Expedite MTNL/BSNL Pension Revision for 2017, Ensure Timely Decision and Positive Resolution: BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association Urge PM Modi’s Intervention


Expedite MTNL/BSNL Pension Revision for 2017, Ensure Timely Decision and Positive Resolution: BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association Urge PM Modi’s Intervention

Expedite MTNL/BSNL Pension Revision for 2017, Ensure Timely Decision and Positive Resolution: BSNL & DOT Pensioners Association Urge PM Modi’s Intervention




dated 8th February, 2024

Hon’ble Shri Narendrabhai Modi Ji,
Hon’ble Prime Minister, Govt. of India,
7, Race Course Road,
New Delhi – 110 001

Sub: A request to decide timeframe to expedite Pension Revision of MTNL/BSNL Pensioners, due w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

Jay Ambe,

  1. We write to invite your kind attention to our letter of even No. dated 11th January, 2024. We were given routine reply ON 19.01.2024 that “POLICY MATTER OF GOVT. OF INDIA.”
  2. In this connection, while agreeing with the say; we would like to point out that now a days when Govt. of India, under your able and enthusiastic leadership, launching multiple schemes to uplift livelihood of common men with successful implementation within timeframe, then as to why despite clear instruction from your office, the issue is dragged undecided for more than seven years.
  3. Sir, if this is stand of DoT, then why DoT vide letter No: F.62-2/2016-SU dated 27th April, 2018 had directed the CMD BSNL to complete the settlement of Wage Revision of Non-Executives? It is on record that based upon the instructions, a Joint Wage Negotiating Committee was formed and New Pay Scales were unanimously finalized by negotiation of Management of Staff Side. Sir, we are pained to know that despite clear vision of DoT and also reported instructions from the MoC, the issue is undecided.
  4. We are not going further but say that this had resulted in to agony of workers and pensioners and as such; we had suggested a meeting of Pensioners Association to know our views on the issue. We are happy to say that a joint meeting of all the stake holders was convened in October 2022 by the DoT and view point of the management was cleared with detailed slides-show and say from the experts from DoT.
  5. Since democracy permits expression of opinion and views of all, there were two opinions to settle the issue. We had also given a Memorandum showing how to overcome fiscal issues and also to meet with an issue of likely anomalies.
  6. Due to some unforeseen reasons the management could not take a timely decision and preferred to place aside a well examined and prepared file; preferring to wait for outcome of Pr.CAT New Delhi judgment.
  7. The verdict has come on 20.09.2023 and as usual DoT sought for opinion of Law Ministry; which it seems, was against their views. Just to interpret few lines with an army of legal experts in Law Ministry, the issue is undecided and no TIMEFRAME is given.
  8. We have been given to understand that the issue is in doldrums only because apprehending protest from few pensioners Association and since then the file though moving but very secretly showing indifferent status to the Pensioners Associations and for obvious reasons we prefer not to go in detail.
  9. However, as we are given to understand, the issue is within internal debate/discussion with all concerned ministries for positive consideration and DoT and MoC are constantly monitoring the process.
  10. It has been reported that “ SNPWA Odisha represented by Com. S. P. Samantaraya, AGS, Com. A. K. Ray,CP, Com. S. S. Mishra, Circle Advisor and Com. B. N. Tripathy, CS met Hon’ble MoC at Bhubaneswar on 28.01.2024. The issue of Pension Revision was discussed. A memorandum to that effect was given to the MoC. While the Hon’ble MoC was very positive about solving the pension revision issue, categorically said that since the Hon’ble PB CAT has given its verdict to revise the pension in CDA scale, it is difficult to implement the said order. He requested a consent letter from the Apex Body of Association agreeing to pension revision in IDA scale so that the issue can be solved in the shortest time.

Expedite MTNL/BSNL Pension Revision for 2017

Sir, if by all considerations, MoC is positive, then instead of waiting for unanimous demands from the Pensioners Associations, which is alike day dream, now our prayer and expectation with folded hands from your august office is to decide the issue within timeframe alike all your projects and schemes for citizens of the nation.

We are sure that with positive approach, giving 15% fitment on suggested pay scales of corporate Office, the issue can be settled without any hindrance. The Pensioners are also citizens who have given their contributions for development of communications during their four decade dedicated service.

We have no doubt that without your kind intervention the issue will linger on denying the eligible seniors their rightful claim because like many of their colleagues, they may also close their eyes in the meantime. Your kind and humane action in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

With regards,

Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary

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