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Expectations for 50% DA Merger and Retirement age turn into disappointments

Expectations for 50% DA Merger and Retirement age turn into disappointments:

All Predictions are governed by the law of probability’. Based on this principle everybody started predict something about 50% DA Merger, Retirement Age and Interim relief. But none of which have materialized.
The print and e- media made the people believe that the central government had done lot of things including above for central government employees. But it was merely media hype. Apart from 7th pay commission approval government had done nothing for central government employees.
There is a saying “Never get too attached to someone, because attachments lead to expectations and expectations lead to disappointments
But it is not true here in respect of central government employees. They are bound to expect something like 50% DA merger and interim relief from government, as the federations were assured by central government some of their demand would be considered. Based on this assurance they deferred their Strike call for which 85% of employees mandated.
So there is nothing wrong in their expectation from the central government for considering the demands of Merger of 50% DA and granting interim relief.

But central government made this saying true, “Expectations are setting one up for disappointment

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