Air tickets are to be purchased from authorized travel agents only: CGDA

Air tickets are to be purchased from  authorized travel agents only: CGDA

Controller General of Defence Accounts,
Ulan Batar Road, Palam , Delhi Cantt-110010


Dated: 27/01/2015

(through CGDA Mail Server)

Subject: Purchase of air tickets from authorized travel agents – Reg

Of late, this HQrs office has been receiving requests from officers / staff of this department to relax the guidelines laid down under DoP&T OM dated and take up their case for according regularization sanction Ministry.
2. In this connection, it is intimated that Ministry of Finance had granted time relaxation to the guidelines on air travel to purchase air tickets from authorized travel agents to officials who had undertaken air journey before 24.08.2011.However, Ministry while granting such sanction had clarified that journeys undertaken after the specified date i.e 24.08.2011 will not be considered for granting regularization sanction.
3. Inspite of clear instruction issued by this HQrs from time to time to adhere to the guidelines laid down in DoP&T OM dated 16.9.2010, receipt of requests from officers/staff through Controllers for condonation of non compliance to these instructions is not understood. In this regard, a recent circular bearing No. AN/XIV/ 19015/Govt orders/2014 dated 25/05/2014 also refers vide which content of DoP&T OM No. 31011/4/2014-Estt (A.IV) dated 19/06/2014 has been circulated stressing on the fact that the employees may be made aware of the modes in which air tickets are to be booked so as to avoid breach of any LTC rules.
4. In view of the foregoing, it is enjoined upon all, that the contents of this circular may be brought to the notice of all concerned to ensure strict compliancy and adherence.


Source: http://cgda.nic.in/adm/circular/purchase%20air%20ticket%20280115.pdf

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