Procurement of hearing aid – Railway Board Orders


No. 2005/H/6-4/Policy

New Delhi, dated 10-10-2013

General Managers,
All Indian Railways
(Including Production Units)

Sub. : Enhancement of Powers at zonal level for procurement of hearing aid.

The issue of further delegation of powers at the zonal level for procurement of hearing aid for Railway beneficiary has been engaging attention of the Ministry of Railways for some time. After careful consideration in the matter, the following cost ceiling (inclusive of all taxes & VAT) for procurement of various types of hearing aids for one ear has been decided:-

Body worn/Pocket type – Rs.2,500
Analogue BTE  – Rs.7,000
Digital BTE – Rs.20,000
ITC/ClC – Rs. 25,000

For procurement and supply hearing aid, the following procedures laid down:

I. Beneficiaries covered under Railway Medical Attendance and Treatment Rules shall be eligible to obtain hearing aid after the same has been recommended by a Railway/Government E.N.T. Specialist on the basis of audio metric and audio logical assessment.  Specialist shall specify the type of hearing aid most suited for the beneficiary.

II. If required, Hearing aids may be replaced after a period of five years on the basis of condemnation certificate issued by an expert and on approval of a Railway ENT/Govt. ENT Surgeon.

III. Cost of Repair/Maintenance of Hearing Aid (inclusive of taxes).

The cost of repair/maintenance, battery etc., should be borne by the beneficiary.

IV. Procurement & supply of Hearing Aid:
i. Hearing aid shall be procured by the Railway Hospital.

ii. Hearing aid will be procured from an agency which agree with the following conditions :-

a. It has facility for repairs and replacement.

b. It is ready to give 3 years warranty.

c. The authorized dealer has facility to prepare flexible ear molds.

d. That the authorized dealer is ready to fit and modify the hearing aid as per patient’s requirement.

e. The dealer should be ready to give hearing aid trials upto patient‘s satisfaction.

V. Reimbursement of hearing aid cannot be acceded to.

It is also advised that at the beginning of every financial year, CMD of the zone in consultation with Finance of the Railway may fix the rates (not exceeding the ceiling limit prescribed as per para 1 above) with appropriate agencies for different types of Hearing Aids commonly prescribed for the whole year so that unnecessary paper work may be avoided in all cases.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate and approval of the Competent Authority in the Ministry of Railways.

(Dr. S.K. Sabharwal)
Executive Director, Health (G)
Railway Board

Source: AIRF