Navigating Pension and Healthcare Reforms for BSNL Pensioners: BPS Resolutions


Navigating Pension and Healthcare Reforms for BSNL Pensioners: BPS Resolutions

Navigating Pension and Healthcare Reforms for BSNL Pensioners: Crucial BPS 68thAGM Resolutions


(All India Federation of Pensioners’ Associations)

No BPS/SG/BSNL/024/01

Dated : 09.01.2024


Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw
The Honourable Cabinet Minister
Ministry of Communication GOI
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Subject: Navigating Pension and Healthcare Reforms for BSNL Pensioners: Crucial BPS 68thAGM Resolutions


Bharat Pensioners Samaj, the prominent Federation, an umbrella organization of Pensioners Associations in the country with over 10 lac membership held its 68th AGM on 18.11.2023 in New Delhi. 450 delegates of 225 Pensioners Associations from 21 States. Unanimously raised their concern regarding Pension and Healthcare Reforms for BSNL Pensioners: following Crucial Resolutions were unanimously passed by the AGM :

Resolution 31 Viii) 80A of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 provides for provisional family pension and 100% DCRG to the spouse on submitting the pension papers to the Accounts officer (1.e., DOT-Cell) in case of the death of an employee. Head of Offices may be strictly instructed to follow the provisions of Rule 80A. viii) This AGM demands that DoT should not insist for Income Certificate from SDM/Collector in case ofa Widow/ Unmarried Daughter/Handicapped Son/Daughter, as in Gujarat as per its GR. they are not allowed to issue income certificates to persons with income less than Rs. 1 ,50,000/- instead DoT should ask a declaration under oath from the applicant or should investigate itself. 3 11x) This AGM demands transferring all willing BSNL Pensioners to CGHS and BSNL. Corporate Office should enter into an agreement with CGHS authorities to pay the subscription in affordable installments.

The 68th Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) brought forth the above pressing issues faced by BSNL pensioners, highlighting the need for reform in pension disbursement and healthcare benefits. The discussions cantered around two key amendments proposed to improve the current system, reflecting a deep understanding, of the challenges faced by retirees and their families.

Firstly, the AGM underscored the critical importance of Rule 80A of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972. This rule is a lifeline for the families of deceased employees, offering provisional family pension and 100% Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity (DCRG) to the spouse upon submission of pension papers. However, the effectiveness of this provision hinges on its prompt and accurate implementation by the Heads of Offices. The AGM’s call for strict adherence to Rule 80A is not just a procedural demand; it is a plea for empathy and efficiency in times of personal loss and hardship.

The AGM’’s second major demand addressed the challenges faced by beneficiaries, particularly widows, unmarried daughters, and handicapped children, in acquiring an Income Certificate. The current requirement imposed by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is not just cumbersome but often impossible, especially in regions like Gujarat where income certificates are not issued for incomes below Rs. 150,000. The AGM’s proposition for an oath-based declaration or an internal investigation by the DoT is a sensible alternative, easing the administrative burden on the vulnerable beneficiaries.

Moreover, the AGM highlighted the need for improved healthcare benefits. The proposition for transferring willing BSNL pensioners to the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) and the suggestion that BSNL’s Corporate Office should negotiate with CGHS authorities for payment of subscriptions in affordable instalments are significant. This move could provide pensioners with better healthcare facilities, ensuring that they receive the care they deserve in their twilight years.

These issues, put forth by the AGM, are not just administrative changes but are deeply rooted in the principles of equity, empathy, and efficiency. They acknowledge the struggles faced by the retired workforce and their families and propose pragmatic solutions to alleviate these challenges.

The resolutions of this AGM serve as a beacon of hope for BSNL pensioners. They advocate for a more compassionate and efficient system that not only recognizes the contributions of former employees but also upholds their dignity and wel fare post-retirement.

The relevant authorities are requested to turn these proposals into reality, ensuring that the twilight years of these dedicated former employees are marked by comfort and security, not uncertainty and hardship.

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