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OROP Latest News: A high level meeting was taken up by Defence Minister on July 16, 2014

Whether OROP for ex-servicemen? Hindustan Times Article by Mandeep Singh Bajwa reported that a high level meeting was taken by the defence minister on July 16.  Some contents of the said news is reproduced below:
The demand for one rank one pension (OROP) was accepted by the previous government and a provision of Rs. 500 crore was made in the interim budget. The new government, stating its intention to implement the demand many times, has also provided for it in the regular budget. However, veterans are nowhere near getting the enhanced pensions envisaged. What is the current status on OROP?
A high-level meeting was taken by the defence minister on July 16 to thrash out issues with Service Chiefs, staff of Services headquarters and the top brass of the defence ministry, including defence accounts and the department of ex-servicemen’s welfare attending.
Also present were the representatives of four major ex-servicemen’s organisations to give inputs and plead their case. Regrettably, the meeting was inconclusive. A deadlock was created over the most basic issue, the very definition of OROP between bureaucrats of the MOD on one side and the uniformed fraternity plus the veterans on the other. The defence minister stated that the Koshiyari Committee’s definition of OROP might not be acceptable to the government now. His remark to veterans to lower their expectations reveals the stand of the government on the issue, causing consternation among them.

The political executive as well as the people of this country must realise that OROP is not a concession but is meant to offset restricted terms of service to soldiers wherein they are retired at a very young age. Here, the definition set by the Koshiyari Committee must prevail in that OROP implies that uniform pension be paid to Armed Forces personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service, irrespective of their date of retirement, and any future enhancement in the rates of pension to be automatically passed on to past pensioners. It is significant that this explanation had already been accepted by the government. My take is that the government needs to show political will and make good on its promises.

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  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    may i know which are the 4 major ESM organisations, must be of all big generals who does not care about below officers ranks, never put forward our points during service as well after retirement, though we are 98% ESM
    I m having bitter experience being ex elected member of AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION before 1996 PC , when 3 points given by me were not added in the memorandum from AFA, and when we reemployed got DR ON PENSIONS , they wanted too.When i submitted in next governing council meeting that it is of only officers, hence all airmen have made me PRESIDENT OF AFA (AIRMEN WING ), they removed myself from life membership, EVEN BEFORE THAT I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO SEE AFA FILES BY THEIR ORDERS BEING ELECTED GOVERNING COUNCIL MEMBER IN AGM CONDUCTED EVERY YEAR ON 15 SEPTEMBER FOR 3 YEARS, so during service i had put point in welfare meeting, how our pay increased from 170 to just 350 only being on 24 hours duty as well frequents transfers to even borders in war & peace but my equivalent civilian working with us & doing only 8 hours got pay increased from 150 to 380 basic in 1973 PC, WAS NOT FORWARDED AND ABOVE MY YEARLY ACR REDUCED FROM EX to JUST SATISFACTORY, below 2 points, HOW A PERSONS LEVEL CAN COME DOWN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, ONLY THEY CAN EXPLAIN
    Like this i can write a book being born in army, served in air force , nephew of sailor and now CHAIRMAN OF ESM ORGANISATION like this our country is MAHAN , WILL BECOME SUPER POWER BY THE DEEDS OF OUR LEADERS ON TOP POSTS