Check Form 26AS before submitting Income Tax Return

         All Central Government Employees, who are eligible to furnish Income Tax Return are advised to go through to his Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) before submitting 
Income Tax Return  to ITD. 
Income Tax Department facilitates a PAN holder to view its Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) online. 

Form 26AS contains

  • Details of tax deducted on behalf of the taxpayer by deductors
  • Details of tax collected on behalf of the taxpayer by collectors
  • Advance tax/self assessment tax/regular assessment tax, etc. deposited by the taxpayers (PAN holders)
  • Details of paid refund received during the financial year
  • Details of the High value Transactions in respect of shares, mutual fund etc.
  • The Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) are generated wherein valid PAN has been reported in the TDS statements.

Tax Credits Statement (Form 26AS) can be viewed/accessed through 3 ways :
1. View Tax Credit from https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
Taxpayers who are registered at the above potal viz. https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in can view 26AS by clicking on ‘View Tax Credit Statement (From 26AS)’ in “My Account”. The facility is available free of cost. 
For “New Registration”, Click on ‘Register’ on the portal. The registration process is user-friendly and takes minimal time. 
2. View Tax Credit (Form 26AS) from bank site through net banking facility:
         The facility is available to a PAN holder having net banking account with any of authorized banks. View of Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) is available only if the PAN is mapped to that particular account. The facility is available for free of cost
List of banks registered with NSDL for providing view of Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) are as below
      1. Allahabad Bank
      2. Andhra Bank
      3. Axis Bank Limited
      4. Bank of Baroda
      5. Bank of India
      6. Bank of Maharashtra
      7. Canara Bank
      8. Central Bank of India
      9. Citibank N.A.
      10. City Union Bank Limited
      11. Corporation Bank
      12. HDFC Bank Limited
      13. ICICI Bank Limited
      14. IDBI Bank Limited
      15. Indian Overseas Bank
      16. Indian Bank
      17. Karnataka Bank Limited
      18. Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited
      19. Oriental Bank of Commerce
      20. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
      21. State Bank of Hyderabad
      22. State Bank of India
      23. State Bank of Mysore
      24. State Bank of Patiala
      25. State Bank of Travancore
      26. Syndicate Bank
      27. The Federal Bank Limited
      28. The Karur Vysya Bank Limited
      29. The Saraswat Co-operative Bank Limited
      30. UCO Bank
      31. Union Bank of India
      32. United Bank of India
      33. Vijaya Bank
3. View Tax Credit (Form 26AS) from TIN website www.tin-nsdl.com
The facility is available to PANs that are registered with Tax Information Network for view of 26AS statement. The PAN holder has to fill up an online Registration form for such purpose. Thereafter, verification of PAN holder’s identity is done by the TIN-Facilitation Centre personnel either at PAN holder’s address or at the TIN-facilitation center that has been chosen by the PAN holder. The verification involves a cost at prescribed rates. Once authorised, the PAN holder can view Tax Credit Statement online.


  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    this facility is not for govt employees

  • fort worth cpa 11 years ago


    Lots of good information in your posting. Income Tax Return is a document or form through which every person residing furnishes his income and tax details to the government. Thanks a lot…