Central Govt. Health Scheme
B-114-115, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar

Dated: 19/04/2023


As per Directorate General of Central Government Health Scheme Office Memorandum No S 1101 1/09/2022/CGHS(HEC). dated 13.09.2022, DGHS OM No. 715025/28/2022/DIR/CGHS dt. 14 10.2022. DGCGHS OM No.S-1 1045/36/20 12/CGHS(HEC) dt 29/12/2022 & File No: FTS No: 8127278, S-1 1045/36/20 12/CGHS(HEC) dated 22/02/2023 the under mentioned QCI recommended / NABH Accredited HCO is being empanelled for various procedure / treatment / investigations under continuous empanelment scheme 2022 with current status as per terms and conditions of empanelment in the MoA 2022. The package rates to be paid to HCO’s for various procedures / treatment / investigations that have been approved by the competent authority of CGHS will be 90% of the rates approved for CGHS New Delhi & NCR.

S. No. Name of HCO Address & Telephone & Email-id Name of Nodal officer NABH/NABL Accreditation Or QCI recommendation Empanelled for the purpose Period of empanelment

Realtooth Dental Clinic (A unit of Arshita Dental Services Pvt. Ltd.)

Ground Floor. Greenwood Apartment, Near Redhill School, Gokhle Marg. Lucknow.

Email:- Info.realtooth [at] gmail com

Dr Amit Anand Mobile: +91-9838556779 QCI Recommended General Dentistry and Endodontics 19/04/2023 to 18/04/2025

Globe Medicare

A-3-4-5, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow, | Uttar Pradesh-226020 Email:- globemedicaretpa [at] elobemedicarelko [at] Sonakshi Gupta Mobile: 9918747494 QC1 Recommended Anesthesiology. Dentistry. Emergency Medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, Respiratory medicine, Day Care Services, Endocrinology. Hepatology. Cardiology, Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Suregry, Medical Gastroenterology, Neurology, Neuro- Radiology. Nuclear Medicine. Oncology- Medical, Surgical and Radiation and Urology(including lithotripsy). 19/04/2023 to 18/04/2025

Ajanta Hospital and IVF Centre Pvt. Ltd.

765, ABC Complex, Kanpur Road, Alambagh, Lucknow, U P-226005. Email:- cghs [at] ajantahospital com \Mr. Tarun Shubhash Mobile No. 902608 1923 NABH Accredited Clinical Serivices: Anaesthesiology. Critical Care, Dentistry, General Medicine, General Surgery including Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Medical Gastroenterology. Nephrology including Dialysis, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and IVF with High Risk Pregnancy. Orthopaedic including  Joint Replacement Surgery and Spine Surgery. Otorhinolaryngology. Paediatrics including Neonatolgy. Paediatric Surgery. Respiratory Medicine, Urology.

Diagnostic Services: 2D Echo. CT Scanning EEG. Holter Monitoring, Spirometry. Tread Mill Testing, Ultrasound, Urodynamic Studies, X- Ray.

Pharmacy: Dispensary

Transfusion Services: Blood Transfusion Services.

Professions Allied to Medicine: Dietetics, Physiotherapy.

Support Services: Ambulance.

19/04/2023 to 18/04/2025

Additional Director
CGHS Luknow


Above HCO.

Copy to,

  1. Central Govt. Employees Welfare Co-ordination Committee. Ashok Marg. Lucknow.
  2. The Director, CGHS, Nirman Bhawan. MOHFW. New Delhi.
  3. Additional D.D.G. (HQ). CGHS, Ninnan Bhawan. New Delhi.
  4. CGHS-II Section, Nirman Bhawan. New Delhi.
  5. The Hospital Cell, Nirman Bhawan. New Delhi.
  6. Pav & Accounts office. LHMC&H., New Delhi.
  7. CGHS WC No. 1, & CGHS Polyclinic. Lucknow. CGHS WC Agra. Bareilly & Lucknow.
  8. All India CGHS Employees Association, Lucknow Branch.
  9. Sr. Technological Director. NIC MOHFW., Nirman Bhawan. New Delhi.
  10. The NHA, Delhi.
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