Visakhapatnam Housing Scheme – CGEWHO Circular dated 07.02.2023


Visakhapatnam Housing Scheme – CGEWHO Circular dated 07.02.2023

Visakhapatnam Housing Scheme – CGEWHO Circular dated 07.02.2023: Status of applications for booking of Flats, Revised Proposed plan, Withdrawal and Option to Migrate / Stay from Visakhapatnam Housing Scheme and

(Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Govt of India)


Date: 07/02/2024

All Applicant(s) of Visakhapatnam Housing Scheme.

Subject: CGEWHO’s Visakhapatnam Housing Scheme.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This has the reference of your application for booking of flat in CGEWHO’’s Visakhapatnam Housing Scheme.

2. Status of applications for booking of Flats: As on date, CGEWHO has received applications for subscription of 149 dwelling units against total 525 dwelling units i.e. less than 50% of the total DUs. The details of applications for subscription of DUs are as under:

S:No. Type of DU Description Total no. of DUs received Application
1 Type-A 1 BHK 80 9
2 Type-B 2 BHK 330 22
3 Type-C 3 BHK 115 118
Total 525 149

As per above table, the subscription of Type-A and B is very less. Whereas in case of Type-C, all the DUs have been subscribed. Therefore, considering low subscription in Type-A & B, it has been decided to revise the existing plan of Visakhapatnam housing scheme and also proposed to develop maximum no. of DUs of 3 BHK along-with few DUs of 2 BHK & 4 BHK. As per revised proposed plan, the total no of DUs to be developed will also be reduced to 385 from 525, and parking will be given to each individual at extra cost. The revised plan is more efficient as compared to the existing plan due to reduction in the total no of DUs.

3. Revised Proposed plan: The detail of proposed revised plan is as under:


Note:- IFMS @1% & Advance Maintenance Charges @1% of total cost of dwelling unit (including GST), will be charged extra in addition to any other statuary charges/levis etc. if any. Further, the Beneficiary shall bear the Stamp Duty and Registration charges of Agreement for Sale and Conveyance Deed.

4, Tentative layout plan/Site plan and individual unit plan as proposed above is attached for your ready reference. Further, it is also relevant to mention that there is no change in Layout Plan of both type ‘C’ block & common amenities and CGEWHO has also started the planning to commence the construction of Type ‘C’ blocks along with other development works in the month of February, 2024.

5. In view of above scenario, please refer to Para 14, Part A of the Scheme brochure, which states that:


In case of under-subscription and if applications are received less than 50% of dwelling unit/ Apartment/ Flat(s) the refund will be made within six months from the closure of the scheme or extension thereof without interest.


In view of the above, following option(s) are being offered to all the applicant(s). You are requested to go through the following option(s) and opt any one as per Annexure-I.

a) Withdrawal from Visakhapatnam Housing Scheme: All Type ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ applicant may withdraw their application from the scheme and the CGEWHO will refund the whole Booking Amount plus Processing Fee in their bank account without any deduction.

b) Option to Migrate / Stay: Applicants have the option to migrate/stay in the revised scheme as mentioned in Para 3 above. Accordingly, the applicants will have to pay the differential amount, if any, and also required to submit the confirmation letter in this regard in the prescribed format (Copy enclosed as Annexure-I) on or before 11/03/2024. Applicants who opt to migrate /stay in the scheme, will be given confirmed allotment.

6, If the option is not received latest by 11/03/2024, it will be assumed that applicant is Interested to continue in the scheme in the same type and will be given confirmed allotment. Further, last 3 nos. of type ‘C’ applicants will be given 3 BHK (New) in type’ N’ category.

Yours faithfully,

(Ashok Kumar)
Dy. Dir. (Admm)
for Chief Executive Officer

i) Site plan
ii) Type ‘B’ Unit plan
iii) Type ‘C’ Unit plan
iv) Type ‘N’ Unit plan (‘M’ Block may be read as ‘N’ Block)
v) Type ‘D’ Unit plan
vi) Annexure — I (Consent Letter)

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