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GConnect: Now, we have attempted to estimate 7th Pay Commission Pension for Central Government Pensioners and Railway Pensioners on the basis of 6th CPC Pension Fixation. Pensioners may please note that this is only an approximate estimation of pension based on the factors taken into account by Government while implementing 6th Pay Commission. So, if 7th Pay Commission adopts different set of principles for determining 7th Pay Commission pension then this estimation may not be correct. Also, due to non-availability of fitment table for 7th Pay Commission Pay revision as of now, 50% of minimum of 7th CPC pay band equivalent to pay scale in which pensioner retired which will be assured by every pay commission could not be calculated.

Govt issued Office Memorandum F.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 01.09.2008 (Click here to read this OM), for implementing 6th CPC recommendations on revised Pension for Pre-2006 Pensioners and Family Pensioners. As per this OM, revised pension / Family Pension with effect from 01.01.2006 is worked out by adding together:
1. Pension / Family Pension and Dearness Pension / Family Pension as on 31.12.2005
2. Dearness Relief of 24% applicable as on 31.12.2005
3. Fitment weigtage at the rate of 40% of Pension / Family Pension as on 31.12.2005.
In addition to the above pension fixation method, as per Para 2 and 3 of OM F.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 28.01.2013, Pension has to be stepped up to 50% of the sum of minimum of the pay in the pay band plus the grade pay corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale from which the pensioner had retired as arrived at with reference to the fitment tables given in OM No.1/1/2008-IC dated 30th August 2008 (Fitment Table applicable to Central Government Employees for 6CPC revision)
In these lines, we have attempted here to estimate 7th Pay Commission Pension as follows
7th Pay Commission Pension / Family Pension will be the sum of following values.
1. Pension / Family pension as on 01.01.2016
2. Dearness Relief as on 01.01.2016 (Dearness Relief of 120% has been estimated as on 01.01.2016)
3. Fitment benefit of 40% on Pension / Family Pension as on 01.01.2016.
In respect of Pensioners who retire before 01.01.2016, 7CPC Pension has been calculated as maximum of A and B detailed below:
A. Pension received as on January 2015 is merged with 120% DA as on 01.01.2016 and added with 40% of basic pension as on 01.01.2016 as fitment benefit

B. Revised Pension ordered for Pre-2006 Pensioners as per Department of Pension F.No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 28.01.2013 (Click here to download this OM)

Pay Scale / Pay band wise 7th Pay Commission Pension and Family Pension in respect of Pre-2006 Pensioners (whose pension as on January 2015 is less than the minimum pension stipulated in revised concordance table as per OM dated 28.01.2013

