7th pay commission calculators give imaginary answers: GServant

7th pay commission calculators give imaginary answers

There is lot of calculators available in blogs and social media to calculate pay and allowance of 7th pay commission. People who saw these calculators wonder ‘did the 7th pay commission submit its Recommendation to the Government?’. OMG… When did the 7th pay commission submit its report to the central government? The Babus started enquire about these calculators from everybody who are in Federations and Associations. Even they don’t know how the pay scales would be recommended by 7th pay commission? How much percentage of increase the 7th pay commission would recommend in its report? But calculators do keep coming in day to day basis. Does it worth to calculate our basic pay through this so called 7th pay commission calculators?

Everybody should understand that to review and recommend the revised pay scales for 30 Lakhs Central Government employees is not a joke. It is just more than serious business. The 7th pay commission comprises many Bureaucrats and many officials headed by renowned Supreme Court Judge, require more than 18 months’ time to interview hundreds of officials from Departments / Ministries and Representatives of Unions /Federations to get their views. The whole team of the 7th pay commission has to handle huge volumes of data to analyse the Service Condition and Socio Economic Conditions of the government servants before it start to recommend Pay and Allowance to entire community of the central government employees. The pay commission while recommending revision in pay and allowances has to take into account various factors like the economic conditions in the country, the resources of the Central Government and the global economic scenario as well as the impact upon the finances of the States, if the recommendations are adopted by them.
To recommend revised pay scales for 30Lakhs Central Government Employees is indeed an arduous Journey to perform. The 7th Pay commission, since its constitution, is doing commendable job. The Commission issued a Questionnaire and invited comments for their questionnaire invariably from government organizations, unions/ federations and from the Public also. Federations and Unions and Govt organization have been asked by the pay commission to submit the Memorandum to the commission.
The Seventh pay commission engaged with a variety of stakeholders, on issues which it has been mandated to cover, through series of Meetings from 16-6-2014. The Commission so far held 235 Meetings in 38 days from the Month of June 2014 to February 2015 with various Association/ Federations/Unions and Representatives of Ministries/ Departments. They have to go through all the inputs received from the above sources. All the Federations and Associations have been meeting with the 7th pay commission for the past eight months submitted their views and proposals to the commission. Since the federations, who knew their service conditions and department issues very well, have come across many pay commission, they would have discussed about their service condition and their departmental specific issues with 7th pay commission and discussed about their expectation over pay and allowances. So the only reliable source to tell anything about the Pay commission’s perspective is Pay commission officials or those who met with them. But none of them come forward to say anything about the views of 7th pay commission and never disclosed anything about the Pay Structure since they are not supposed to do so.
But so many 7th pay commission calculators keep coming in blogs. Did the Calculators do anything said above before it was made? Have these so called 7th pay commission calculators taken all the above factors in to the account before it was made? The Principles Applied for revising pay scales in each pay commission was entirely different. But, as for as sixth pay commission is concerned, the pay Structure itself was entirely different from previous Pay Structures of last 5 pay commissions. All the Unions, Associations and Federations have insisted 7th Pay Commission, through their memorandum, that the Running Pay Band and Grade Pay system to be dropped and Pre Revised Pay scale system to be adopted. So until now nobody knows what would be the principle to be adopted for revising pay scales for 7th pay commission? And what is the pay structure that 7th pay commission would recommend? 

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