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One Rank One Pension likely on NDA Govt’s menu for PM’s second Independence Day Speech on 15th August

One Rank One Pension, rural schemes likely on NDA government’s menu: Business Standard News

Various departments of the government are engaged in ironing out the kinks and working on the timetable of implementing the ambitious and expensive pension scheme
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort could bring the much-awaited good news for millions of ex-servicemen across the country as he is expected to announce the adoption of One Rank, One Pension (OROP) for ex-servicemen.
Modi had recently sought information from all ministries and departments on the progress made on the schemes announced by him, during last year’s Independence Day speech. Senior government officials said the announcement on OROP for defence personnel might deal with concrete steps that the government might take in rolling out the programme in a time-bound manner. Various departments of the government are engaged in ironing out the kinks and working on the timetable of implementing the very ambitious, and prohibitively expensive, pension scheme.

The finance ministry is working on calculating the financial cost of the scheme. Officials admit it is easier said than done. While defence ministry officials have said that OROP could cost the government about Rs 8,000 crore per annum, finance ministry policymakers say the amount could be almost double, at around Rs 15,000 crore per annum.
“The PMO has made OROP a priority; there is a lot of work going into it. A few things would be taken into account once you start calculating how much it will cost the exchequer. Firstly, all pay commissions combined, there are way more retirees than serving personnel currently. And second, due to short service commission and greater life expectancy, we are having to pay pension for a good 50-55 years per person in some cases,” an official from the finance ministry said.
Modi in his first Independence Day address from the Red Fort last year, had announced a slew of new initiatives which included Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao for preventing female infanticide, Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana and also Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

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  • From EX-JWO Arya Prem,
    Dear All IESM , we have burnt our heart and soul in getting the OROP implementd, we should continue with our hunger strike, Govt. is trying to pacify us by saying PM may announce on 15th August, we don't trust the cunning BJP till they implement OROP. why can't Govt. commit a date when it will implement, why they say PM may announce? commiting a date shouldn't take so long till 15th August, Govt. can / must, commit / give a date before 15th August, if not we will not participate in Indipendence day and we will not let the Govt celebrate the Kargil and I Day celebrations peacefully .with out solving our burning OROP issue. we don't trust BJP Govt till they commit a date for implementing OROP. JAI HIND.

  • This is most ponderable why officers are so pressive for OROP ? Because they are going to benifit most. They were most whist in service now in retirement too. How much they do exploit a soldier in service? They owe a reply to nation.

  • commentsl should not be based on emotions but on rationale.ofcourse Govt will have think for those officers opting out at 10 yrs of service and happen to draw pension more a JCO or ORS rendering their full service . This will be really a mockery of OROP.

  • This seems to be another planted news. It is understood that the finance ministry is afraid of paying pension in some cases for the next 50-55 years. A fallacy indeed. No accountant can estimate the cost of National security which was performed by the ESM while on duty and retreating into oblivion.