Rounding off the amount of Increment to next multiple of 10 : Clarification by CGDA

Sub : Rounding off the amount of Increment to next multiple of 10 : Clarification regarding.

Attention is invited to this HQrs Circular No. AN/XIV/14162/6th CPC/Circular/Vol.IV, dt. 29/0212012 wherein it was directed to adopt the methodology stipulated in Rule 7(Note 2A), Rule 9 and Rule 11 of GoI, MoF notification, dated 29/08/2008 (RPR 2008) for rounding off at the time of fixation of pay while granting annual increment for the year 2006, 2007 and 2008 and implement the revised instructions issued by MoF, Department of Expenditure vide their OM, dated 29/01/2009 only for annual increments granted on or after 07/2009.
2. In this regard, a reference has been made by one of the controller offices bringing out the anomaly caused due to adoption of different methodologies by different controller offices in rounding off the amount of increment while carrying out refixation of pay due to implementation of MoF, Deptt. of Expenditure OM dated 19/03/2012.
3. To avoid any anomaly, it is reiterated that the instructions laid down under this HQrs circular dated 29/02/2012 are to be followed in-toto while refixation of pay on account of implementation of MoF, Dept. of Expenditure OM dated 19/03/2012 also. Accordingly, the instructions issued by MoF, Dept. of Expenditure vide their OM dated 29/01/2009 to round off any amount of a rupee or more to the next multiple of 10 is to be implemented only for calculation of increment under revise pay structure granted on or after 01/07/2009.
This is for your information, guidance and necessary action please.

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