Appointment on compassionate grounds of family member of an ex-Railway servant: Railway Board Order

Appointment on compassionate grounds of family member of an ex- Railway servant.



New Delhi, dated 08.07.2014

The General Manager (P)
All Zonal Railways/Pus

Sub: Appointment on compassionate grounds of family member of an ex- Railway servant.

As the field units are aware, dependent family members for the purpose of appointment on compassionate grounds means spouse or son (including adopted son) or daughter (including adopted daughter) or brother/sister in the case of unmarried Government servant, who is wholly dependent on the Government servant at the time of death in harness or retirement on medical grounds, as the case may be.

Further, In terms of para 2 of letter No. E(NG)III-781RC1/1 dated 3.2.81, General Managers can consider for employment of married daughters, if they satisfy themselves that the married daughter will be the bread-winner of the family of the Railway servant concerned. tt has also been stipulated vide Instructions issued under RBE No. 224/2001 dated 21.11.2001 that the cases of dependant divorced/widowed daughters should also be considered for such appointment as in the case of married daughters subject to the condition that former should have been wholly dependent on the ex-employee at the time of the death/medical invalidation of the latter.
Existence of a number of instructions as well as the issue of specific clause of dependency on the ex-Railway employee’ have been engaging the attention of this office for sometime. Accordingly, the matter has been reviewed by the Board and- it has been decided that It should be left to the discretion of the family concerned in case of death of ex-employee to request for a job to either spouse or any child {whether son or daughter (unmarried/married/divorced/widowed)} subject to the condition that the concerned child will be the bread-winner of the family concerned.

Further, for this purpose instructions issued by this Ministry vide letter issued under RBE No. 22/2014 dated 4.3.14 be read in the same spirit.

However, the dependent of an unmarried male/unmarried female Railway employee dying in harness/retiring on medical grounds, may be considered for compassionate appointment by the Railway at its own level, subject to the condition that the candidate proposed for appointment Is shown as dependent on the ex-employee on the basis of documents such as Inclusion/declaration of names in the pass or in Ration cards etc.. The condition of inclusion in the pass declaration or Ration cards etc. is only a facilitating factor, and not intended to be a restrictive one. In the absence of any such documentary proof, the factual position regarding the extent of the dependency may be got verified by deputing a Welfare Inspector to inquire into the circumstances. The relaxation of time limit permissible in the case of minor children of those employees who die in harness would also apply In the case of dependent of those who die as bachelor/spinster.

Accordingly, ara 2 of Board’s Instructions E(NG)I1I-78/RC1/1 dated 3.2.1981, letter No. (NG)II/88f RC-i. / Policy dated 4.9.96, No. E (NG)II/88 /RC-1/1 Policy dated 2.5.97,-2- No. E(NG)II/99/RC-1/S19 dated 5.8.99, and E(NG)IIf2001/RC4/EVS dated 21.11.2001 stand superseded.

Past cases, already decided need not be reopened.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(Harsha Dass)
Director Estt.(N)II
Railway Board

Source: www.indianrailways.gov.in
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