Retirement Age of Central Government Employees: UPA Govt wants Retirement Age 62

Union government wants retirement age 62: Rediff News

The Union Government is seriously considering raising the retirement age to 62 for Central Government employees. Obviously, if the Congress announces this before the Lok Sabha polls, it could expect a sizeable vote share. North Block, which houses the Union Ministry of Finance would be more than happy to have 62 years as the retirement age because for next two years the pension funds can accumulate. The UPA2 also wants to put the next government in fiscal tight spot, or what is called the War Room effect of the AICC.

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Source: www.news.rediff.com


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  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    government gives enough pay……
    people don.t work……
    All want overtime….Retire people at 55…

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    Increasing the retirement age won't be a best solution for the future of both the youngster as well as retiring persons govt should think about giving better retire life as well as giving youngster a better chance. If govt is thinking about the retiring people that much then why they have implemented NPS. if govt is really caring about its employees then they should aboutrestoring pension scheme and pay better better salary as per market prices