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Grant of dual (Two) family pension from Military as well as Civil employment: Instructions by Pr. CDA



Circular No. 504
Dated: 17th January 2013.
The OI/C
ROs/ PAOs(ORs)
Subject: – Implementation of the Government decision on the recommendations of Committee on the issue related to Defence Service Personnel and Ex-Servicemen-2012 – Grant of dual (Two) family pension from Military as well as Civil employment.
Reference: – This office circular No. 284 dated 18.09.2001 
Consequent upon issue of Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 01(05)/2010-D(Pen-Policy) dated 17.01.2013 (copy enclosed), the families of an Armed Forces Pensioners who get second re-employment in Central Civil departments or State Govt. / PSUs/ Autonomous bodies/ Local Funds of Central/ State Governments after getting retired / discharged from military service and were in receipt of ordinary family pension would be entitled to draw two family pension i.e., the Family Pension (Ordinary) from Military side in addition to the Family pension, if any, authorized by the re-employer for re-employed civil service subject to fulfillment of other prescribed conditions as hiethertofore. 
2. There may be case where ordinary family pension already sanctioned to Next of  Kin (NOK) of ex-serviceman has been stopped for payment / held in abeyance for sanction of family pension for civil service of the ex-serviceman being more beneficial. Such cases may be reviewed and submitted for continuance / grant of ordinary family pension to Officer-In-Charge, Grants -4 Section of this Office for necessary action along with following documents:- 
(a) Corr / Fresh LPC-Cum Data-sheet duly supported with sheet roll. 
(b) A certificate regarding grant/ non-grant of Family pension from re-employer along with family details or details of grant of family pension for civil service with the following details:- 
(i) Name and address of the Civil Office where the ex -servicemen served after discharge from Armed Forces.
(ii) Death Certificate of Ex Serviceman.
(iii) PPO No. notifying family pension for civil service and name and address of PPO issuing authority. 
(iv) Pension Disbursing Agency In case of Bank, name of Bank, Branch Address and Account Number. 
(c) An application from widow for grant of Family Pension from Army side.
(d) Last payment certificate by PDA, in respect of ordinary family pension for military service indicating date upto which Family Pension was paid to, if pension was sanctioned, name of family pensioner date of stoppage of family pension, PPO number notifying family pension must be clearly mentioned. 
(e) Descriptive Roll of widow duly affixed with recent Photographs. 
3. The provision of this circular shall be effective from 24th September 2012. 
4.  This circular has been uploaded on this office website www.pcdapension.nic.in for disseminating across the all concerned. 
Please acknowledge receipt. 
No. Grants/Tech/0167/XII (504) 
Dated: 17.01.2013 

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  • My father Was Ex-Serviceman, he retired 4m ARTY in 1978. In 1980 he Joined CISF. He died in 1994. Now My Mother Getting On Family Pension from CISF.

    The Qst is:- is My Mother is Also Entitled For Army Pension According to DUAL fAMILY PENSION CIRCULAR NO. 504. Pls Reply .