CGEWHO Mohali (Ph-I) Housing Scheme: Minutes of PMC Meeting

Minutes of the PMC meeting held on 05.10.2012 held at Mohali Project site The Project Monitoring Committee meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Col (Retd) Sunil Kumar, Chief Executive Officer on 05.10.2012 at site office, CGEWHO – Mohali 

Ph-I (Punjab). The following members were present in the meeting.
i. Sh Angna Ram. Dy. Secretary, M/o HUPA
ii. Sh Ramesh Singh, Member, Project Monitoring Committee
iii. Sh B M Soni, Member, Project Monitoring Committee
iv. Sh S K Jain, Asst. Director (Tech) (In attendance)
v. Sh Bant Singh, Project Manager, CGEWHO, Mohali Ph-I Project

2. The points discussed in the meeting are as under:

i. Sh Ramesh Singh has proposed that the `Minutes of the Meeting’ should be signed by all PMC members including members from ministries. CEO and other members agreed the proposal for taking compliance.
ii. Sh Ramesh Singh, PMC member from allottee side has intimated that during the last PMC meeting, the schedule for conducting the draw of lots for specific DUs was planned to be done in July ’12, which did not happen. CEO explained that the draw of lots shall now be conducted only after obtaining completion certificate from local authority as well as obtaining electricity connection at the project. 
iii. With regard to the present status of the project, it was intimated that all major civil works have been completed and the progress on external electrification works, after obtaining the scheme approval from Punjab State Electricity Board on 31.07.2012 is progressing well with transformers already installed along with the cabling etc. Later on, after completion of the activities, it is expected that the power supply shall be given from the 66 KVA sub-station which is also in advance stage of completion and being provided by M/s. Bajwa Developers, the main mega promoter of the area.  Considering the present status, it is expected that the energization of the complex may be over by Nov. ’12, facilitating draw of lots in Dec. ’12. 
iv. On query of time frame towards physical handing over of the DUs to the beneficiaries, it was explained that after completing the formalities towards depositing the balance payment as well as submission of the necessary documents, the possession letter shall be issued from the HO of CGEWHO, on which the PM shall hand over the DU physically at site. As a general practice, the DU shall be handed over within 10 – 15 days after receipt of the possession letter from HO.
v. The PMC members confirmed that the majority of the beneficiaries have opted for draw of lots at project site manually. CEO has also confirmed that CGEWHO is not having any problem in conducting the draw of lots for specific DUs at project site manually. In view of the above, the Dy. Secretary, M/o HUPA and member, PMC may look into the matter as ministry, in earlier case, directed CGEWHO to conduct computerized draw as per the brochure. vi. The allottee members of the PMC have demanded that they should have effective role in planning, design, execution and finalization of the project including colour scheme etc. CEO replied that the organisation has its own system of execution of the project and the role of PMC is only to monitor the progress of the project. 
vii. On query of Sh P K Jindal, a beneficiary, with regard to the contract provision on 4’ wide staircase viz-a-viz physical availability of 1m, it was intimated that the contract is a turnkey contract, wherein the contract specifications are indicative. The details of approved drawings from statutory authority should be looked into and the same is available with Technical Directorate / at site and can be seen. 
viii. A request by allottee members of the PMC, regarding the audit of CGEWHO through an agency of Govt. of India, the CEO replied that statutory audit is being done. 
ix. With regard to the letters received from Sh P K Jindal, with regard to escalation calculation, it was decided that all the data pertaining to the escalation calculation shall be provided by Sh S K Jain, Asst. Director (Tech), during his next visit to Mohali, wherein all the details can be discussed across the table and settle the issue. Accordingly, Sh S K Jain, Asst. Director (Tech) was directed by CEO to have a meeting with Sh P K Jindal at site and discuss the total calculation along with the supporting documents. 
x. CEO directed the PM to provide a notice on site notice board showing the name and telephone no. of the Public Grievance Officer.
xi. Sh Ramesh Singh has requested the Dy. Secretary, M/o HUPA to look into the reason towards delay in the project.
xii. With regard to the land in Phase-I area as raised in earlier PMC, CEO intimated that the matter has to be examined by Technical Directorate and informed accordingly.
xiii. Sh Ramesh Singh has intimated that lately the project is progressing well and requested to expedite the approval part, so that the DUs can be handed over at time.
Source: www.cgewho.nic.in