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Committee for Pay and Pension related issues of Defence Services Personnel and Ex-Servicemen

Cabinet Secretariat
13-July, 2012 
Govt. constitutes Committee to look into pay and pension related issues of defence services
personnel and ex-servicemen 

The Government has decided to constitute a Committee, under the chairpersonship of Cabinet Secretary, to look into pay and pension related issues of relevance to defence services personnel and ex-servicemen. The other members of the Committee will be: 
(i) Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister 
(ii) Defence Secretary 
(iii) Secretary, D/o Expenditure 
(iv) Secretary, D/o Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare 
(v) Secretary, D/o Personnel and Training 
The Committee’s ‘terms of reference’ will be to look into the following issues relating to: 
(i) Defence services personnel: 
Common pay-scale for in-service JCOs/ORs 
Initial pay-fixation of Lt. Col/Colonel and Brigadier/equivalent 
Review and enhancement of grade pay 
Placing of all Lts General in HAG+ scale 
Grant of non-functional upgradation (NFU) to armed forces personnel 
(ii) Ex-servicemen: 
One-rank one-pension 
Enhancement of family pension 
Dual family pension
Family pension to mentally/physically challenged children of armed forces personnel on marriage 
The Department of Expenditure will service the Committee. The Committee may co-opt any other member. The Committee will finalize its recommendations and submit its report to the Prime Minister by 8th August, 2012. 

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  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    I think no one committee will resolve the anomolies of pension of JCOs OR. However I Suggest the following:-

    (a) Rate of Commutation of pension- D rate of pension should be as per 5th pay commission.

    (b) Gratutity – should be min 10 lacs as promissed earliest.

    (c) Hony sub Maj pension – All ranks are getting hony rank pension except Hony Sub Maj. This rank should also be given the pension as fixed for Sub Maj. Otherwise don't grant this rank.

    (d) Grade pay – Grade pay of the ranks should be fixed as per civil. such as ARO – 4600, (Nb sub), RO- 4800 (Sub), SO- 5400 (Sub Maj).

  • Ex CHM RK MISHRA 11 years ago

    After a long Promises, Finaly the Cong Govt Not able to solved the One Rank One Pension, So we all(ESM) not disappointment but all(ESM)wants to change the Cong Govt and finaly solved by BJP Govt after the forthcomming election

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    After a promise ……. another promise…… and then Promises from the Govt of Promises.

    We got disappointment ……… another disappointment ……..and finally total disappointments.