Pay scale w.e.f.1.1.1986 Post/ Grade and Pay scale w.e.f. 1.1.1996 Corresponding 6th CPC Pay Bands and Grade Pay Pension= 50% of Sum of minimum pay
in the pay band and grade pay/ minimum pay
in the pay scale as per fitment table
Family Pension
= 30% of Sum of minimum pay in the pay
band and grade
pay/ minimum pay in the pay scale as per fitment table
7th Pay CPC Pension (after merger of 120% Dearness Relief andaddition of 40% of pension as on 01.01.2016) 7th Pay CPC Family Pension
(after merger of 120% Dearness Relief and
addition of 40% of pension
as on 01.01.2016)
750-12-870-14-940 2550-55-2660-60-3200 4440-7440 GP -1300 3500 3500 9100 9100
775-12-871-12-1025 2610-60-3150-65-3540 4440-7440 GP 1400 3500 3500 9100 9100
775-12-871-14-955-15-1030-20-1150 2610-60-2910-65-3300-70-4000 4440-7440
GP 1600
3500 3500 9100 9100
800-15-1010-20-1150 2650-65-3300-70-4000 4440-7440 GP 1650 3500 3500 9100 9100
825-15-900-20-1200 2750-70-3800-75-4400 5200-20200 GP 1800 3665 3500 9529 9100
3050-75-3950-80-4590 5200-20200
GP 1900
3890 3500 10114 9100
3200-85-4900 5200-20200
GP 2000
4030 3500 10478 9100
4000-100-6000 5200-20200
GP 2400
4920 3500 12792 9100
4500-125-7000 5200-20200
GP 2800
5585 3500 14521 9100
5000-150-8000 9300-34800
GP 4200
6750 4050 17550 10530
1640-60-2600-75-2900 5500-175-9000 9300-34800 GP 4200 7215 4329 18759 11255
2000-60-2120 6500-200-6900 9300-34800 GP 4200 8145 4887 21177 12706
6500-200-10500 9300-34800
GP 4200
8145 4887 21177 12706
7450-225-11500 9300-34800
GP 4600
9230 5538 23998 14399
2500-4000 7500-250-12000 9300-34800 GP 4800 9375 5625 24375 14625
8000-275-13500 9300-34800 GP 5400 10140 6084 26364 15818
2200-75-2800-100-4000 8000-275-13500 (Group A Entry) 15600-39100 GP 5400 10500 6300 27300 16380
2630/- FIXED 9000 15600-39100 GP 5400 11070 6642 28782 17269
2630-75-2780 9000-275-9550 15600-39100 GP 5400 11070 6642 28782 20132
3150-100-3350 10325-325-10975 15600-39100 GP 6600 12905 7743 33553 20132

10000-325-15200 15600-39100
GP 6600
12600 7560 32760 19656
3200-100-3700-125-4700 10650-325-15850 15600-39100 GP 6600 13205 7923 34333 20600
12000-375-16500 15600-39100
GP 7600
14960 8976 38896 23338
3950-125-4700-150-5000 12750-375-16500 15600-39100 GP 7600 15660 9396 40716 24430
3700-125-4950-150-5700 12000-375-18000 15600-39100 GP 7600 14960 8976 38896 23338
14300-400-18300 37400-67000
GP 8700
23050 13830 59930 35958
4800-150-5700 15100-400-18300 37400-67000 GP 8700 24195 14517 62907 37744
16400-450-20000 37400-67000  GP 8900 24295 14577 63167 37900
5100-150-6300-200-6700 16400-450-20900 37400-67000  GP 8900 24295 14577 63167 37900
4500-150-5700-200-7300 14300-450-22400 37400-67000 GP 10000 23700 14220 61620 36972
18400-500-22400 37400-67000 GP 10000 27350 16410 71110 42666
7300-100-7600 22400-525-24500 67000-79000NIL 33500 20100 87100 52260
7300-200-7500-250-8000 22400-600-26000 75500–80000 GP NIL 37750 22650 98150 58890
7600/- FIXED 7600-100-8000 24050-650-26000 75500–80000 GP NIL 38883 23330 101096 60658
8000/- FIXED 26000(FIXED) 80000(FIXED) GP NIL 40000 24000 104000 62400
9000/- FIXED 30000(FIXED) 90000(FIXED) GP NIL 45000 27000 117000 70200

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  • Your father's upto the age of 67 years your mother will get full as enhanced Pension, as your father got the amount after that she will get 60% of pension as family pension until her life time.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    My pension was fixed in the Pay scale of Rs.5000-150-8000 at Rs.7943/- Retired in April,1999 in the Grade of Rs.5000-150-8000 as Head Clerk.In view of OM No38/37-08-P&PW(A) dated 28-01-2013, the corresponding pay scale/grade as per 6th CPC stands at Rs.9300-34800. Thus the pension has to be revised in this scale/grade accordingly. Kindly advise me for Caclulations of pension for 6th CPC and 7th CPC in details.

    Thanks a lot,

    PL Bindra
    MOB 9418006810

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Can any gov servant of group A,B on reaching 50/55 yrs age after fulfilling required criteria apply for VRS under FR 56(K) or are there are any specific reasons

    • Yes. if any Govt.servant under suspension or a charge sheet has been issued & the disciplinary proceedings are pending or if judicial proceedings on charges which may amount to gave misconduct are pending,are not allowed to avail VRS.

