COMMUNICATE, COORDINATE & CONSOLIDATE: Secy. Genl. Bharat Pensioners Samaj

 Secy. Genl. S.C.Maheshwari’s message to BPS stake holders (COMMUNICATE, COORDINATE & CONSOLIDATE)



Communication is a basic tool for the promotion, management & progress of an organization. While word of mouth , print  & electronic media remain to be effective methods. Social media is emerging to be the strongest of all mass communication medium.  Need of the hour for a pensioners’ organization with a vast base like BPS,  is to communicate freely & frequently with all its stake holders using  conventional as well as modern resources. So communicate to spread awareness, knowledge & information among  pensioner /family pensioners , affiliated/ associated associations, MOU partners, civil society, leaders both of National & Local level, MEDIA and last but not the least those retiring in the near future. 

We have to exert to spread awareness about pensioners contribution to the nation and the society, their service conditions & entitlement for pension, which never has been a defined benefit in this country . Even after retirement, their rich experiences /knowledge & talents guide and assist the younger generation. A good number of serving Personnel  are not aware of their service conditions and post-retirement entitlements as guaranteed by the constitution, service contracts & by the Supreme Court pronouncements .Majority of pensioners, especially those living in remote areas or retired from lower rungs remain in dark about latest developments benefitting them. Social media and modern technology have made it easier to interact. Large section of Civil  society considers exiting pension system for pre 2004  employees to be a defined benefit & a burden on exchequer which is infact is not so. May be this is a result of misconception created by Governments to cover their  own  mis-governance . Projection of real facts can remove these ill-feelings and change  their attitude towards   pensioners/family pensioners.  Small groups of thoughtful  committed pensioners spread over the country can bring a change in the attitudes of the  society and the Govt.  Most of the times counseling is required to motivate the would-be retirees to understand the issues and join hands with old pensioners.   Let us then through our affiliates & associates  launch a communication drive.


Collective existence is the present-day Global scenario. Pensioners are no exception to this .We must strive to develop systems which enable everyone to act as one family with mutual confidence, support and growing interdependence. Share information, technology and resources with Affiliates/Associates MOU partners/sister organizations &members .Coordinate and provide support to members, affiliates and associate associations in resolving grievances.  stand shoulder to shoulder with the administration & fellow citizens during National emergencies & natural calamities .Participate in  welfare activities for the good of civil society. Coordination will bring us together and will help in consolidation.


Inspire more and more pensioners/Assns/Federations  to join  BPS , its affiliate & associates . Sincere efforts and perseverance can bring all CG, State govt, PSUs, EPS95 pensioners/family pensioners under one banner. Proper guidance and benefits accrued to affiliates will go a long way to make them join BPS (Fed) and sister organizations to sign MOU to jointly & severally struggle for resolving  common issues. A joint family  kitchen is always better than small  individual kitchens. Pensioners are intelligent lot packed with knowledge & experience they very well can be the opinion former.  Digital India is not an elite concept or a domain of younger generation any more, elderly too are now enjoying it in a big way. Interaction & conversation through social media will afford opportunity to elderly people to come together to join each other and improve interpersonal relations. It is preferable to walk with a stick than not to walk at all. Traditional methods like Dharnas, demonstrations  are losing sheen & may not be very effective for elderly issues in times to come. In future  elderly agitations will revolve around their ‘ vote power’. Advance technological methods of social media are easier, less-time consuming and have lasting effects. In recent National & international happenings and  events we have witnessed its strength. In very near future more & more  ordinary literate individual  will have increasing  access to  websites, Blogs, Groups, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc. Why then crawl when we are gifted with wings to fly. The contacts and visitors on BPS website, Blog, Face book, twitter, yahoo group & You Tube   presently stand around 7 lac. and are increasing day by day.
            Use of modern technology is bound to consolidate “elderly vote power” and is the only ultimate weapon and panacea for all our ills. BPS affiliates & associates should  aims at promoting organizational activities to further increase stake-holder base and to empower them through knowledge,  information & experience.

Jai Hind

Source: http://scm-bps.blogspot.in/2014/11/secy-genl-scmaheshwaris-message-to-bps.html

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