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One Rank One Pension issue: Need to have patience – Navy Chief RK Dhowan

Need to have patience on One Rank One Pension issue, government seized of the matter: Navy Chief RK Dhowan
Mumbai: Amidst raging debate over the delay in the ‘One Rank One Pension’ issue, Navy Chief RK Dhowan said that the veterans will have to be patient. “We need to be patient. The Ministry of Defence has been seized of the matter.
Stating that it is a complex issue, he said that much work has been done. “A lot of progress has been made in the case,” he said.
Stating that it is a complex issue, he said that much work has been done. “A lot of action has been taken,” he said.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has recently assured the ex-servicemen of early implementation of the ‘one rank, one pension’ scheme, saying his Ministry has fast-tracked the work on it. The assurance came after a 27-member delegation of the ex-servicemen met him.
A rally was also held by the ex-servicemen, seeking early implementation of the scheme. Defence sources said Parrikar assured the ex-servicemen of rolling it out at the earliest. He said he is working hard on it and the Ministry will send its views to the Finance Ministry by February 17.
Parrikar underlined that there are lot of calculations and complications involved and he is working towards solving them.
One rank, one pension scheme has been a long-standing demand of the over 2 million ex-servicemen in the country. It seeks to ensure that a uniform pension is paid to defence personnel who retire at the same rank with the same length of service, irrespective of their date of retirement.

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  • An ex serviceman 9 years ago

    Tomorrow 14th Jun 2015; black days for Mr Modi PM; the veterans are determined for protest for non implementation of OROP by BJP though number of times PM himself assured the same. Will the three Chiefs of Armed Forces support us. Have they courage to resign in protest. Let us see the honour and dignity for their uniform.

  • an ex serviceman 9 years ago

    Naval Chief Sir! How many months are left for your retirement. By suggesting us to have patience you are securing your post retirement. People are not so innocent. You are also speaking in the same tone. Good example of leadership. How the fellow men are going to salute you.

  • The announcement made by the Chief of Army Staff has been made a failure by the callous attitude of the bureaucracy. Now, it is better the Navy Chief is keeping away from making any statements. We, the Ex-Servicemen are hurt in deep. Vande Mataram

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    defence minister manohar parikar should st0p giving unconfirmed date without pm assurance. let govt take time. whenever they are ready anounce it openly .vetrens arediciplined soldiers they will not make unnecessary hue

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    I salute Wing Commander SD Karnik for his action. This has brought the OROP in the forefront of all news.
    The delay tactic is now clear to all veterans. We expect Mr Modi to come out clean.

  • There is no complexity involved at all. The rank, service duration are known, all they have to do is link it to an appropriate Rank as on date. If they want to dilute it to adjust within a bracketed ceiling of expenditure, then it becomes complex. Reverse engineering will only dilute the accepted definition of OROP.