Non-implementation of decisions regared taken in the National Anomaly committee: AIDEF’s letter to PM

Non-implementation of decisions taken in the National 6th CPC Anomaly committee: All India Defence Employees Federation(AIDEF)’s letter to PM
All India Defence Employees Federation
Shri Manmohan Singh, Hon’ble Prime Minister,
Government of India, South Block, New Delhi.
Respected Sir,

Sub: Non-implementation of decisions taken in the National 6th CPC Anomaly committee.

Ref: Minutes of the National Anomaly Committee meeting held on 17/07/2012.

We wish to draw your kind attention to the above mentioned subject. After the implementation of 6th CPC recommendations w.f. 1/1/2006, Govt. of India constituted a National Anomaly Committee with representatives of staff side to settle the various anomalies arosed as a result of 6th CPC. The following two major issues which affects the major section of the Central Govt. employees was raised in the meeting and discussed in the subsequent meetings and an understanding was reached between the official side and the staffside. However it is unfortunate that the Govt. has not taken any decision on these two issues which has now forced the employees to approach Court of Law. Therefore to avoid multiplicity of litigations in the .:ervice matters of the Central Govt. employees, we request you to kindly intervene in the matter and arrange to issue necessary instructions for implementing the following two major issues.

1) Anomaly in the entrv gay between Direct Recruite and promotee

There arosed an anomaly in Rule-8 of the CCS(RP) Rules – 2008, basically due to the fact that it is for the first time that the pay commission has recommended specific entry level pay for Direct Recruits (DRs). This has resulted in employees who were appointed in service prior to the Direct Recruits and got promoted earlier getting less pay as compared to their counterparts recruited directly and who joined after 1/1/2006. The official She stated that in such cases stepping up of pay is permissible subject to certain conditions. However the staffside hoisted that on promotion , the pay of all the promotees should be fixed at the entry level of pay of that post as in the case of the Direct Recruits wherever there is a provision of Direct Recruitment in the Recruitment Rules. The staffside requested that wherever there is a provision in the recruitment rule for direct recruitment ice post then in such cases the entry pay given to a direct recruitee should be automatically given to the promotee irrespective of the fact, whether a junior direct recruite is available or not. This proposal of the staffside was agreed by the official side and the DOP&T has proposed for irnplementation 1 of this decision to the Department of Expenditure for issuing necessary Govt. orders. Powever till date no Govt. orders is issued on the subject.

2) Grant o MACP benefits in the promotional hierarchy of the Post instead of the next Grade pay in the Pay Band.

In the ACP scheme implemented by the Govt. w.e.f. 9/8/1999, based on the recommendation of the 5th CPC, the benefit was given in the promotional hierarchy of the respective posts. However the scheme was modified as MACP by 6th CPC and while implementing the same from 1/9/2008, it was changed from promotional hierarchy to next Grade pay in the Pay band. Due to this the employees are subjected to huge financial loss. To quote an eg. in the ACP scheme an employee in the GP of Rs.1900 was given ACP benefits in the next promotional post in the GP of Rs.2400, whereas in the case of MACP the benefit was given only in the next GP of Rs.2000/-. This major anomaly was pointed out by the staffside in the National Anomaly Committee and the staffside has given various suggestions for the consideration of the official side. it was agreed in the meeting that the suggestions given by the staffside would be considered. However, since no positive decision was coming from the Govt., the aggrieved employees have started approaching various courts. The matter went p to the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the Supreme Court was kind enough to rule that MA ‘P benefits should be given in the promotional hierarchy and not in the next GP. After this Judgement various Federations of the Central Govt, employees have represented to implement the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court to all similarly placed employees. However it is regretted to inform you that the Govt. has implemented the benefit only for the petitioner .

Sir, we once again request your kind intervention in the matter and necessary directions may please be given to the DOP&T and Department of Expenditure to settle the above major two anomalies, seas to avoid any further litigation on the matter.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

General Secretary
Standing Committee Member
National Council (JCM)
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We give here under the letter written to the Hon’ble Prime Minister by the General Secretary, AIDEF on the issues of (1) Removal of anomaly in the entry pay between Direct Recruit and promotee (2) Grant of MACP on Promotional hierarchy. We expect AIDEF will take up the issue of upgradation of Grade pay of LDC & UDC also.
Source: http://aiamshq.blogspot.in/2014/05/aidef-writes-to-prime-minister.html

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