Ministerial Staff demanding Revision in OTA, Higher Grade Pay to UDC/Assistant/Office Supdt and MACP in 4200 instead of 2800 and many more

Ministerial Staff Association of Survey of India placed following demands to higher authorities through their Central Executive Meeting 2013 held at Bhubanswhar on 22nd & 23rd January, 2013:-

  1. One Sided proposal from Secretary, DST for Merger of Survey of India with NATMO and our task.
  2. Immediate implementation of Cadre Restructuring in respect of Ministerial Staff as assured/informed by the DST vide latter No. SM/11/01/2008 dated 3rd June, 2008 received under SG’s letter No. J- 7253/612-MSA dated 3rd June,2008.
  3. Grant of Higher Grade Pay to the E&AO & OS keeping in mind the fact that the post of Asstt. & OS cannot merge due to the functional requirement in the Department.
  4. Grant of Higher Grade Pay to the UDCs.
  5. Holding of DPC for all Ministerial Promotional post. 
  6. Filling up of all vacant post of LDCs/UDC/Asstt./OSs/E&AOs/ Hindi Translators/Assistant Director for smooth functioning
  7. Immediate withdrawal of Technical Officer from Ministerial/Adm./Account Jobs & permanent posting of E&AO in each GDCs
  8. Immediate settlement of all pending repatriation cases.
  9. Holding of LDCE from LDC to UDC well in time                                         
  10. Construction of Office Building and Residential accommodation in all the stations.
  11. Immediate settlement of all disciplinary cases.
  12. Arrangement of computers and common computerized programme for accounts work
  13. APR Xerox copy handed over timely to all staff.
  14. Honorarium for working vacant post of LDCs to E&AO/Grant of Honorarium for ICZM work
  15. Same station posting in  Promotion when post are available.
  16. Increasing Grade Pay of LDC & UDC after completion of 3 years each
  17. To raise Grade Pay from Rs2800 to Rs.4200/- on grant of MACP to UDC 
  18. As promotion to the post of OS involves no financial benefit, one should not be debarred from MACP
  19. To give promotion upto the post of OS at the same station
  20. To take up to the issue of upgradation of merged scales with SG in the light of DOPT’s O.M.No.AB-14017/61/2008-Estt(RR)
  21. Which officer has to act as reporting officer in case of Ministerial Staff
  22. Merging of wings with the GDC’s existing in the same station
  23. Nomenclature must be changed to LDC, UDC and Assistant
  24. Revision rules/rate of OTA.
  25. Unnecessary transfer/posting in the same post should be avoided
  26. Ad-hoc promotion of Ministerial Staff
  27. Present status of Court case regarding Asstt/HC

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