  • Pension of those retired prior to 1.1.2006 was consolidated as on 1.1.2006. Therefore, the question of refixing the pension of such pensioners as on 1.1.2016 does not arise. To arrive, the revised pension of such pensioners as on 1.1.2016, we need to multiply the pension fixed as on 1.1.2006 by the factor 2.57.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    how much DA will be applicable with basic pension as given ur chart

  • csravikanthrao rao 8 years ago

    I TOOK VRS on 25/04/2015 my last drawn PÀY was RS,23800,under SCALE of pay 9300-34800,grade PAY WAS RS ,4600/,I have put in 31 years of qualifying service, I am a Physically Handicapped Person what will be my basic PENSION please calculate and let me know.

  • csravikanthrao rao 8 years ago

    I was working in Indian Railways I am a Physically challenged person.Lasr pay drawn Rs.22800 under PAY brand 9300-34800 . Grade pay Rs.4600. . I have put in 31 years of qualifying service.What will be my total PENSION.

  • Bijendra,
    Arrears pre 2006 pensioners ,as per SC orders it is very high light for arrears to the ex men .but no arrears received till date Rank of JCOs . As per OROP scheme Subedar 28 years qualifying service of Y Gp 1st stall ment /arrear received RS -3020/-The 2 Nd stallment will get after 6 month. What is the meaning of 4 stallment of RS 1278/- for payment of OROP arrear.

  • csravikanthrao rao 8 years ago


  • Hai sir this is ranjit here, as my dad passed away this month 5-12-2015, and he is a retired railway employee, he retired in 2011, as his age is 63 , can i know what will the percentage of pension will my mom get , and some one was telling that in 6th pay commission a rule was passed that till 10 years widow will get 100% of pension what my dad is drawing as on, is that true, can some reply me in this regds

  • As the joint system of family is no more vogue in India. With the advent of nuclear families pensioners have to live alone sometime with their better halves and if wives died in old age pensioners have to live alone. Hence pensioners require more money to meet the expenses towards medical transport house rent etc. It would be more appropriate if some human consideration is adopted while recommending the 7th CPC recommendations for pensioners. Needless to mention that pensioners should also be granted 3% annual increments like regular Government servants.

  • nageswararao komaravolu 8 years ago

    I retired on VRS with effect from 1983 May 2nd[FN]. I was UPSC elected government servant in the Andaman Nicobar services [Ministry of Home affairs under central]. I was posted at Government college, Port Blair. I suppose I am thus a retired class 1/ group A officer. My doubt is, am I entitled for OROP at par with the other 1 / A rank pensioners?
    Secondly, the basic pay as on September 2015 is Rs- 7915 & allowances 8914 = total 17359.
    May you kindly let me know what would be my pension after the revision granted by the 7th CPC?
    I am running 76 [dob Dec 4th 1939], My e mail is [email protected]

  • Smt. Usha 9 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    I am unable to understand the working of pensioner hike format. Please help.
    I am on family pension with drawings of approximate Rs.9500/- gross per month.
    pension relates to ordinance factory. (central government). Can I know on approximate basis how to calculate the hike or what can be my drawings after the 7 CPC with some assumed hike percent.

    • Last basic pay in his pay scale at the time of Retirement equivalents basic pay of 7th CPC MATRIX LEVELS pay of 50% as Pension. Minimum of ₹ 9,000/- plus applicable dearness relief & in non-residents of CGHS areas or non-ECHS CARD for them with FIXED MEDICAL ALLOWANCE of ₹ 1000/-.

