Minutes of PNM/AIRF meeting – discussion on left over items held on 20.02.2015

F.No.2014/E(LR)I/NM 1–9

Sub: PNM/AIRF meeting held on 12-13 December, 2014 – discussion on left over items held on 20.02.2015 in Committee Room, Rail Bhawan-Minutes thereof.

The following officers and representatives of AIRF attended the meeting:

Official Side AIRF
M. Akhtar, AM(Staff)
Neera Khuntia, EDPC-II
P.P. Sharma, EDE(G)
K. Shankar, DE(P&A)
D.V. Rao, DE(LL)
Anuradha Singh, D(MPP)
D. Mallik, DE/IR
Rakhal Das Gupta, President
Shiva Gopal Mishra, Genl. Secretary
J.R. Bhosale
Mukesh Galav
N. Kanniah


5/2006: Avenues of promotion of Senior Supervisor in Scale S-13 to S-14 Group ‘B’ (Gazetted) on railways.

Official stated that the matter has been referred to Ministry of Finance. However, as agreed in the Fast Track Meeting, this will also be discussed by EDPC with the concerned officer(s) of Ministry of Finance to explain to them once again that upgradation is different from pay revision.

16/2008: Assured Carrier Progression Scheme applicable to Motormen of BCT division of Western Railway.

Official Side advised that Western Railway vide Board’s letter dated 04.07.2014 was asked to furnish the factual position in the matter which is still awaited. Federation told that a reply has been sent by Western Railway a day before. It was agreed to connect and examine the same. However, copy of Board’s Letter 04.07.2014 will also be given to the Federation, as desired by them.

30/2008: Voluntary Retirement of Drivers and Gangmen.

It was explained that the demand of Federation that staff retiring in GP `1900/- and eligible in LARSGESS and whose ward is to be appointed in the GP `1800/- may also be allowed the same eligibility conditions prescribed for railway employees retiring in `1800/- (i.e. 20 years and age bracket of 50-57 years), has already been examined and it was decided by Board that as posts in GP `1900/- are Group ‘C’ posts, relaxing the eligibility conditions to 20 years from the existing 33 years qualifying service and age bracket of 55-57 years is not feasible of acceptance. However, the other demand of constituting the Assessment Committee in respect of GP `1900/- at Divisional level has already been accepted and necessary instructions in this regard have also been issued vide Board’s letter dated 03.01.2014.
However, Federation insisted for a review on the 1st issue raised.

6/2009: Extra Ordinary Leave in continuation with Maternity Leave taken without production of proper medical certificate.

The provisions on the issue i.e. ‘EOL in continuation with Maternity Leave without production of Medical Certificate-treatment of this period as qualifying service’ has been reiterated vide Board’s Letter dated 11.07.2014.

10/2009: Liberalization in the Safety Related Voluntary Retirement Scheme.

Necessary instructions issued vide Board letter dated 03.01.2014.

12/2009: Grant of PCO Allowance/Incentive Bonus to technical staff supporting shops/Sections (including CMT/C&M Lab.), Drawing/Design, I.T. Power Supply and Stores etc.) – in Railway Workshops and Production Units- Treating them as part of Inspection, Planning & Planning & Progress wings of PCO.

A separate meeting with AM/PU on this issue was held on 04.12.2014. Federation desired that follow up action be advised to them.

7/2010: Inclusion of left out categories of the staff working in Railway Hospitals of the Indian Railways for the purview of Hospital Patient Care Allowance.

Federation was advised that two more categories i.e. Physiotherapist and Dental Hygienist are being considered under the purview of HPCA in consultation with Health Directorate of Railway Board and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
However, the Federation insisted that the other categories viz., cooks, Masalchis who are allowed HPCA under the orders of Health Ministry which is the nodal Ministry in the matter, may be allowed HPCA. Their demand was noted for examination.

9/2010: Grant of pay scales of `5000-8000 w.e.f. 01.01.1996 to the Sub-Overseer Mistry/ Supervisor(Works), now Jr. Engineer (Works).

Federation has been replied in the matter vide Board’s Letter dated 07.07.2014 to which no further reference has been received. Federation will get back, if necessary.

17/2010: Payment of Transport Allowance to the staff living in Ghaziabad (Northern Railway).

It was explained to the Federation that the matter has been consulted with Ministry of Finance who have clarified that the Railway employees posted at Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Noida are entitled to Transport Allowance at the rates as applicable to ‘other places’.
However, the Federation brought out that this has been allowed in some other offices. It was agreed to connect such orders and examine the issue.

