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NExCC meeting with Defence Minister: One Rank One Pension required a second approval from Parliament

Delegates of the National Ex-servicemen Coordination Committee discussing the OROP issue with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in New Delhi on Wednesday

Ex-servicemen Meet Union Minister
By Express News Service Published: 26th April 2015

KOCHI:Delegates of the National Ex-servicemen Coordination Committee met Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar at his office in New Delhi on Wednesday and took up the issue of ‘One-Rank-One-Pension’ (OROP), which is pending before the Ministry for some time.
The Committee briefed the Minister about the concerns of the ex-servicemen community over the non-implementation of the OROP scheme by the Defence Ministry, though he had promised prompt action at a meeting held on March 18.
National Ex-servicemen Coordination Committee vice-chairman V S John, who was part of the delegation, said the Minister assured that all modalities and formalities to implement the One-Rank-One-Pension scheme were completed for issuing order. However, the Minister said the matter required a second approval from the  Parliament. “The Minister was very considerate of the Pension of Personnel Below Officer Rank issue, and assured that he would obtain the approval of Parliament in the current session itself. The orders to implement the decisions will be issued before the current Parliament session concludes,” he said.

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  • How many times you need parliament approval Mr Defence Minister.
    Interim budget by Mr Chidambram was not approved?
    Budget by Mr Jaitley was not approved?
    Babus are hell bent to deny OROP to forces.
    Please see through their game of delay and deny.
    This certainly would have adverse effect on the moral of serving soldiers