Running of Suvidha trains – Terms and conditions: Railway Board Commercial Circular No. 33

Running of Suvidha trains – Terms and conditions: Railway Board Commercial Circular No. 33

(Commercial Circular No.33 of 2015)

No. TC-ll/29l 0/2013/Dynamic Pricing/C

New Delhi, dated. 02.06.2015

Sub: Running of Suvidha trains.

Ministry of Railways have decided to run Suvidha trains on the following terms conditions:-

A. General guidelines:

(i) Tickets shall be issued only for confirmed and RAC passengers accommodation.  There shall be no provision for waiting list in the train.
(ii) The maximum Advance Reservation period will be 30 days while the minimum Advance Reservation period will be of 10 days. Zonal Railways may decide the exact ARP for each train within this limit.
(iii) No concession shall be applicable on these trains. Full adult fare shall be charged for all passengers irrespective of their age. Also free passes / complimentary passes/ warrant/ concessional voucher etc shall not be permitted in these trains.
(iv) Apart from e-ticketing, the sale of tickets shall also be allowed through PRS counters.
(v) Modification/duplicate ticket/cluster bookings/EFT will not be allowed.
(vi) Only General quota bookings will be applicable.
(vii) Upgradation option shall not be applicable in these trains.
(viii) Passenger should produce one of the prescribed Identity Card during journey for verification purpose for both e-ticket & PRS ticket.
(ix) CCMs and COMs of zonal Railways shall jointly decide to run ‘Suvidha’ trains over certain sectors based on the unsatisfied demands where for Premium trains run in 2014-15 had the occupancy of 80% and mere.
(x) On, the basis of demand pattern if trains are required to be run with the ARP as mentioned at [ii] above, Suvidha train services may run during peak seasons like winter rush, summer rush, Dussehara rush, Holi rush and on other occasions as jointly decided by COMs and CCMs of the zonal Railways.
(xi) The days of running of these trains and composition of these trains shall be as per notification of Coaching Directorate of Railway Board /CPTM’s of zonal Railways.
(xii) Zonal Railways who initiate the running of Suvidha Trains should co-ordinate timely firing of the trains for both direction if needed, in consultation with the destination railways with full details like arrangement of catering facilities, days of running for both the directions, timings, stoppages enroute if any, etc.
(xiii) There shall be no First A-C/First Class/Executive class/general class/2nd sitting coach in the train composition of Suvidha Trains.

B. Fares.

(i) I Three types of Suvidha Trains services are proposed:-

(a). Fully air-conditioned services with or without stoppages: Base Price: (Rajdhani base fare + Tatkal charges).
(b). Mixed [services having no enroute commercial stoppages on mixed Duronto pattern: Base price: (Mixed Duranto base fare+ Tatkal charges).
(c). For mixed services having some stoppages enroute and running as Mail/Express: Base price: (Mail/Express base fare + Tatkal charges).


(a) Other charges like reservation charge, catering charge, S/F, service tax, etc. will be taken in full wherever applicable.
(b) In addition to above, if demand arises zonal Railways may also plan for fully airconditioned Shatabdi/Double decker type Suvidha Trains with fare of the respective categories of trains as per above.

(ii) The Permissible booking pattern and charges thereon of Suvidha Trains will be as under:-

For both AC classes and non AC-classes-

Charges* (Base fare + Tatkal) 1.5 times of (base fare +tatkal) 2 times of  (base fare+ tatkal) 2.5 times of (base fare + tatkal) 3 times of (base fare + tatkal)
% seat/berth 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%

*Other charges like reservation charge, catering charge, S/F,-service tax, etc. will be taken in full Wherever applicable.
(iii) Vacant berths left at the time of charting will be offered for current booking counters. Tickets at current counters shall be sold at the last price sold for that class and other supplementary charges like reservation fee, superfast charges, catering charges, service tax applicable shall be levied in full.
(iv) The information should also be di5played to the passenger during the booking in case the fare of lower class becomes higher. than the higher class to exercise option to travel by the higher class.
(v) There shall be no downward movement in the fare.
C. Refund: 
(i) 50% refund of fare subject to minimum flat cancellation charge of rupees one hundred for air conditioned-II tier/first class, rupees ninety for air conditioned III-tier/3 economy/air conditioned chair car and rupees sixty for sleeper class will be granted for confirmed/RAC tickets upto 6 hours before the scheduled departure of the train. No refund of fare after that will be granted. Such refund will be granted by filing TDR in case of e~tickets and in case of PRS counter ticket across the counter.
(ii) Coach damage/suspension/addition/protile change will not be applicable within Advance Reservation Period. However, for any reason, if berth cannot be given to passenger by Indian Railways, full refund shall be granted to the passenger manually.
(iii) Cancellation of Suvidha Trains in normal circumstances is not permitted. In case of cancellation of trains in exceptional circumstances, full refund shall be granted upto 72 hours after the scheduled departure of the train. Such refund will be granted by filing TDR in case of e-tickets and in case of counter ticket across the counter.
iv) Tickets against cancelled Seats shall be issued in the bucket from which the tickets are being issued currently and not at the rate at which the cancelled ticket was originally sold.
D. Other guidelines:
(i). The punctuality of the Suvidha trains may be maintained on top priority. The coaches should be of good condition, bed/linen, catering services may be of improved quality and ensure proper manning of the coach
(ii) The unidirectional Suvidha Trains are also permitted and for return direction option will be available for return of the rake with running of special train on tatkal fare or to utilise the rake for any other destination for running of Suvidha Express.
(iii) Catering services shall be compulsory in Fully air conditioned Suvidha Trains and Suvidha trains on mixed Duronto pattern and the menu and tariff of the Catering services for the AC type Suvidha Trains will be similar to Rajdhani trains and for mixed Suvidha Trains on Duronto pattern will be similar to mixed Duronto trains.
In case of Suvidha Trains bascd on the mixed composition trains having stoppages enroute_(Mail/Express) catering will be optional and there shall be no catering services in trains depaiting at 2130 hrs. or thereafter and arriving at 0730 hrs. or before the next day.”
(iv) The Suvidha train services shall be over and above the normal train services and special trains on Tatkal fares.
(v) The journey originating zonal Railways who have planned the Suvidha Train should co-ordinate with other related zonal Railways and give wide publicity. Other related zonal Railways should also give wide publicity.
(vi) The above guidelines will be implemented w.e.f. 01.07.2015. 
(vii) Running of Premium trains will be stopped with introduction of Suvidha Trains. However, Premium trains already ordered will be run as planned. No new Premium train as per earlier methodology shall be ordered after implementation of this circular.
Necessary arrangements should be made to ensure that necessary instructions should reach the staff Well in time.
Zonal Railways should arrange wide publicity through-various media.
This issues in consultation with Coaching and Tourism & Catering Directorates and with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.
(Vikram Singh)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board

Source: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/traffic_comm/Comm-Cir-2015/CC_33_15.pdf

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