27/2010: Implementation of recommendations of VI CPC – Grant of Transport allowance to Railway employees.

This issue will be discussed by the Federation with Board (MS and FC).

3/2011: Revision of rates of Kilometreage Allowance and Allowance in lieu of Kilometreage (ALK).

The matter is being deliberated by a committee constituted.

4/2011: Placement of Pharmacists in the Entry GP of `4200(non-functional grade) on completion of two years service in GP `2800 as well as grant of three MACPs to the Pharmacist category on the Indian Railways.

Reference has been made to Ministry of Finance for waiving off the overpayment made on account of erroneous grant of financial upgradation to Pharmacists. Reply from MOF is still awaited.

9/2011: Caretaking Allowance to Hostel Staff and merging of Caretaker posts with Ministerial Staff.

A detailed proposal for merger of caretaking staff with ministerial staff was called from IRISET which has since been received and the matter is under process.

10/2011: Grant of pay scale `5000–8000 (pre–revised)/ PB–II GP `4200 in new pay scales to Tower Wagon Drivers of Electrical Department.

Details regarding number of TWDs, their qualifications, scale of pay, method of selection etc. have been obtained from the Zonal Railways and the same is under examination.

13/2011: Grant of LAP, LHAP and Casual Leave to paramedical staff engaged to work in Railway Hospitals etc. on contract basis.

Official Side mentioned that para medical staff engaged to work on contract basis in Railway Hospital etc. are not treated as railway servants. As such they cannot be brought under the purview of leave provisions applicable to railway servants. 
Federation stated that of late contract labour has been introduced in the railways and they are to be treated at par with casual labour. Federation also drew attention to Court orders on the issue of casual labour.

30/2011: Issue of PPOs and making entry of payment of Medical Allowance to Pensioners/ Family Pensioners.

Division – wise status of implementation of Board’s instructions dated 02.11.2012 on the issue of grant of FMA to railway pensioners has been reiterated on 08.12.2014. However, if the Federation has any specific instance of non payment by any bank, that can be taken up separately with concerned bank.

8/2012: Extension of second chance in the matter of Aptitude Test under LARSGESS Scheme.


18/2012: Payment of Breakdown Overtime Allowance to Mechanical Supervisors(C&W) – Mechanical Department.

Federation insisted that the demand may be considered in the light of instructions issued vide Board’s letter No.E(P&A)II -98/BDA-1 dated 25.05.1999. It was agreed to examine the matter.

32/2012: (A) Wrong implementation of MACP Scheme in IT Cadre.(B) Granting of financial benefit under MACP Scheme to EDP Staff.

Official Side stated that a separate meeting was held on this issue on 24.07.2013 wherein it was agreed that the Federation will provide further input after gathering information in respect of IT cadre of other Ministries. However, no input has been received from the Federation so far. Further, Federation requested for inclusion of this issue in the list of items to be discussed with MS & FC.
38/2012: Extension of scope of LARSGESS.
Federation insisted that the suffix ‘working on track’ in Board’s letter dated 24.03.2014 should be done away with because the same employee who has been covered under this scheme may be working at different places at different point of time and may not always be working on the track. It was agreed to examine the demand in consultation with Establishment Directorate.

40/2012: Earmarking of posts for promotion of Non-Appendix 3 IREM Qualified Accounts Assistants in the merged cadre of Sr. SO(A/Cs) and SO(A/Cs).

Federation requested for a meeting with Adviser (Accounts).

46/2012: (A) Payment of Running Allowance to medically de-categorised Running Staff kept on supernumerary posts.(B) Fixation of pay of medically de-categorized Running Staff while kept on supernumerary posts- Grant of benefits of Running Allowance.

Federation stated that they will reply to Board’s letter dated 12.09.2014. The demand is to be re-examined thereafter.

15/2013: (A) Proper implementation of LARSGESS in case of the candidates declared unsuitable in PET in 2010 Cycle.

(B) Minimum educational qualification for appointment under LARSGESS – Case of the wards of railway employees opted for LARSGESS in the year 2010.

(D) Alternative appointment to the wards of the railway employees under LARSGESS who failed to qualify the prescribed medical examination

Position explained to the Federation. However, Federation demanded that nonMatriculate wards should be given employment in 1S (`1300) and after six month training, they may be placed in GP `1800, which is to be examined.

23/2013: Denial of appointment under LARSGESS to the wards of railway employees working in Safety Categories.


24/2013: Payment of Special Allowance to Traffic Gatemen deployed to work on Level Crossing Gates.

