Clarification on Validity of Application for Compassionate Appointment by DoPT via CPWD

No. DG/L&CA/ 2

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi

Dated the 5th November, 2013

Sub: Compassionate Appointment Scheme: Clarification on Validity of Application for Compassionate Appointment – reg.

A proposal was sent to Department of Personnel & Training for clarification on considering the validity of application for cases of compassionate appointment. It was stated that as per Ministry of Urban Development’s OM No. 46030/141/2012-Coord dated 3.10.2012, points are allotted according to the criteria such as, family pension, terminal benefits, monthly income of earning member, movable/immovable property and status of dependents. With the passage of time, the condition of the family, in most instances undergoes change and accordingly the points allotted may also .undergo change. As per the existing system the applicant applies only once for compassionate appointment and accordingly points are allotted with respect.. to his conditions at that time but family condition and points allotted may change with passage of time.

2. In view of the objective of compassionate appointment to provide immediate relief to the dependent family, it was felt that clarification may be sought from DOPT in this regard.
3. The Department of Personnel & Training, vide its Dy. No. 78594/13/CR dated 20.9.2013 has clarified that there is no proposal to set any time limit for considering the cases of compassionate appointment. This issue has been set to rest in DoPT’s OM No. 14014/3/ 2011-Estt. (D) dated 26.7.2012. The compassionate appointments are -to be considered based on the economic conditions of the family on the date of considering of the case. If the instructions of the DoPT on compassionate appointment as laid down in its OM dated 16.1.2013 and FAQs thereon dated 30.5.2013 available on the website of DoPT are followed scrupulously then such situation would not arise.
4. As per above clarification, it is stated that after each Compassionate Appointment Board (CAB) meeting the applicant is required to be intimated regarding outcome of CAB meeting and made aware that his application may be reconsidered, if required by the applicant, on filing the fresh limited affidavit regarding economic condition/change in economic condition as on date. of filing limited affidavit for consideration in next CAB meeting.

5. This issues with the approval of Director General, CPWD.

(Pushpa George) 
Deputy Director (Admn.)

Source: www.cpwd.nic.in [8519.pdf]

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