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In Fight for One Rank One Pension, War Veterans Boycott Event: 10 Developments

In Fight for One Rank One Pension, War Veterans Boycott Event: 10 Developments – NDTV News

New Delhi: Two war veterans today boycotted a function where they were to be felicitated by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, to protest against the delay in implementation of “one rank, one pension” for the armed forces.

  1. One of them is Wing Commander SD Karnik, a 1971 war veteran who was awarded the Vir Chakra, one of India’s top gallantry medals. “Since 1973 we haven’t got any support from the government. This is downgrading the armed forces. I am hurt,” he said.
  2. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was widely expected to announce it on Monday when he addressed a rally in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, but he didn’t.
  3. NDTV has learnt that the file on one rank, one pension, a BJP election promise, is currently shuttling between the Finance and Defence Ministries after several queries were raised. Sources tell NDTV that the government doesn’t want to announce anything that can be challenged in court.
  4. “One rank, one pension” means that the same pension will be paid to personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service, irrespective of when they retired.
  5. “I may not like ex-servicemen protesting but they are being pushed into it,” said former Army Chief General VP Mallik. Ex-servicemen say they call it NATO – “No Action, Talk Only.”
  6. Currently, the pension for retired personnel is based on the pay commission recommendations at the time when the personnel retired. For instance, a Major General who retired in 1996 draws less pension than a Lt. Colonel who retired after 1996.
  7. With one rank, one pension, retired personnel would draw the same pension as officers and jawans of the same rank who are retiring now. They would also be entitled to a year’s back pay in pensions at the new rate, which would be a windfall for pensioners.
  8. Six years ago, the Supreme Court directed the government to follow a one rank, one pension principal for retired servicemen. In February this year, the court said failure to implement it within three months would mean contempt of court.
  9. One rank, one pension will benefit 25 lakh ex-servicemen. It is expected to cost the government more than Rs. 8300 crore a year.
  10. In its Budget last year, months before the national election, the Congress-led UPA government announced that one-rank-one pay would be implemented, but allocated meagre Rs. 500 crore seen as inadequate funds for the initiative.

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  • It is ridiculous if any one in the Government intend to advise for patience to the Ex- and Serving personnel of the Armed Forces. How many seconds it takes for the Politicians to get their perks enhanced by raising their hands in the parliament? Do you really know? It is hardly few seconds. If fellow citizens are sincere to support the legitimate demands of the Serving and retired personnel please raise your column to inform the present Government , that we waited for more than 33 years. It is a national disaster that a highly decorated Veteran Wing Commander Suresh Damodar Karnik Vir Chakra was compelled to refuse to attend a function presided by the Country's Defence Minister!!!!!! Can such incidents happen in any of the civilised Countries in the World. However, we, the ex Servicemen and the serving personnel of the Armed Forces are gaining confidence by such remarks by our fellow citizens. It is the curse of the Country, the civil bureaucracy are following the Britishers as they were doing during the period of their looting of this Country of Golden Cages. Unless and until such attitudes of the present bureaucrats changes to benefit the Bharat, there is not going to be any improvements in the life of Indians. Even if the Government under the Prime Minister-ship of Mr. Narendra Modi and his team are pursuing for making a difference in the system of Governing , it is absolutely not possible unless the civil bureaucracy which is assisting it is made to obey the orders and feed it with the policies to benefit the Nation in general. Otherwise they are to be shown the door without any future benefits. Now coming to the “One Rank and One Pension” these bureaucrats must understand that we are neither asking the Government of ours for any privileges, nor making a gesture of begging, but it is the rightful benefits of us, the Ex-Servicemen, after giving our youthful life and blood for serving the Nation, so that our fellow citizens would sleep well during the nights, when we are vigilant in our posts to safeguard the Nation. We, the Ex-Servicemen are very peace loving citizens, and it is in the best interest of the Nation not to delay our legally benefits by the Honourable Supreme Courts. Hope an immediate announcement is made by the Modi Government fulfilling the promises made in this regard. Making repeated press releases are not the solution, Mr. Narendra Modi. Come to action which would be appreciated. Vande Mataram

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    The recent drama in ope rationalize OROP is pre planned by BJP Govt. FAUZI' s have lost the brain while in service and some sycophant fauzi's are in Govt , Nothing will go into the brain of Fauzi.As such fooling them till one desire by political lieer faculty & multiplied the complexity by Bureaucrats . India Will shine after " Make in India". FAUZI's keep mum since you are brain less

  • Modi's government is acting as though they inherited the UPA's governance methods. Babus were and are the same in both governments.

    • Manohaarji, it is not true. Babu is to execute orders received from the minister. Minister can only order COSs for operations NOT babu. So ,who is responsible? It is the minister to be blamed That is why DM and COAS must resign in the National Interest and efficiency of the Defence. There is no other alternative. PM and FM are not in defence chain of Command. Regards,
      Daya Shanked Lal Srivastava Ex MCPO II,, Mumbai (07738115388).

  • The babudom in FM is doing reverse engineering to fit the scales of pension with in 8300 crores where as the actual song are at 9000-16000 as projected initially. This makes the exercise more complex as it involves the whims and fancies of all these babus. Correct method is to upgrade the past ranks to the present rank giving correction for the present accelerated promotion in various ranks and fit it for the number of years service in that rank again with a correction. A periodical review norm if indicated, the OROP will be almost equal to the present pensioners. The FM ministry should have involved the affected pensioners as a party to this exercise.