Transfer request of the member of the Force – Railway Board Directive No 58 (Revised)


Transfer request of the member of the Force – Railway Board Directive No 58 (Revised)

Transfer request of the member of the Force – Railway Board Directive No 58 (Revised) dated 18.03.2024



No. 2014/Sec(Spl)/6/12

New Delhi, dt. 18.03.2024

The Principal Chief Security Commissioners/RPF
All Zonal Railways, Metro Railway, Kolkata, RDSO, PYs.
The Principal Chief Security Commissioner/RPSF
Force Headquarter, Dayabasti, Delhi-35
Director JR JRPF Academy, LKO
Director ZTI/KGP/SER.
IG/Cons./ ECoR, AIR & WR

Sub:- Transfer request of the member of the Force.

Please find enclosed herewith a copy of Directive No.58 (Revised) regarding transfer of the members of the Force, which is self explanatory.

This is for information and necessary action accordingly.

DA/As above.

(Sarika Mohan)
DIG (Establishment)
Railway Board

Directive No 58 (Revised)


All transfers of the members of the Force shall be governed by the provisions laid down in Rules- 90 to 93 of Railway Protection Force Rules 1987 as amended from time to time and policy framework of the Ministry of Railway as applicable to the members of the Force. Jn furtherance of intent of these provisions in the interest of continuity of command, discipline, accountability and efficient administration of the Force and in supersession of all previous orders, the following guidelines are hereby issued in exercise of powers as provided under Rule-28 of Railway Protection Force Rules


Unless provided otherwise, the terms and references used in the paras to come, shall have the meanings and definitions as provided herein below-

(i) Transfers– Railway Protection Force: Any regular posting of a member of the Force from one Railway Zone to another or from one Division to another or from one Unit (like- RPF Office, Training Centre, Post, Outpost) to another Unit, within the same Railway/Division/Production Unit/Construction Organisation or to some other Railway/Division/Production Unit/Construction Organisation Railway Protection Special Force: Any regular posting of a member of the Force from one Battalion to another Battalion or to any Railway Zone or Production Unit or vice versa.

(ii) Tenure-The normal period of posting in various ranks at various Units, as prescribed by the DGIRPF in exercise of powers under Rule- 93. l of Railway Protection Force Rules, 1987 from time to time.

(iii) Intermediary Grade– A promotional grade (like- Head Constable, Assistant Sub-Inspector, or Inspector etc.) where there is no direct recruitment. Further it includes promotee sub inspectors who are promoted from the rank of ASI under Rule 70 of Railway Protection Force Rules, 1987 or from the rank of Constable, Head Constable, or ASI under Rule 72 of Railway Protection Force Rules, 1987.

(iv) Initial Tenure– Tenure after the first posting on appointment to the Force.

(v) Working Couple– Where both the spouses are employed on regular basis, under the Central/State Governments or any Organization under them, or in the Public/Private Sector or Autonomous Body registered and recognized as an employer under the law as per extant Railway Rules

(vi) Zonal Railways– Any of the Zonal Railways as notified by the Ministry of Railways from time to time. It does not include the Production Units or RPSF. Further, for the purpose of this directive, Kolkata Metro, though notified as a Zonal Railway by the Ministry of Railways, would not be treated as one.

(vii) Construction Organizations (COs) and Production Units (PUs)– Any Unit so.notified by the Ministry of Railways from time to time.

(viii) Hard Area– The places, Stations or Units with challenging or abnormally inconvenient conditions which can have adverse impact over health, morale or family of the members of the Force; as identified by the PCSC and approved by the DG/RPF. It may include the places characterised by adverse climate, hazardous environment, continuous combat or conflict, lack of educational/medical facilities or poor road connectivity etc. The list shall be reviewed and notified periodically, as decided by t he DG/R PF from time to time.

(ix) Specialized Sub-Units– The category of Sub-Units requiring special skill-sets, selection/screening procedures and tenure policy to be developed and preserved in the interests of the organization. as decided by the DG/R PF from time to time. This may include- Special Wing, Detective and Investigative Cell of Crime Wing, Cyber Cells, Training Centers (only the teaching staff), Dog Squads, Band, Armourer, Drivers, BODS Units, etc.

(x) Home Division– The Division under whose jurisdiction the Railway Station nearest to the native place as provided by the member of the Force at the time of his appointment, or the place where an enrolled member of the Force has acquired any immovable property, is located.

(xi) Premature Transfer- Any transfer before completion of the prescribed tenure.

(xii) Competent Authority– An authority empowered to transfer a member of the Force as provided under para-5, Schedule-II of the Railway Protection Force Rules 1987.

(xiii) Specially Abled Child– It includes a child suffering from (a) Blindness or Low vision, (b) Hearing impairment, (c) Locomotor disability or Cerebral Palsy, (d) Leprosy cured, (e) Mental Disability (f) Mental illness, (g) Multiple disabilities, (h) Autism as provided in DoPT OM No. 4201 1/3/2014-Estt. (Res.) Dt. 17.1 1.2014, 05.01.2016 & 08.10.2018]

(xiv) Caregiver to a Specially Abled Child– A member of the Force serving as main care-giver to a specially abled child as provided in DoPT OM No. 4201113/2014-Estt. (Res.) Dt. 06.06.2014, 17.11. 2014, 05.01.2016 & 08.10.2018

(xv) Transfer on Couple Ground– Transfer of a member of the Force considering the working location of his/her spouse as provided in Railway Board Letter No. E(NG)I-2009/TR/29 Dt. 02.02.2010.

(xvi) Last Posting– It refers to the final posting of the personnel from which he/she will retire from

(xvii) Human Resources Information System (HRIS): Suite of online software application developed and deployed to manage human resources and related processes throughout the employee lifecycle. It contains unique records for each employee which includes details such as service particulars and other relevant information necessary for facilitating and executing transfers and fulfilling other administrative requirements.

(xviii) Station: For the purpose of transfers as per this Directive, cities/towns/places where more than one RPF Units/Posts/Outposts are located. The concerned PCSC shall identify the group of Units/Posts/Outposts to be treated as a Station, based on the territorial jurisdiction of the respective Municipal Corporation/Municipalities.

(xix) Transfer on Administrative Ground: Transfer of a member of the Force whose continuation at a particular Post/Outpost/Unit is deemed undesirable from the perspective of the administration.

(xx) Transfer in Administrative Interest: Transfer of a member of the Force to a different Post/Outpost/Unit where his/her skills, experience, or attributes are deemed beneficial for efficient functioning of the Force.


(i) Constables & Sub-Inspectors- After empanelment, direct recruits shall be allotted to the Zonal Railways and Railway Protection Special Force by the Security Directorate in such a manner as may be considered necessary by the Competent Authority.

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