Leave encashment – process regarding: Airports Authority of India’s Order

F.No. A60011/60/2011-1P(Pt.) 
Date: 12/12/2013

Sub: Leave encashment – process regarding.


The year 2013 is going to end and new year will start from 01st of January. As per normal HR procedure, each employee will be credited with 15 days EL and 10 days HPL in their leave accounts. In some cases this may lead to the employee leave account get swelled beyond permissible 300 days credit.
Since the leave account is being maintained in SAP ERP system w.e.f. 01/04/2013, those who wish to avail encashment of their EL prior to year end, may apply for encashment before of December 2013 in order to enable to run their encashment requests in the last off cycle payment which may fall before 23 of December 2013. After this date, the off cycle payments cannot be run for the month / year as payroll process for the month Dec, 2013 will start and thereafter the year will get changed to 2014 and new credit of EL will also be get triggered. Once this triggering action is completed, there is no provision to effect EL encashment action retrospectively in the ERP system.

All HR heads are requested to widely publicise this issue among the employees in order to avoid any late receipt of application and grievances.

Yours faithfully,
(Vilas Bhujang)
Executive Director (HR)

Source: www.aai.aero

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