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Surrender of general pool residential accommodation: Revised Guidelines

Surrender of general pool residential accommodation.

Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates
Nirman Bhavan,
New Delhi – 110 108.

Dated the 19th June, 2015


Sub: Surrender of general pool residential accommodation.

Reference is invited to the Directorate of Estates OM of even number dated 5.9.5005 which provides guidelines for surrender of general pool residential accommodation. The instructions on the subject mentioned above have been reviewed.

2. As per the provisions of SR 317-B-14, an officer may at any time surrender the general pool residential accommodation in his occupation by giving intimation to the Directorate of Estates at least two days before the date of vacation of the residence. The allotment of the residence shall be deemed to have been cancelled with effect from the eleventh day after the day on which the letter is received by the Directorate of Estates or the date specified in the letter whichever is later. If he fails to give due notice he shall be responsible for payment of licence fee for ten days or the number of days by which the notice given by him falls short of ten days, provided that the Director of Estates may accept a notice for a short period.
3. However, there are certain following events for which surrender notice to surrender general pool residential accommodation is not required to be submitted to the Directorate of Estates:
(a) When an officer is in occupation of a lower type residence than his entitlement is allotted a residence of type to which he/she is entitled.
(b) When an officer on his re-employment is found to be entitled to a lower type of residence and as per provisions of SR 317-B-11(4) is allotted a residence in that type.
(c) When an officer is given a change of residence to another residence in the same type either under (i) SR 317-B-15, or (ii) SR 317-B-16, or (iii) SR 317-B-17, or (iv) SR 317-B-21.
(d) When the residence in occupation of an officer is required to be vacated for a public purpose, repairs or demolition and the officer is allotted alternative accommodation.
(e) When the officer does not accept the residence allotted in (b), (c)(iv) and (d) above and he chooses to surrender his existing residence.
(f) When the allotment of the residence in occupation of an officer is cancelled/deemed to be cancelled under the provisions of the Allotment Rules.
(g) When the son/daughter, etc of the retiring/deceased allottee officer gets alternative accommodation on ad hoc basis.
(h) The allottee, who is permitted concessional retention of the accommodation under SR 317-B-11 ad SR 317-B-22 after the cancellation of allotment.
4. This issues in supersession of O.M.No.12035/16/2005-Pol.II dated 5.9.5005 and with the approval of the competent authority.
(Swarnali Banerjee)
Deputy Director of Estates(Policy)

Source: http://estates.nic.in/WriteReadData/dlpolicyorders/PolicyOrders20174.pdf

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