Manpower Planning in Indian Railways – Implementation of sub modules on HRMS


Manpower Planning in Indian Railways – Implementation of sub modules on HRMS

Manpower Planning in Indian Railways – Implementation of sub modules on HRMS portal: Railway Board Order 23.11.2023

RAILWAY BOARD (रेलवे बोर्ड)

File No. PC-VII/2021/HRMS/30

New Delhi, dated: 23.11.2023

The Principal Chief Personnel Officers,
All Indian Railways/PUs
(As per standard mailing list)

Sub: Implementation of sub modules of Manpower Planning in Indian Railways.

Subsequent to the development of sub modules of Manpower Planning as part of Cadre Management Module, the same have been rolled out for use on HRMS portal. Salient features of these sub modules are as under:-

  1. Vacancy Bank: Provision for creation of Vacancy Bank for every unit with the
    following functionalities:
    • Entering Opening Balance: Wherein Individual Units will be required to enter the money value existing as on date which will be treated as opening balance.
    • Transfer of Money Value: Wherein money value can be transferred across Departments and Units.
    • Vacancy Bank Balance and Vacancy Bank Ledger: Through which money value existing in the Vacancy Bank as on date as well as the record of all the transactions regarding money value can be seen.
  1. Surrender of Posts: Provision for Individual Units to surrender the posts controlled by them and auto credit of share of money value in the Vacancy Banks based on the money value distribution.
  2. Generation of MPP Memorandums: Provision to generate the Memorandums for the MPP activities performed wherein the data will be auto picked from the proposals so approved.

2. The module provides the following functionalities:

  1. Auto updation of Book of Sanction with surrender of post.
  2. Auto updation of Vacancy Bank with surrender of post.
  3. Provision of workflow for processing of all the proposals of money value transfer and post surrender providing flexibility to users for processing of cases.

3. In view of the above, it is advised that all the activities associated with Manpower planning will be processed only through HRMS. The detailed Guidelines, User Manual and schedule for Training sessions on the sub-modules of Manpower Planning will be shared shortly.

4, This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(Jaya Kumar G)
Deputy Director, PC-VII & HRMS
Railway Board
Ph: 011-47845125

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