Seniority of Professors: CAT hauls up AIIMS

The ALL India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has been hauled up by the central administrative tribunal (CAT) for not following norms on deciding seniority of professors.

The tribunal has termed the behaviour of the administration as ‘high-handed’ for failing to comply with its orders and accused it of playing a double game.

The institute has been following a policy of seniority of professors under which direct recruits often become junior to those climbing the ladder through promotions.

When a group of direct recruits dragged the issue to CAT, the tribunal directed the institute in February last year to correct its promotion policy to ensure that professors appointed through competition get priority over others.

The institute sat over the order for almost a year. In April this year, the tribunal gave eight weeks’ time to comply. The AIIMS administration simultaneously moved an application for suspension of the order.

“This shows that it is a malafide act of the respondents. On the one hand, they are saying that they are complying with the order and on the other they are making prayer for suspension of the order,” the CAT said.

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  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    I wish like to bring your kind attention to my grievance regarding seniority of LDC’s. I am a direct recruited LDC in a Central Government Office. Our department has issued a seniority list based on the date of approval for regularization and the sequence/order in which the names appear in the approval on the list approved by the Chairman (merit has not been considered).
    2. As per the the DoPT guidelines, the relative seniority of all direct recruits is determined by the order of merit in which they are selected for such appointment on the recommendations of the UPSC or other selecting authority, persons appointed as a result of an earlier selection being senior to those appointed as a result of a subsequent selection. However, the Department has issued the orders (Seniority structure).
    3. Sir, is it justified to all the direct recruited LDC’s as the seniority has been made on the basis of first come first basis list. I hope you will humbly consider the matter & make a way out for us.

    Shailendra Bhandari