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Minutes of the meeting held on 24th September, 2012 regarding revision of PPOs


A meeting was held on  28th August, 2012 at  11:30  AM in  the Conference Room,  5th Floor,  Sardar Patel  Bhavan, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Shri Sanjay Kothari, Secretary (Pension, AR&PG) with the officials of 15 Departments/Ministries having maximum number of  unrevised Pension Payment Orders (PPOs) pertaining to  pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners. In follow-up to that meeting, another meeting of the next 15 Ministries/Departments was taken by Secretary (Pension, AR&PG) on 24th September, 2012 at the same venue. The objective of these meetings was to review the progress made by these Ministries/Departments in the revision of PPOs in respect of pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners including pre-1990 cases.  

2. The list of participants is at Annexure – I.

3. Opening the discussion, Secretary (Pension, AR & PG) expressed his concern that  cases of revision of PPOs of  pre-2006 pensioners were still pending for a long time. He suggested that a mechanism of weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meetings at the Secretary level in the various Ministries may be evolved to monitor these cases. He also  suggested that pensioners’ associations may be asked to help in obtaining information, wherever necessary, from the pensioner. 
4. Secretary (Pension, AR & PG) then took up the Ministry-wise figures. No one was available from the Ministry of Human  Resources Development, which has the largest number of pending cases.  The representative of Ministry of Coal informed that most of the employees are PSU absorbees and thus these cases are to be done manually which is taking time. Secondly, there are a number of cases where Annexure III had not been received from the banks. Chief Controller (Pension) informed that CPAO will send the information available from the e-scroll of such pensioners/family pensioners whose PPOs have not been revised to the concerned authorities by 30th September. With this information the Annexure III in respect of almost all pensioners/family pensioners belonging to all Ministries/Departments will become available. Ministry of Coal also informed that in many cases the Annexure III sent to the Office of Coal Controller are pending with them. Secretary (Pension) desired that the matter may be taken up the matter with Secretary (Coal). Ministry of Coal also informed that in respect of pre-1990 cases there are limitations of non availability of records. Secretary (Pension) expressed that it must be a problem common to all Ministries/Departments. He urged all to use corroborative evidence available in the permanent service records of the organization such as Pay Bill Registers etc. to overcome this problem. Ministry of Coal agreed that by the end of December 2012 they would be able to revise all pre-2006 PPOs and by March 2013 they would revise all pre-1990 PPOs.  
5. There was no representative from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Director General of Supplies and Disposals and Ministry of Environment & Forests. The cases of remaining Ministries/Departments were taken up. Ministry of Agriculture informed that the cumulative records of the 3 departments, viz., Department of Agriculture  & Cooperation, Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Research and Education were not available. He also said that pension records of some pre-2006 pensioners had been destroyed in a fire in one of the Departments. They are trying to reconstitute the records and revise the PPOs as early as possible. Ministry of Textiles also wanted their figures to be segregated from that of D/o Commerce. Ministry of Shipping intimated that majority pending cases were from the Port Cities of Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. It was seen that all Ministries/Departments are facing similar problems such as lack of coordination and monitoring of the progress where there are different agencies that possess the PPOs. Secretary (Pension) emphasized that there is a strong need for a monitoring mechanism such as weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meetings. Ministries were also asked to reconcile their cases with the cases available on CPAO’s website.
6. All Ministries/Departments agreed to revising majority of pre-2006 PPOs by December 2012 and pre-1990 PPOs by March 2013. 
7. Secretary (Pension, AR & PG) suggested that the authorities concerned should consult the CPAO whenever they come across a problem. He stated that he would be writing to all the Secretaries concerned asking them to review the pendency regularly.  

8. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.


Annexure – 1
List of participants of the meeting held on 24th September, 2012 at 11.30 A.M. in Conference Hall, 5th Floor, Sardar Patel Bhawan, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Shri Sanjay Kothari, Secretary (Pension, AR&PG).

Officers of Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
1. Smt. Tripti P. Ghosh, Director
2. Smt. Sujasha Choudhury, Deputy Secretary
3. Shri S.P. Kakkar, Under Secretary
4. Shri D.K. Solanki, Under Secretary
5. Shri Bakht Ram Damor, Section Officer

Representatives from CPAO
1. Smt. Vandana Sharma, CC(P), CPAO

Representatives from other Ministries/Departments
1. Shri Vijay Singh, U.S., D/o Agriculture Research & Education,
2. Smt. Asha Sota, U.S., D/o Legal Affair,
3. Shri D. Banerjee, U.S., D/o Animal Husbandry,
4. Shri Satish Chandra, JS+LA, D/o Legal Affairs,
5. Shri Inderjit Singh, Director, M/o Textile,
6. Shri B.B. Bhattacharjii, A.O. (Pension), M/o External Affairs,
7. Shri Upendra Sah, Jt. CGDA, Defence Accounts,
8. Shri S.D. Bhasor, U.S., D/o Defence.
9. Shri B.K. Agrawal, CA, M/o Road Transport & Highway,
10. Shri S.K. Chauhan, DS, M/o RT&H,
11. Smt. Vandana Sharma, Director, M/o Labour & Employment,
12. Shri Dinesh Arora, D.S., D/o Agriculture & Cooperation,
13. Shri Alok Ranjan, Controller of Accounts, M/o Coal,
14. Shri Ajay Kumar, Dir (Admn.), MOS & PF,
15. Shri R.C. Sethi, U.S., M/o Shipping,
16. Shri Nirmal Kumar Bhagat, DS(A), M/o Earth Science,
17. Shri Kailash Chand, U.S. (E), M/o Earth Science,
18. Shri V. Krishnaswamy, DS, M/o RT&H,
19. Smt. Naina Bakshi, Dy Chief Labour Commissioner, M/o Labour & Employment,
20. Shri S.D. Xavier, US/AO, M/o Labour & Employment,
21. Shri R.K. Gupta, Sr. Accounts Officer, M/o Agriculture,
22. Dr. A.K. Sinha, Director, M/o Labour & Employment,
23. Dr. Avneesh Singh, DDG, M/o Labour & Employment,
24. Shri M.N. Burad, DGFASLI, Mumbai,
25. Smt. Indu Kukrety, Assitant Account Officer, M/o Coal,
26. Shri Sandeep Kumar, U.S., D/o Agriculture & Cooperation

Source/Original Order: www.pensionersportal.gov.in

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    My payment wef 01 Nov 98 to 13 11 98 still pending with DAV and earned leave encashment for 105 days still pending since 20 yrs.my Complain on Complain board on 26 sep 18 marked with resolved but nothing paid till date.