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Ministry of Defence 04-October, 2012
IAF Inaugurates Directorate of Air Veterans for Retired IAF Personnel

The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne, inaugurated the Directorate of Air Veterans today. The Directorate would be committed to looking after the pensionary and welfare aspects of all retired Air Force personnel. Inaugurating the Directorate, the Air Chief said “It gives me great pleasure to dedicate the new Directorate to the Air Warriors, who have contributed so much to the growth of the IAF. The Directorate would provide value added services to both our retiring as well as retired air warriors and coordinate all aspects, hitherto being handled by different directorates” 

The institution of Directorate of Air Veterans is an effort towards bringing under one roof, the various departments dealing with different aspects of Air Veterans, so that, the IAF veterans do not have to approach different agencies for their welfare and pensionary problems. This directorate will function under the Air Officer-in-Charge Administration (AOA), that would be headed by an Air Vice Marshal who looks after the responsibility of Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Accounts) and would be re-designated as Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Accounts and Air Veterans) henceforth. 
To give focused attention to the needs of Air Veterans, this single window to approach IAF for assistance with respect to pensionary and welfare issues, will deal with various Civil Government departments on matters pertaining to Veterans of the IAF, so that issues affecting them are taken up in a consolidated manner effectively. 
The Directorate will also operate through a website called ‘http://iafpensioners.gov.in’ for grievances related to pensionary aspects. 

(Release ID :88140)

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  • PRADEEP SENGUPTA 3 weeks ago

    I am not able to open http://www.iafpensioners.gov.in
    Even with Express VPN
    Any clue.
    Ex JWO

  • sarwan singh mann 9 months ago

    Jwo sarwan singh mann (read) 273006H
            My eppo no349199610725  ppo sufix 0101 (downloaded by me) clearly specified date of birth my spouse Gurmit kaur is 15-07-1947 but it has not been registered  by Sparsh pcda Allahabad in my Sparsh ppo number 601199600188. Could you please advise Sparsh PCDA to register date of my spouse in Sparsh ppo.

  • Suresh Kumar Sharma 4 years ago

    I am scanning the eppo for last one month but it always shows that it has still not been generated. Please let me know how long it will take to leoad the same and upto what service number or the year it has been loaded. Thanks

    From Suresh Kumar Sharma
    service No 272669 Ex Cpl Equipment Assit. Group III

  • Wg Cdr J S Bhalla ( Retd) 4 years ago

    I don’t think writing comments has any meaning since no one reads it My comments of 29 th have not been replied

  • Wg Cdr J S Bhalla ( 6177) 4 years ago

    I have been scanning the site for EPPO It always indicates that the EPPO has not been generated so for Kindly mention at the site up to which service number EPPO hive been issued so far

  • Wg Cdr J S Bhalla ( 6177) 4 years ago

    Wg Cdr J S Bhalla ( 6177) Adm
    Mobile 9815643169
    I had been scanning for EPPO for some time but the site indicates that the EPPO has not been generated so for .
    Kindly indicate at the site up to which service number the EPPO have been generated Secondly when you click at officers pre- 1986 retiree it directs you to the site of issue of ppo for post 86 for filling the forms for EPPO