Changes in Tatkal booking from Nov 21

NEW DELHI: The new Tatkal booking scheme in which the train reservation period has been reduced to one day from two days will come into effect from Monday. 

Besides, other changes to facilitate availability of Tatkal scheme to bonafide passengers will be applicable from that day as part of the measures decided by railways to prevent misuse of the facility. 
As per the decision, the restriction period for agents is being extended from one hour to two hours (8 am to 10 am) and there will be no refund on confirmed Tatkal tickets except during cancellation of trains and late running of trains. 
“It was necessary to make changes in Tatkal scheme as there were many complaints against Tatkal bookings. We had to take some steps to prevent its misuse. All these changes will be effective within a week,” Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi had said earlier while announcing the changes in the system. 
Tatkal reservation period was reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours to prevent its misuse by unscrupulous elements who resort to speculative booking. 
Tatkal tickets will be sold only on production of the identity proof and there shall be only four passengers per PNR for Tatkal tickets. 
According to the changed system, no duplicate Tatkal tickets shall be issued now and it would be done only in exceptional cases on payment of full fare including Tatkal charges. 
Cameras will be installed at the ticket counters to maintain a stricter vigilance.

Source: Economic Times