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SC gives Centre 6 more weeks to implement OROP – Next hearing on August 24

SC gives Centre 6 more weeks to implement OROP – The court will hear the case next on August 24.

The Supreme Court has given the Centre six more weeks to comply with its 2008 judgment ordering the implementation of the One Rank-One Pension (OROP) principle for retired armed forces personnel.
On Wednesday, a bench led by Justice T S Thakur posted the matter after six weeks on a request made by Additional Solicitor General Pinky Anand, who asked for some more time to enable the government to do the needful.
This may be the final opportunity for the government to ward off initiation of a possible contempt proceeding over its failure to comply with the seven-year-old judgment.

On February 16, the court had reminded the NDA government of its promise to implement OROP in the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. “This was part of your manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections. You must keep your word,” the bench had observed while hearing a contempt petition, filed by retired Major General S P S Vains.
Vains has dragged the Defence Ministry to the court, demanding immediate implementation of the OROP scheme.
While posting the matter after three months, the bench had in February said: “We make it clear that no further time will be granted for the purpose of implementation of the impugned judgment.” However, on Wednesday, the bench accorded yet another opportunity to the government after the ASG said modalities of the implementation of the OROP were being devised. The court will hear the case next on August 24.

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  • I wish to say if Prime Minister is India is good for all but All citizen predict that when Prime Minister narendra Modi will visit India it will happens in near future or not all do not what is happening. Achche Din Agaya for Modi, Arun Jaitley, Manohar Parikkar and Bureaucrat lobbies and not for Common and poor people

  • Why was judiciary so silent for so long? No, it is not a good news. it another delay tatics/ trick played by Govt to calm/ cheat the relay uunger strike of ESM.

  • As usual, the bureaucrats supported by their political bosses will say two hoots to the SC. With all final verdicts on various aspects of 6th CPC, these bureaucrats are yet to act on them.

  • Why so much time is being given? The case is pending since 2008.So many pensioners have already passed away but the Govt has no interest and the Courts are kind to them and keep giving them date after date just for the asking.Where do the pensioners go to get justice?

  • Nilesh Redekar 9 years ago

    "Taarikh pe Taarikh, Taarikh pe Taarikh" till one day the Add. Solicitor General will retire or again the Committee will be formed or till the PM does not complete his visit of each & every nation/country in the world ( bcoz next time he may not get chance). Actually he had said about "Achche Din Aayenge" but after that he had murmered "for himself" (not to people of India). which nobody listened. But People thought it was for them…. so they keep on extending & killing time. One day people will forget about agitation & again new promise at the time of elections….

  • M S Kaushal Kaushal 9 years ago

    Good news that veterans are being heard by our judiciary,at least.