Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Non-Functional Upgradation (NFU)

Department of Personnel and Training has issued FAQ on Non-functional upgradation vide his No. AB.14017/47/2011-Estt.(RR) dated 01/08/2012

Point of doubt
What are the recommendations of 6th CPC for grant of
Non-Functional Upgradation to for Officers of Organized Group A’ Services?
The Government should, consider batch-wise parity while
empanelling and /or posting at Centre between respective batches of IAS and
other organized Group A services with the gap being restricted to two years.
Whenever any IAS officer of a particular batch is posted in the Centre to a
particular grade carrying a specific grade pay in pay bands PB-3 or PB-4.
grant of higher pay scale on non-functional basis to the officers belonging
to batches of organized Group A services that are senior by two years or more
should be given by the Government.
Whether the recommendations of 6th CPC have been accepted
by the Government?
Yes. This will also be applicable to the Indian Police
Service and the Indian Forest Service in their respective State Cadres for
which the relevant cadre controlling authorities will issue the orders,
(Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure Notification dated 29th August, 2008 refers)
When were the guidelines on NFU issued by DOPT?
DOPT have issued instructions on grant of officers of
Organized Services in OM No. 14017/64/2008-Estt.(RR) dated 24th April, 2009 [click here to see].
To whom the instructions are applicable?
NFU is applicable to the officers of Organized Group A
services in PB-3, PB-4 and in HAG scale also where there is such a Grade in
the Service
From which date the grant of NFU to officers of Organized
group A services is to be made?
The benefit is based on the recommendations of 6th CPC and
will be available w.e.f the date of posting of IAS officers in various grades
on/after 01.01. 2006.
What are the eligibility conditions to be met for grant of
The terms and conditions for grant of NFU are prescribed
in the Annexure to the OM dated 24.4.2009. As per the same all the
eligibility criteria and promotional norms including ‘benchmark’ for
upgradation to a particular grade pay would have to be met at the time of
screening for grant of higher pay scale under these orders.
What is the definition of the term ‘Batch’?
For the purpose of grant of NFU the ‘Batch’ for direct
recruit officers in the induction grade shall be the year following the year
in which competitive exam was held. In subsequent grades the ‘Batch’ would
remain the same provided the officer is not superseded due to any reason. In
case an officer is superseded the officer would be considered along with the
‘Batch’ with which his seniority is fixed.
Where the entry of officers in Organized Group A Service
by DR is at STS, JAG level, how the ‘Batch’ shall be reckoned?
In respect of officers entering Organized Group A service
by DR at STS, JAG level, they shall be assigned the benefit of ‘Batch’
corresponding to the ‘Batch’ of the officers with whom the seniority is
Whether the benefit is available to Group B officers
inducted into the Organized Group A service?
Yes. Such officers shall b assigned the benefit of ‘Batch’
corresponding to the batch of the ‘direct recruit’ officers with whom their
seniority is clubbed.
Whether the officers can exercise option regarding date of
fixation in the higher scale as provided in CCS(RP) Rules?
Provisions of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008 will apply.
Whether retired employees are eligible for the benefit of
Retired officers who are otherwise eligible as on due date
shall be considered for the benefit of pay upgradation.
Whether the scheme is applicable to Scientists, Doctors,
etc. who are covered by their own in-situ promotion schemes?
Non-Functional Upgradation and other in situ promotion
schemes are separate schemes and it would not be desirable to mix one with
the other. The benefit of NFU to Organized Group A Services shall not be
applicable to the officers in those Organized Services where FCS and DACP
Schemes are already operating and where officers are already separately
covered by their own in-situ Career Progression Schemes.
Whether DOPT OM dated 13.4.2010 on communication of ACR
prior to 2008-09 is applicable while considering cases for NFU?
The instructions issued in this Department’s OM dated
13.4.2010 on communication of ACRs prior to 2008- 09 shall be applicable for
considering cases of NFU also. [Click here to see the OM dated 13.04.2010]
What is the due date of upgradation if found unfit on the
date assigned to a batch?
If an officer is not found eligible during a vacancy year
and is found fit in the next vacancy year, NFU may be granted from the 1st
April. i.e. the 1st day of the next vacancy year.
How to consider cases where the officers do not meet the
qualifying service in the vacancy year in which the batch is covered for non
functional up gradation?
If an officer does not meet the eligibility requirement as
on the 1st January of the corresponding vacancy year then such officer is to
be considered for grant of NFU in subsequent vacancy year on completion of
qualifying service w.e,f. 1st April, i.e. 1st day of the next vacancy year .
How the NFU shall be given in respect of officers given
The NFU becoming due after the expiry of the penalty
period may be granted w.e.f. the due date as per DOPT instructions. In
respect of officers for whom NFU becomes due before the expiry of the penalty
period, the same may be granted from the day next to the date on which
penalty gets over.
Whether the instructions regarding counting of past Group
A service at the time of lateral entry on DR basis to higher grades as per
DOPT OM dated 1.9.98 shall be applicable for grant of NFU also?
In view of the provisions on meeting the prescribed
eligibility criteria and promotional norms in DOPT OM dated 24.4.09, these
instructions shall be applicable for the purpose of grant of NFU also.
(Mukta Goel)

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  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    I agree with the reality expressed above , The officers in central labour service are the only sufferers . number of officers have retired waiting for NFU and Cadre Review. All this is owing to mtsmanagement only.Number of officers have been denied NFU for want of their ACRs which have been submitted by them but not reached m/o labour They are suffering for the fault of others.

  • Anonymous 12 years ago

    Central Labour Services are by gazette notification are declared as Group A organized services. Owing to mismanagement the cadre review cld not take place in time.Even after putting up of 23years of fruitful service officers are in STS category and denied NFU –parity with IAS officers,for want of RESIDENCY period in each grade,The sevices of Geological sevises of India cadre are suffering due to same reasons I was told,I may stand corrected if its wrong. Will any one suggest the ways and means to come out of this FIX