Grant of MACP to railway employees selected under LDCE/GDCE

   In response of AIRF communication about treatment of employees selected under LDCE Scheme/GDCE Scheme Railway Board issued a letter to AIRF that the matter has been sent to DoP&T for seeking their advice.

(Railway Board)
New Delhi, dated 30.04.2012
The General Secretary
4, State Entry Raod,
New Delhi – 110055
Sub: Treatment of employees selected under LDCE Scheme/GDCE Scheme
The undersigned is directed to refer to AIRF’s letter No.AIRF/MACP (140), dt. 12.04.2012 on the above subject and to state that the issue regarding grant of financial upgradation under MACPS to the employees selected under GDCE/LDCE Scheme is under consideration as the same has been sent to DoP&T, the nodal Department of Govt. on MACPS, for seeking their advice. Reply from DoP&T is still awaited.
Yours faithfully,
for Secretary / Railway Board
No.AIRF/MACP Scheme (140) / AIRF / 53
Dated : April 12, 2012
The Secretary (E),
Railway Board
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Treatment of employees selected under LDCE Scheme/GDCE Scheme
Ref: Item No. 12,30 & 49 of the record of discussion of 3rd meeting of the Joint Committee on MACP held on 15th March, 2011
During 3rd meeting of the Joint Committee on MACP, held under the Chairmanship of Secretary, DoP&T on 15th March. 2011, the following decisions have been taken:-
“The Staff Side demanded that the employees selected under the LDCE Scheme/GDCE Scheme should be treated as a direct recruit and their earlier promotions and services rendered should be ignored for the purpose of MACPs as was being done in the ACP Scheme. The Official Side informed that the treatment of such cases would generally be same in the MACP as was in the ACP Scheme. Ministry of Railways would be advised to examine the matter accordingly”.
In this connection, it may be pointed out that in terms of Railway Board’s letter No.PC/V/99/1/1/1/  dated 01.10.1999, it was already decided and benefit of ACP would be granted to the candidate selected through LDCE. The relevant portion of the instructions in this regard is cited below:-
“If the relevant Recruitment Rules provide for filling-up of vacancies of the Stenographer “D’/Jr. Stenographer by DR, induction of JR. Clerks to the aforesaid grade through LDCE may be treated as DR for the benefit under ACPs…”
The Board are requested to issue necessary clarification on the subject so that the employees selected under LDCE/GDCE Scheme are treated as Direct Recruitment and their promotion be ignored for the purpose of granting benefit under MACP Scheme.
Yours faithfully
(Rakhal Das Gupta)
Working President
Source: AIRF