Notice for Central Civil Pensioner and Pension Disbursing Bank about Life Certificate

Central Pension Accounting Office has issued a notification dated 24-10-2012 regarding notice for Central Civil Pesioner and Pension Disbursing Banks about submission of Life Certificate alongwith Present address, telephone number & mobile number.  This notice is also about to furnish some additional information such as Last Pay drawn, details of spouse, proof of date of birth of spouse with life certificate by the pensioner.  This notice does not concern Railway/Defence/P&T Pensioners.  The text of said notice is reproduced here:

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Central Pension Accounting Office
Trikoot-II, Bhikhaji Cama Place
New Delhi.
Notification No. CPAO/Tech/LF1/2012 
dated 24-10-2012
Attention- Central Civil Pensioners
and Pension Disbursing Banks
(This Notification does NOT concern Railway/ Defence/ P&T Pensioners)
1.     Life Certificate has to be submitted by the pensioner/ family pensioner to the Branch Manager of his/her pension paying bank branch in the month of November every year (except for exemptions provided under para 152(i) Scheme for Payment of Pensions to Central Government Civil Pensioners through
Authorised Banks)
    Pensioners/ family pensioners are advised to henceforth provide the following additional information for purposes of the Life Certificate form (Annexure XVII (given below):
    Present address:
    Telephone number: (if any)
    Mobile number:
(if any)
2.    ONLY for the current year Central Civil pensioners/ family pensioners who have NOT received a pension revision authority from the Government. may provide the following additional information at the time of submitting the life certificate in November 2012:
a. Ministry/ Department from where pensioner had retired
b. Last pay drawn and pay scale
c. Details of spouse
i. Name of spouse
ii. Relationship
iii. Date of birth of spouse
iv. Attested photocopy of any one of the following documents in support of date of birth
a) PAN card
b) Matriculation Certificate
c) Passport
d) CGI-15 card
e) Driving license
f) Voter’s ID card (only if pensioner/ family pensioner certifies that he/she is not a matriculate and does not have any of the documents mentioned from (a) to (e) above

3.     The above information will help expedite revision of pension subsequent to the recommendations of the 6 Pay Commission.
4.     It is IMPORTANT for Pensioners/ family pensioners to note that documentary evidence of age is an important requirement for sanction of the additional pension for pensioners over 80 years.
5.     All banks may give the above wide publicity and circulate to all branches for compliance and for advance information of pensioners,
6.     Banks may update their master data based on the life I certificate so submitted and forward the updated master data through the CPPC to the CPAO. The additional information submitted may also be scanned and send through CPPC to CPAO.
(To be submitted by Pensioner once a year in November)
Certified that I have seen the pensioner Shri/Smt,/Ms. ___________________ (Name of Pensioner), holder of Pension Payment Order No_______________ and that he/she is alive on this date. His/her
present postal address is ________________________________ telephone number (If any)
_____________; mobile number (if any) _____________.
Designation of Authorized Officer

Chief Controller (Pensions)

Source: CPAO


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