CGEGIS – Accounting Procedure

Controller General of Accounts has issued an Office Memorandum regarding Accounting Procedure of Central Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS), 1980 vide No. No.9(3)12012/TA/478 dated 17.07.2012.  The full text of OM reproduced here:

Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
 7th Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan
Khan Market, New Delhi, 
Dated: 17th July, 2012.


Subject: Central Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme, 1980- Accounting Procedure-reg.

Attention is invited to this Office 0.M.No.S.11013/2/81/TA/2907 dated 22nd September, 1981. and followed by amendments issued vide 0.Ms. dated 1.3.82, 22.9.82, 27.9.84 and 26.12.85 on the subject cited above.

2. The work assigned to this Office relating to management of CGEGIS-1980 as prescribed in the CGEGIS Accounting Procedure circulated in our O.M. dated 22.9.1981 has been transferred to Pr.A0, Ministry of Finance. Consequently, the following amendments are made to the Accounting Procedure therein so that all future requirement for the management of information relating to this scheme can be provided by the line Ministries/Departments to the O/O Pr.AO, Ministry of Finance:-

Details of Amendment
Paras 5 & the
subpara under 5, 11 and 12
The word ‘Controller General of Accounts’
appear in the above paras may be substituted by ‘Chief Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Finance’.
Replace the first
sentence of the existing para 7 with the following:-
On the basis of the monthly
accounts figures under CGEGIS, 1980 for the Central Government, made
available by Controller General of Accounts, Chief Controller of Accounts,
Ministry of Finance will work out each month in respect of credits, the
position creditable to the Insurance Fund and the portion creditable to the
Savings Fund.
Replace the existing para
10 with the following:-
‘Monthly Accounts Section    of CGA’s         Organization   will      also
provide a summary of the credits and debits under the two distinct fundsiat
the close of every month’s account. Chief Controller of Accounts, Ministry of
Finance will intimate Ministry of Finance, the total amount of interest
credited to each of these funds during the year as soon as the March
Supplementary account of each financial year is closed.’
Paras 2,4,7,9
Replace the numeric codes ‘811’ with ‘8011’; ‘249’ with ‘2049’; ‘858’ with

Source: http://www.cga.nic.in/pdf/CGEGIS_OM.pdf