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FAQ on Children Education Allowance, OTA/NDA, Honorarium/Fee, Child Care Leave to Male Employees, Leave Encashment on LTC by DoPT

FAQ on Children Education Allowance, OTA/NDA, Honorarium/Fee, Child Care Leave to Male Employees, Leave Encashment on LTC.

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

Establishment (Allowance) Section
SI. No Question

Children Education Allowance

Whether reimbursement of Children Education Allowance
is admissible for the:
(a) Nursery/LKG/UKG as there is no
provision of recognition of these classes in most of the States/UTs;
Reimbursement is permissible only if
the child is studying in a recognised educational institution.
(b) Third child if either of the first two
children is disabled to the extent that he/she cannot go to school;
Reimbursement is allowed to only the
two eldest surviving
children of the Government servant except when
the 2nd child birth results in multiple births or the 3rd child is born
due to failure of sterilization operation.
(c) The children borne out of second
marriage or the children of second wife/husband in additions to children
from first marriage;
Reimbursement is allowed to only the
two eldest surviving
children of the Government servant.
(d) Entitlement of number of Note Books. Reimbursement is permissible for any
number of note books as may be prescribed by the recognised educational


2. The reasons for not enhancing rates of
The 5th and the 6th Central pay
Commission did not recommend enhancement of rates of OTA/NDA.


3. Whether honorarium is payable to the
Chairperson/Members of the DPC and also such other Departmental
Committees, viz., Committee on Sexual Harassments at work place, etc.?
In terms of the provisions of FR 46
(b), the Central Government may grant or permit a Government servant to
receive an honorarium as remuneration for work performed which is
occasional or intermittent in character and either so laborious or of
such special merit as to justify a special reward.
Except when
special reasons, which should be recorded in writing, exist for a
departure from this provision, sanction to the grant or acceptance of
an honorarium should not be given unless the work has been undertaken
with the prior consent of the Central Government and its account has
been settled in advance.
Guidelines for payment of Honorarium under FR 46 (b) have already
been laid down inter alia vide this Department’s OM No. 17011/9/85-
Estt. (AL), dated 23.12.1985 and OM No. 17020/1/91- Estt. (AL), dated
18.11.1991. It has also been clarified that no honorarium should be
granted for temporary increases in work.
Whether retention of “Fee” for delivering lectures in
Government/private bodies is permissible?
As per para 6 of DOP&T’s O.M.
No.16013/1/79-Estt.(AL) dated 11th February, 1980, payments received by
Government servants as income from books, articles, papers and lectures
on literary, cultural, artistic, technological and scientific subjects
including management sciences; will not be subject to crediting
one-third of the amount to the general revenues
Establishment (Leave) Section
Whether male Government servant, who is single
parent, can be allowed Child Care Leave?
No. CCL can be granted to female
employees only.
6. Whether Bond on Study Leave
can be transferred from Central Government to State Government?
No. Bond executed by the Government
servant while proceeding on study leave cannot be transferred on his/her
appointment in State Government/PSU/Autonomous bodies.
7. What is the limit of leave
encashment while availing LTC by dependents or spouse within the same
block year?
The Government Servants governed by the
CSS (Leave) Rules, 1972 and entitled to avail LTC may en-cash earned
leave up to 10 days at the time of availing both types of LTCs., i.e.,
‘Hometown’ and ‘Anywhere in India’. However, when the one and the same
LTC is being availed of by the Government Servant and his family members
separately in a block year, encashment of leave would be restricted
to one occasion only.
(Narendra Gautam)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Source: www.persmin.nic.in

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