The matter is under process. However, the Federation demanded that it should be done as in the case of Engg. Gates.

28-B/2013: Provision of Child Care Leave for women employees.

It was brought out by the official side that stipulation for making arrangement for leave reserve has not been laid down in the provisions on CCL by DOP&T. As such, this Ministry cannot unilaterally alter or modify the existing provisions.
However, AIRF insisted that Indian Railway being operating and industrial department the Railway Board should review and decision should be taken to facilitate women employee for forwarding them hassle free CCL .

29/2013: Stepping up of pay to Loco Running Supervisors promoted prior to 01.01.2006, viz-à-viz their juniors promoted after 01.01.2006.

Official Side stated that the matter is subjudice and is also being deliberated in Fast Track Committee. Federation demanded that recovery may be pended till the matter is finalised.

13/2014: Fixation of pay in case of financial upgradation under MACPS.

Official Side explained that while granting financial upgradation under MACP Scheme and fixation of pay in context thereof involves financial implications, it is logical that the concurrence of Associate Finance be obtained as per principles of financial propriety.

15/2014: MACP Scheme for Railway Servants – Treatment of employees selected under LDCE/GDCE Scheme – Clarification reg.

Position was explained to the Federation bringing out why the demand cannot be agreed to. However, on their insistence it was agreed to re-examine the matter.


1/2012: Revised Training Modules for Supervisors of Mechanical Engineering Department.

Instructions have been issued to Zonal Railways/Pus vide Board’s Letter No.E(MPP)2009/3/10 dated 28.02.2013. As regards Promotee Supervisors, instructions have been issued to Zonal Railways vide Board’s Letter No.E(MPP)2009/3/22 dated 26.09.2014.


29/2011: Retention of railway quarter in favour of totally medically incapacitated railway employees.

Paper put up to Board through Finance.

47/2012: Retention of Railway accommodation at the previous place of posting in case of staff posted in newly formed Divisions.

Necessary instructions have already been issued vide Board’s Letter No.E(G)2007 QR1-5 dated 05.09.2014.


21/2010: Revision in the Dress Regulations – 2004.

Discussed with both the Federations (AIRF and NFIR) and matter is under finalisation.

19/2011: Raising of upper age limit in case of entitlement of Privilege Passes/PTOs for dependent sons.

On the insistence of the Federation, it was agreed to review the matter and file to be put up to Member Staff.

7/2012: Implementation of various welfare schemes announced by the then Hon’bleMinister for Railway during her Rail Budget Speech.

Federation requested for details of action taken on the various recommendations as also a meeting with the Hon’ble MR before the Rail Budget. It was agreed to send them the position separately.

12/2012: Provision of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes in favour of widows of ex-railway employees.


1-A/2013: Provision of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes to the spouse/widow of deceased railway employees appointed on compassionate ground.

Official Side explained that the matter has been re-examined in consultation with Finance Dte. The request was, however, not considered feasible due to wider legal and administrative implications.
Federation requested for a separate meeting associating EDF(E).

28/2012: Sanction of Flood Relief Fund for the flood affected staff over the Indian Railways.

Managing Committee of Railway Minister’s Welfare & Relief Fund did not approve financial assistance for flood affected Railway employees residing Varanasi due to heavy rains in August, 2008 as the event/incident pertained to an earlier period and RMW&RF cannot be a source for reimbursement/refund for loss caused earlier. Furthermore, these floods were not declared as natural calamity by any appropriated authority.
No proposal has been received for financial assistance at Jaunpur and Mughalsarai.
Proposal for financial assistance at Ambala was not agreed to by SBF Calamity Relief Fund Committee.
Federation desired action taken in case of Vishakhapatnam calamity and J&K floods. Federation urged that fast action be taken in respect of these cases.

4/2013: Reduction in lower age limit of the pensioners/their widows from 65 to 60 years for entitlement of Companion in lieu of Attendant to 1st Class/1st A Class Post Retirement Complimentary Passes.


7/2014: Issue of Special Passes on medical ground in favour of two attendants in case of kid patient.

To be examined again.

10/2014: Provision of two sets of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes to retired railway employees working in GP `1800.

Official Side brought out that Finance Directorate has not agreed to the Federation’s demand. However, on their insistence, it was decided to put up the papers afresh to Member Staff.

11/2014: Entitlement of Passes to the widows as Dependent in the Passes issued to their wards – Enhancement of income limit for the same.

Position explained.

Source: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/establishment/E%28LR%29/airf%20lo%2015-02-20.pdf

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