  • Dheerendra mishra 9 years ago

    7 Cpc sarkar ki pure mansa public aur employ ke prati pesh karegi isliye iski gahrai se sameesha kare ek galat nirnay sarkar ko bgarpai karni padegi election me election najdeek a rahe for good gov

  • Dheerendra mishra 9 years ago

    sarkari employ ko koi fayda diye bina 7 Cpc me dhokha dene ka kam ho raha hi jo kisi sarkar me ni kiya are jo purani rule hi ki pension 50% Mile reirement agae 62 ho gov kya neeti hi ye sab khatm kar ham public ko khush kar denge ni ye galat neeti sarkar ko duba degi itni mahgai hi aur is mahgai me yadi kisi ki naukri chali jay mane uski life khatm

  • Dheerendra mishra 9 years ago

    Sir bjp gov ko employ ko pension 50% se badakar 60% Ho sarkar employ ke oppsite koi kam na kare sarkar ki yahi sab halat neeti ka rasult hi bihar election ye sochte hi ham sab kar denge koi kuch ni karega ye go ko ki galat think hi jo kisi gov ne ni kiya o aap karke pura virodh lena chahte hi

  • Maharashtra Govt. is anty employees,anty pensioners,anty senior citizens,anty jesth nagriks. F.M still not sanctioned 6% D.A. w.e.f. 1st January 2015 and w.e.f. 1st July 2015. Govt employees,pensioners are unhappy towards the attitude of style of function of F.M. is negative. now F.M. should either resigned immediately or have to be sanctioned immediately

  • I agree with the above two suggessions .Our Beloved PRIME MINISTER may kindly consider and arrange to issue suitable orders at the earliest.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    A good proportion of pensioners are into their seventies with ailments and infirmities relating to vital organs like the heart, kidney,liver and prostate. The traditional Indian joint family is declining, and the modern-day nuclear family is turning unkind to the aged. The aged are treated with contempt, and often left to their fate with no support system. Retired Government officials are eligible to get 20 per cent of additional pension when they complete 80 years of age. The 7 CPC should bring down the 80-year threshold to 75 years so that the septugenarians affected by impairment of normal physical or mental function can claim 20 per cent additional pension.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    SCPC calculated pension as on 1-1-006 as under:
    Basic pension on 31-12-2005 X 1.5 (50% merger of dearness relief) X 1.24 ( 1.74 minus 0.5 merged into basic pay) plus 0.4 of basic pay = BP ( 1.5) (1.24) +BP (0.4) = BP (1.86)
    BP (0.4) = BP( 2.26)

    Follow the same methodology, and we arrive at :

    Let us assume that the Dearness Relief as on 1-1-2016 as 2.23 ( 2.13 on 1-1-2015 plus 10 points against two occasions on 1-7-2015 and 1-1-2016).

    Assume that merger of 50 % of Basic Pension is must.
    Then, the factor for consideration will be = 1.5 X 1.73 ( 2.23 minus 0.5)
    Also, assume the same 40% adopted by the SCPC as benifit.

    Then, the formula would be : BP X (1.5 x 1.73) + BP ( 0.4) = BP ( 2.595) + BP ( 0.4) = BP (2.995)

    A pensioner drawing a pension of 15660 ( PB 15600–39000 plus GP 7600) should get Pension equal to 15660 X 2.995 = 46,901.7 ( rounded to 46,902), and not 40,716.

    This is a rational view, based on the assumptions which the 6th CPC took for granted.

    • It is injustice to the retired government employees. Cleverly, the commission has brought down the percentage of pension to the pre-2016 retirees. Earlier, it was clear 50% of the pay. Now, it has been reduced to almost 45% of the pay.
      The pension should be clear 50% of the corresponding salary irrespective of the date of retirement. The older generation should not be looked down upon as has been done.
      The pension should also get increased 3% every year like the serving employee. Prey the commission to take a fresh look of the whole issue again.

    • Old retirees need more money for their daily routine as well as treatment. The cost of treatment is sky-rocking . Now a days, no body is willing to look after the older peoples. So they have to shed extra money to accomplish their daily survival. The 7 th CPC should look into this aspect, our country is not welfare state. In-spite of a curtail in pension, may consider to maintain status-quo if it is not feasible to increase.