Remove the limit of 3 spells for Child Care Leave in a calender year: Confederation writes to DoPT

Confederation writes for removal of limit of 3 spells for Child Care leave in a calender year.

1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi – 110001
Website : www.confederationhq.blogspot.com

Ref: Confd./GENL/2014

Dated – 30.06.2014

The Secretary (Personnel)
Department of Personnel & Training
Ministry of Personnel Public Greivances
North Block, New Delhi – 110001


Sub: – Child Care Leave for removal of limit of 3 spell in a calendar year – reg. 

Ref: – DOPT OM No. 13018/6/2013-Estt (L) dated 05.06.2014

A kind reference is invited on the above cited OM. While we welcome the removal of earlier stipulation of child care leave for minimum period of 15 days at a time, it is requested now to dispense the limitation of three spells in a calendar year.

The condition spelled in the DOPT OM No. 13018/1/2010-Estt (Leave) dated 07.09.2010 limiting the grant of three spells in a calendar year now become a constraint to the less leave takers and needs a revision. It is quite beneficial both to the administration and staff to enhance the three spells limit to more or without limit. This will encourage the beneficiaries to utilize their CCL to the extent of optimal level.
Hence, it is requested to-remove the condition of limiting three spells in a calendar for availing child care leave in the backdrop of removal of 15 days condition for each spell.
Early response in this regard is highly solicited.
With profound regards,
Yours faithfully,
(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General

Source: Confederation
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